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Lenovo 23″ HD Touch Intel, 1TB AllinOne Desktop PC

Lenovo 23″ HD Touch Intel, 1TB AllinOne Desktop PC

um we have this incredible all-in-one from Lenovo I didn’t realize this but iBM is like the commercial brand Lenovo is the same brand but for consumers that’s exactly right it’s the number one manufacturer in the world love this and it’s coming up at a spring price saving $120 on that all-in-one and it’s a touchscreen those are some big beefy specs we’re gonna get more into that if you want to pre-order it’s five eight for 203 or read some of the reviews in the meantime take notes into this the appraised values you see at HSM are set by independent professionally certified appraisers they determine as closely as possible the approximate retail cost of replacing or recreating the item not the possible sell or purchased rice because subjective estimates and judgments are involved appraisals may vary by as much as 25% call your customer service rep for more information well we do some great values here at HSN with name-brand products and that’s exactly what this next value is all about this is an all-in-one meaning there’s no tower there’s no components that are outside of the screen everything is built into this beautiful screen that measures 23 inches and what’s amazing to me it’s touch screen so I’m gonna try this doing this backwards but look at that it’s all touchscreen so you and by the way you get the mouse and the keyboard so if you’re more old-school you can go that route too but it we all love our touchscreen experience so the Lenovo I mentioned this is the consumer brand I mean it’s the number one PC manufacturer in the world iBM is their commercial division Lenovo is for consumer and this is the experience you’re gonna enjoy having at home I love to that this is gonna double as a TV if you put this in a guest room and by the way it’s got a DVD slide so you can watch movies you can you know insert that a lot of manufacturers are skipping that little step because it certainly costs them more but I as a consumer always want to have a built-in DVD burner so that’s included we’re gonna go through more of the details Joe is having a blast already just so much fun to many let’s go ahead and count I got one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 things open up and running at the same time and it’s a lot of stuff we love and why do I love to show it is because so many of us get frustrated when you get a brand-new computer and it can’t handle some of the basic things whether it’s getting online and then you’re streaming your your content your shows the way maybe you’re playing some games that are out there I can play games there’s no problem sometimes we even get frustrated because even to access our photos to flip the pinch and zoom that becomes a delay that becomes a hesitation while this not only is that lenovo’s on one of their new premium Tassie’s I love how it’s just it’s all edge to edge so all you’re looking at it’s all screen with a great speaker bar down below but it’s also that intuitive touch screen now most of us the popular screen size in America Kali is actually a 15 inch and when you look at the difference between that on your 23 inch it’s almost like taking three 15 inch screens and putting them side-by-side this is why this is what mom am our household my kids now do their homework on it all-in-one we bought us specifically for that because now you don’t have to have that tiny little screen we also have one of these in our guest bedroom because now like my guests can watch Netflix or you download some of the Brother broadcast channel apps you can download the HSN app and then watch all of your content there too and it doesn’t matter what you’re getting into whether it’s games photos painting I’ll show you a ton of stuff on here but it’s designed to be a faster better experience for you even love the overall design they’ve even added a webcam that’s down there on the bottom so now it makes it easier to chat with everybody because a lot of times companies put the webcam way up top so all you see is the top of everyone’s head well Lenovo puts it down below to make it that better experience for you and we’ve also teamed up with Microsoft this is the Windows 10 operating system it’s so popular Microsoft said we’re not even going to create another one because you guys are in love with it so over here on the right side it’s all my favorites whether it’s checking email accessing those photos accessing some of my games are over here on the left side it’s every program I’ve ever stored and I have a massive amount of hard drive on here it’s the largest hard drive we’ve ever offered at one terabyte huge well for a lot of us we take so many memories with our photos or with our digital cameras and where do you want to keep them you want to keep them in one central location well now you’ve got that but a lot of times our hard drive space can’t handle it this can store I think over 300,000 photos so it’s plenty of opportunity to be able to run in store all your content that’s why this is now going to be the like the media center of the home entertainment hub for you but also notice that as I’m going from program to program there’s no delay to it there’s no hourglass it’s quick it’s fast it’s fluid because what’s on the inside is an Intel processor and this really makes a difference because not only is the Lenovo the number one PC manufacturer on the planet well Intel is the number one is the number one processor on the planet and this is not their entry level this is the Pentium series which means that you’re going to have that high-definition video card you’re going to get extra in there to make everything just so more vivid your movies are gonna look incredible it’s got to be very cool to the touch as well plus on top of that when you’re playing those games there’s a lot of times there’s hesitation whether you’re playing candy crush or whether you’re playing cut the rope or something more intense a lot of those computers can handle the vivid graphics when Intel has had new technology that they’ve added on here that’s gonna get rid of that delay it’s gonna get rid that hourglass you ever sometimes watch Netflix and the Netflix has a delay to it because you have a slow um processor and a slow on a video card well this has even that has been upgraded for you too so when you look at the brands that are giving you an amazing experience today its Lenovo number one PC manufacturer on the planet its Intel who’s the number one processor on the planet and now it’s also Microsoft’s the power of Microsoft to make your world so much better this is the triple threat this thing you want incidentally I just wanted to reference that flex pay is an option and so is VIP financing for HSN card holders so it’s pretty neat to think that you could spend as little as about sixty four dollars with an HSN card or as little as seven I think it’s ninety six dollars and sixty six cents on a regular flex pay we of course accept all major credit cards debit card PayPal HSN cards and I just wanted to throw that out there because you know if you go to a big store and you buy this somewhere else you’re gonna have to pay for the whole thing right then and there it hits your card all at once we pay this you can pay this off slowly we hold the balance we don’t charge you interest on those payments and you get this delivered within the first couple of days upon placing your order it is a big customer pick for those of you who have purchased this in the past you’re welcome to read those reviews I know that there’s a lot of rave reviews and I don’t know if those reviews came in at this spring price because this normally is $6.

99 it’s 579 oh maybe that’s 120 dollar savings for you today so as Jews having fun playing and you can see the performance is there and it’s because of what you just mentioned its Lenovo is Microsoft its Intel it is and especially when you start want to have fun with all your documents like I just came back from a cruise with my family you know you’re so lucky to have these memories with their kids and to me like this is what it is it’s you live life to be able to have memories but then I want to go back and wash them because so many times we upload photos to our computer you never go I can look at them again now I can create some amazing collages that are on here and now I can set this up I can have this be my background I cannot blow this to Facebook if I want to I can change the different colors of the background to customizing it for whatever you want you can email this off to whoever else was in that vacation but also notice how quick and how fluid it is it’s like nautically there’s a delay you don’t see the hourglass whatsoever it’s designed to be fast quick and efficient for you – and when you turn this thing to the side I love editing on a much bigger screen because a lot of times you have those tiny little screens you can’t edit what a great design everything right there like inside that’s your hard drive that is where your processor is that is where that amount of RAM is but your alternative is this big guy right here that weighs 33 pounds your Lenovo weighs just 12 pounds everything that’s in here it’s been upgraded but now it’s in here if you remember when you got this thing it was he had like a color-coded map this one you just have two cables a keyboard mouse and then the power cable done what a beautiful design this is the DVD burner right here that’s right that’s a really nice feature to have still incorporated into this a lot of manufacturers lesson 20% of all computers now have DVD CD burners we’re including it because we do know it’s a big deal for you normally it’s about $100 accessory but you’ve got it on there so when you see the full size feature set that’s coming with it not only is it that all-in-one design so it’s super thin you know we have this sitting on our kitchen countertop because it’s it takes up barely any space it’s for my kids now to do their homework I love that you do that because you know with kids you kind of want to keep an eye on what they’re doing exactly you know when it’s in a centralized location it’s fantastic you can use it as a computer you can use it as a TV it’s light enough that you can move it from room to room it’s wireless right Joe knows exactly everything about this is like top tier and I love that you guys can are getting this kind of incredible value we have 500 remaining we’ve sold over 1200 we have 500 available at this spring price so 584 203 is the item number if you have any questions the details are on hsn.

com our sales reps have all of that it is really an efficient beautiful screen my producer Aaron said that she has a little anova and she loves it when a screen is so impressive because not only is it high definition it’s the full HD panel that you’re getting but that everything is so vibrant so crystal cleared the resolution is so super sharp but also notice that there’s no glare to it whatsoever Lenovo came out this new type of plastic panel that they use that gets rid of the glare so even as I twist and turn this you don’t see that glare that you normally do under these bright studio lights so now if you have that ambient light that comes from the Sun on one side or maybe a lamp that’s sitting on the other side you don’t have to worry about getting that distraction it’s all about having that better experience but because you have that bigger screen it also allows you for true multitasking so remember I told you this is where my kids do their homework my reason why is if you have a 15-inch laptop and this is the most popular screen size in America is it 15 inch laptop that’s what most of our kids are doing the homework on notice I’ve got a Word document there that one program takes up the entire 15 inch screen if I want to surf the Internet that takes up the whole 15-inch screen so your kids end up doing this back and forth or you’re doing this back and forth but now what you can do with Windows is you can snap it over to one side you can snap it over the other so now I’m surfing on the White House website while I’m typing on the about the White House at the same time it gives you that true flexibility to have that true multitasking so now you’re able to do things you’ve never thought of before because you’re not just filling up one screen you can it’s actually like you have two separate screens right there I love that feature it’s that it’s touchscreen you know that having touchscreen rude you know you you’re so used to doing touch on your skirt on your phone your laptop computer and you’re like it’s become so you know wrote I wanted to show before we run out of too much time I wanted to show all the inputs on the sides and on the back so absolutely an HDMI cable there’s that I think there’s a memory card reader on the other side we have so many ports that are on here everything that you normally would expect out of a big desktop we have two USB ports that are right there we also have a memory card reader that’s down below there’s also a headphone jack so if you want to plug in and listen to your tunes and a private little setting twist it along the back there even more there’s an HDMI input and an HDMI output so now Callie I can plug in a DVD player I can plug into the Xbox I can use this as a secondary screen it’s so cool having that input you also have another USB port so you have three total you also have an Ethernet port now that’s for the old high-speed Internet if you want to plug it in directly but what you can’t see on the inside is you have an Intel wireless adapter so now you’re able to actually I any room in your house that’s why this can sit on my kitchen countertop I don’t to keep my desktop plugged in I’ve got it all right there and I love the fact that over here that’s that DVD CD burner so many of us love making DVD movies or you want to backup all of your content you can easily do it right here but I’m going to show you how easy it is to make a movie as well having this having this screen especially something that’s as big as this so I’ve got my movie editing over here if I want to add my own little video clips I just right-click and I click Add to video now keep in mind all my other videos all my other programs are still running in the background so once it go ahead go and update that it’s like let me drag that one there now I come over to my different transitions that I have so if I want to pick a different transition I go to my animation it’s like let’s use that one there that one will do the triangle suicide that one is a diamond in the middle that one is some sort of fade and you can see you can just click through and it makes it so much easier so now when I go back to my home screen now if you want to add a title here I just click on the word title and you can see I’m going back and forth between keyboard and touchscreen it makes it so simple with this and I can type in how about day at the water park oops and I spotted a girl that is a tough tough skill alright now that I’ve got it let me add one more video transition right there and you saw an about I know maybe 30 seconds it’s all it took I’ll go ahead and hit play it’s all it took for me to make my own little home videos I took all my video clips that we have and now I put them and really make this home video that you’re going to love and it’s me and the kids were having a waterpark fun but it’s that time of year that we’re gonna have vacations maybe you just went on spring break like I always have a tremendous amount of video and Kali for the longest time I would upload this video to my computer and then it would sit there yeah I would have 60 90 120 minutes of this vacation I’d never go back and watch it now what you do here is you make these five 10 15 second clips put a bunch of them together now this is a home video you’re going to love and then when you’re done you can upload to Facebook you could upload to YouTube if you want to you can keep it on this hard drive because with that terabyte of hard drive space I can store over 200 hours worth a video like this and that’s why we give you such a big hard drive you never will be regretful of getting a bigger hard drive exactly you want to have that space because when you think about a terabyte that’s a thousand gigabytes there’s your 250 hours of video that you can store these are 300,000 photos you can backup that’s 16,000 hours worth of music now to put it in terms of time thinking about 300,000 photos if you take a thousand pictures a month it’s going to take you about 20 years though this harddrive we do this for you because we know you’re not just taking all photos we know not just taking it all video but it’s a big enough hard drive that you can do a little bit of everything whether it’s uploading photos playing games being able to have it you’ve got that larger capacity to be able to store everything and have it forever this out you guys I mean it’s so convenient to have an all-in-one everything that used to be in your Tower now lives in the screen thus the tournament won but I just think it’s a really beautiful modern design here with this matte silver kind of stand yes obviously you don’t have to mount this anywhere it is everything you could possibly want and it’s all touchscreen once again if you want to you know if you love playing your solitaire or whatever you love to do everything is touchscreen but it does come with the mouse and it comes with a keyboard it also comes with a year warranty if you want to extend that you can ask about our protection plus plans we’ve got additional protection for another two or three years and our sales reps have that info but it’s really you know when you think about it this is another one of those items how many times do you go to your computer right now every day how many times probably five six seven eight nine depending on how many people are in the house it’s something that if you’re really struggling because yours is old and it’s just not performing the way you want it the way you needed to maybe you do an upgrade this is last call opportunity though with a special price break and again a big customer pick we’ve sold a lot of these we’ve got we’re down to our final couple hundred at this price so one payment of either 64 44 and an HSN card 496 66 on any other major credit card and debit cards are accepted too well done it’s fun to be able to have a fast you know I went to college I studied computer engineering and when you see the specs that are on here it really makes it such a versatile system especially even when it comes to the sound sometimes when you watch a movie the sound is just lacking like it’s really 10 T really high sound but you don’t get that deep in mid middle range bass this one you have the highs the mids and the lows all because you’re the high-definition speaker bar that’s on here that’s actually Dolby audio so the Dolby engineers worked with Lenovo because they’re the number one company on the planet say we’re gonna give you a better sound keep in mind more than just the scale you get a touchscreen it’s only two touch points now the lower the number of touch points are Slover this green is this is fast this is fluid I keep in seeing a delay out of any of the demos that I’ve had and keep in mind I don’t just have like two or three things open how many times you have like four or five windows open and your computer is completely jammed up here we got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten fourteen programs now no delay no hourglass that is truly that power of lenovo that you’re getting today to make it such a unique experience you are just tuning in you know we’re so proud that we offer so many I mean this is a perfect case in point we had an HP all-in-one printer can’t scanner copier fax machine earlier in the show name brands like Lenovo and you know I didn’t realize this until meeting with Joe that it’s the number one PC manufacturer on the planet it’s a part of IBM you know it’s like it’s wow they do great work the guy that I didn’t with his Lenovo fan and he has been a loyal customer of Lenovo for over ten years it’s a great brand then you are getting top-of-the-line when it comes to the Intel processor he’s got Microsoft


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