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Lenovo 23″ HD Touch Intel, 1TB AllinOne Desktop PC

Lenovo 23″ HD Touch Intel, 1TB AllinOne Desktop PC

for your sisters your brother’s family for that’s ten bucks per computer no also want to remind you about protection plus that’s available for you that’s HSN and Allstate giving you replacements against spills and drops and cracks with no deductible you can add it to your order if you so choose to get an insurance program on your computer but that I want to get the business out of the way because it is our last few moments with truly one of the most exciting well thought out industry forward-thinking brands that’s out there Lenovo is IBM my friends if you’re going I’ve never heard of this brand I don’t know if I want to invest in a computer from them they’re IBM that’s why there’s look better that’s why there’s our most more advanced that’s why there’s our a customer pick and I don’t know about you but in my life when I think about the things we invest in it’s like it’s home it’s car mattress computer you think about the big deal things you buy the ones that touch your life every single day this is a wonderful enhancement and a big deal upgrade for a very affordable exciting price today while we have it in stock and the other thing I love about this it’s just how versatile it is earlier I showed you how my kids are using it running two screens at the same time the internet and their word documentation we were playing games on it you know you’re able to use the webcam now I’m going to turn this into a television for you because whether you’re downloading Netflix all the major networks have their brands have a have an app that you can watch live TV HSN has its own little app to you now turn this into like we have it all in once it’s in our in our guest room because now my guests can not only just use a sunblock computer it’s bigger than a 15-inch this is a 23 inch now television that’s right it’s Netflix yeah whether it’s Hulu whether it’s Amazon Prime everything looks stunning or no no renting a DVR cable box yet all right there so whether they want to watch a movie because it’s later night or when you check out the email this is so versatile but also notice that even as I turn twist and turn this do you see any glare from the studio lights we have so many computers in our live that we sit up next to a window and it’s all glared out from the sunshine or then you have a didn’t you have a lamp that’s overhead and it puts the glare here this has anti-glare scream which is the first all-in-one I’ve offered from lanova that has it and that’s truly incredible but keep in mind when I started this presentation at three programs running at the same time now I’m on Netflix there are my drums there’s my game there’s the window store they’re my photos is my soccer game all this stuff it’s still function at the same time there’s no hourglass there’s no hesitation I go from one program to the next and the instantly response to what I want now you also have access to the Microsoft Store which gives you access to over 700,000 apps and games and movies and books whatever you want right here at your fingertips it could be the Netflix it could be the hoop it could be Facebook it could be Pandora maybe when I follow your kids on Instagram you can do that as well but HSN also gives you over $500 worth of additional software to get you started the one I love that showed off earlier is that think free office that actually allows you to edit create and share Microsoft Word documents Excel spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations my kids use that especially my daughter in middle school she’s having to do presentations in sixth grade I’ve now got the software for video editing photo editing even entertainment.

com subscription that’ll save you up to 50% on your local restaurants this you don’t get anywhere by nose or just those are all goodies I mean literally there are you’re not paying a penny for any of those they are included with your purchase today and in case you haven’t heard I’m just to say one more time in case you don’t know Lenovo is IBM the brand that you’re buying today is the brand that manufactures more business computers than any other company in the world you truly are buying the best pedigree that’s out there it’s got a smarter placed webcam that’s how much they know about using computers better so that it’s easier to interface they’ve got the largest touchscreen and do you notice that it is edge to edge entertainment center you’ve got a glare free screen notice no studio lights shining or moving on this so you can have it out somewhere where there’s light coming through the window where you want to get a work done during the day or whether you want to watch content you know I’ve seen more and more websites talk about the fact that people are not putting TVs and gas bedrooms they’re putting large screen all-in-one so their guests can go on Facebook check emails and just stream content rather than read a DVR box month after month after month and this is that major system this is that one that goes front and center in the kitchen and the entire family gets around that looks better that’s more immersive and it’s faster and more advanced than what you’ve owned before that’s why it’s a customer pick it’s a customer pick from one of the global best-selling family of companies that are out there and you get to try it risk-free with free shipping with flexible payments for the lowest price we’ve ever offered so I know it’s our last moment together I know it’s a quick flash decision to make but remember you have a 30-day money-back guarantee no questions asked if you’re even considering a computer for you for your family for a gift for graduation I truly don’t know that we have another computer as advanced as exciting and certainly as gorgeous as the Lenovo that you’re seeing on your screen right now and with everybody on the phones I believe there are 100 of these left that sale price once every single one of these is gone you will not see it back it’s a spring price we will not have more back in time for the end of spring you’re gonna see on your screen right now the exact amount that’s left but we have over a hundred and fifty people inquiring about this model asking their last few questions and getting their order in so if you’re interested if you’re excited if you know Lenovo and you trust HSN and you want to buy from HSN I mean Joe it’s what maybe four days five days out of the year you get to present Lenovo not very often and I’m a computer engineer this one went to college for when they see these specs it’s incredible even the touchscreen is more advanced because you have that full sound bar most computers can only give you that high ten this one gives you those minutes in that deep bass so really that incredible experience Brett even surfing online it’s nice to be able to have a full sized webpage I’m not constantly pinching and zooming it fills up the entire screen even to make surfing online a much better experience so my producer is asked if we can get you some music lessons next time we do sila phones and drums don’t work all my skills and he we used to be a great DJ do you just complete them and play the music not necessarily play the music Joe thank you so much for really appreciate it it is a treat and a pleasure to offer Lenovo to the HSN customer customer pick great sale price and officially only about a hundred left in stock so order it while you can get it we’re gonna check in on a great deal it’s known as


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