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Lenovo 23″ HD Intel 8GB, 1TB AllinOne Windows 10 PC

Lenovo 23″ HD Intel 8GB, 1TB AllinOne Windows 10 PC

there my name is marlo and we have for you our lenovo touch all-in-one computer today at a terrific value it’s at this our only special on six flexible payments if you’ve not heard of Lenovo then you might be living in a remote area because Lenovo as a company is the number one all-in number one all-in-one manufacturing company in the world so they are top-notch at creating these all-in-one computers I want to take you through some of the features and share with you this tremendous value number one it has an Intel processor touchscreen so a perfect way to upgrade eight gigs of ram full terabyte hard drive external CD and DVD driver which is nice that that’s included integrated Bluetooth newest Wi-Fi connectivity and of course that’s gonna be it’s gonna be perfect with your tp-link that we just offered to you as well also check this out guys price break $100 off free shipping and handling and the flex pay six flexible payments and I’ve got a look at the screen because my card say something different 116 dollars and 66 cents so Lenovo as a company has over 58,000 employees that’s a pretty big company yeah and there are a lot of those are engineers creating the really the newest and latest when it comes to technology we’ve had a lot of amazing Lenovo product here and when I learned because I did a little research that Lenovo and IBM path form this partnership and IBM created the first ever personal computer so you I mean you’re in a really great place to get a dynamic computer can we take a look at this up close oh I got sure from the side cuz gorgeous this is the thinnest all-in-one that we’ve ever had here at HSN I’ve never seen one that’s thinner that is your entire computer and there is why Lenovo did this is they want to get rid of all the clutter look how paper-thin and we televisions aren’t that thick it’s not the size of a pencil Marlowe and that’s your brand-new computer I’ve never seen guys can we get even a little closer I mean that’s ridiculous but it goes to show you they really the power of noodles nobody else is making it this thin making it this time making it this clutter-free why do you put the desktop in the back room where you put it down the basement where you put it away on the other side of the house this is now something that’s beautiful it’s the first one my wife says okay we can put this one in the kitchen because she approves of the design to it and it’s got everything you need and all there is is by the way just one cable that comes down the back and that is your entire setup one cable and you’re ready to go but when you look at the screen itself it is a massive 23 inch high-definition screen absolutely gorgeous now the most popular screen size in America is a 15-inch when you think okay I’ve got a 15-inch laptop and you might think that’s a good screen size look at the difference between a 15-inch and all yeah it’s really like taking three screens and going side by side by side it’s that much bigger but I love the fact that now we have touch so whether you’re accessing your photos whether you’re playing your games down below whether you’re surfing on hsn.

com you can’t quite read so you want to zoom in a little bit more you can easily do it so fast it’s so responsive and everything that’s on here not just three applications I have one two three four five six seven eight nine nine programs running at the same time no hourglass no hesitation because not only is a design by Lenovo but it’s powered by Intel and Intel dual core processor many of two cores two brains two engines doubling the power to make sure I can run all these different programs now it’s also important to have a lot of memory I don’t have four gigs I have eight gigabytes worth of memory the more memory have the more things I can do at the same time so it’s really designed to go in hand-in-hand with that amazing dual-core processor now the other thing Marlo is all these apps they take up space whether it’s photos whether it’s games whether it’s Google Earth whether it’s videos I have to have a place to store them we are giving you the largest hard drive we’ve ever offered from Lenovo one terabyte worth of information and so many of us have taken so many pictures is over the summer break this thing can store 330 thousand photos on there if you took a lot of video 250 hours worth of high-definition video you want to listen to your music you’re looking at 16,000 hours worth of music it’s a tremendous amount of space but the one thing we’re giving you is a bonus of a DVD CD burner it’s an external drive we know you’re not gonna be using it every single time so we gave you an external one that you can put in a drawer somewhere without when you need it and this is what the fastest that we’ve ever offered really great and it’s also just as thin as the computer is itself well here’s the other cool thing Lenovo is doing so many amazing things about the design so I’ve showed you how thin it is and I love the fact that it’s like edge to edge you’re not looking at some big bulky bezel it’s so liquid thin on the side you have a high definition speaker bar that runs along the base and when you’re watching movies listening to your music it’s gonna be incredible but do you notice where the on where the webcam is it is actually right down below it’s like a little hidden gem that comes down on the bottom so now you’ve got your web I’ve never seen anything like that and even on the side we give you additional USB ports I’m sorry about that additional USB ports right on the side of the webcam there’s one there there’s one on the other side so two quick connections now everything on here is a hundred percent Wireless you see that I’ve just got one cable that’s in the back I’m not plugged into the internet but I believe fastest wireless signal the brand-new wireless AC so if you’re complaining how slow your internet experience is it’s gonna be a really game-changer when you step up to this because it’s so quick it’s so fast it’s so responsive and are you playing your HSN arcade games on your 3-inch phone try playing them on a huge 23 inch high-definition touchscreen experience you can easily do that we’ve also gone Wireless with the keyboard we’ve also gone wireless with the mouse they’ve even redesigned the mouse so it fits everybody’s hit has the perfect grip whether you like my nine-year-old daughter she loves it it fits her hand perfectly it also fits mine perfectly too because the contours of the mouse so they’re making everything so Argonaut the is gonna be one of the best computer experiences you’re ever gonna have it’s super super cool we’re gonna talk about the hundreds of dollars of software that’s included but if you want it order it this is the only hour that we’re sharing this with you on six flexible payments so for less than a hundred and seventeen dollars and our full 30-day money-back guarantee it’s yours but you have exactly 12 minutes to get the flex pay twelve minutes to get the six flexible payments we’re encouraging you to shop let’s get into the software because I don’t want us to run out of time I think we’ve given you an idea of how high performing this Lenovo all-in-one is in the tremendous value $100 off free shipping and handling perfect for back to school great is that family hub of a computer to plan that next vacation I know that Joe is saying that he’s gonna be really a bad family vacation family entertainment streaming your movies that large screen is gonna be beautiful for that playing video games of your gamer but we’re including over $500 worth of software in addition to getting the computer and guys let’s kind of run through that for a moment because it is back-to-school time it is so big for your office is so important that actually allows you to edit create and share your Microsoft Word documents Excel spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations we’re also going to get these spendable cash the $25 to Claire Bella’s so you can customize so many cool things whether it’s a poster you can customize mugs there’s a better photography 101 class whether you’re taking pictures with your cell phone or a high-end digital SLR we’ll teach you how to become a better photographer video editing with it as well there’s the meal easy plan if you were to try a new meal plan for the next year we got you covered three months of rhapsody music service so you can listen to all your music on the custom free and then we’re also gonna give you $10 of Vudu credit I really love this one because budeau has over a quarter of a million movies and TV shows so Marlo this is going to be more than a computer this could be your new television we do because we have on an all-in-one that sits in our guest room beautiful when you’re watching your movies you see all the different different icons that are on there when you’re watching you to your movies and your TV shelves it is a really game changer when you step up to this because now I’ve got it all in one so I can use it as a computer but I’ve got a screen on here that’s 23 inch so now I can use it as a television if you can download the favorite apps there’s an Olympic app so if you want to watch a limping events that are coming up the next couple weeks 9 9 minutes to get that six flexible payments now the other thing I want to do Marloes I want to turn it to the side because not only can you stream content we’re giving you so many additional ports that are on the back there’s not multiple USB ports is HDMI ports there’s also what they call an HDMI combo port now why is that different something I’ve never offered before other than on this Lenovo you know them being really innovative in technology this HDMI port is an output but it’s also an input so if you want to plug in your cable or satellite box to this or your DVD player now this truly becomes that TV experience and keep in mind that’s how thin your brand-new computer is I’m going to show you what a traditional desktop looks like because this is it right here maro this thing weighs about 33 pounds on average is what this desktop weighs and this is just for the desktop it has all these different color-coded sections because on average there are dozen cables to connect your brand-new Lenovo which almost disappears in the shot it only weighs 9 pounds it has one cable that comes out of back get rid of this eyesore you’re not losing anything you’re losing all that extra clutter and gaining so much more power in space so if you have not already placed yours I’m encouraging you to do so we call this a this hour only meaning you’ve eight minutes to shop to get the flex pay the six flexible payments so at the top of the hour they’re probably gonna drop the six flex pays to five but that little bit of difference may make a world of difference to those of you who are on a budget it’s back-to-school time you’ve got to ition you’ve got school clothes to buy listen I get it the other option that you have and shopping is our VIP financing so if you own the HSN card we’re offering this on twelve months of VIP financing so if you use your HSN card to order its $58.

32 so it’s really affordable if you use that HSN card if you don’t have the card apply if approved the majority of people are you can use that card right away to get this but it is very limited we talked about Lenovo being number one in all-in-one PC manufacturing in the world so they are terrific this is a great student workstation a great family entertainment hub for streaming all of your movies and your music great for those of you who are gamers I mean look at the quality of the colors on that screen its touchscreen so you instantly are stepping into that modern computer and we’re gonna ship it to you with free shipping and handling it’s beautiful the software that comes with it is valued at over $500 and I’m wowed by the fact that we give you that DVD player as well so it is an all-in-one you’ve got everything from soup to nuts rock out hey did you rock out the drum set to here’s what the cool things bar is that this has one of the most advanced touch screens that we’ve ever had because they’re a lot of touch devices out there the lower the number of touch points the slower the responses most touch devices only have two touch points so sometimes you’re dragging something across the screen this is going to it or you’re topping something but you’re not hearing anything this doesn’t have two touch points not three but five touch points because it’s that advanced touchscreen experience the other thing is not on the Q touch it you can also talk to your brand-new computer because this has the brand new Windows 10 which is really cool because now it customizes this experience for you the Start menu on the left side it lists every single program I have stored on my hard drive and this is the largest hard drive we’ve ever had from Lenovo I can literally store hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of apps over here on the right these are my favorites my go-to is like there’s my drumkit because my Netflix there’s my email I can tap one button it brings up my email but down here on the bottom I’m a little personal voice assistant her name’s Cortana so if I tap this button what’s the weather today I can even do this Red Sox core from looking for my favorite sports team yesterday but watch the smiler she can actually DIC into a hard drive find my cruise pictures so now she’s actually searching a hard drive she’s not ain’t going out online she wouldn’t every picture that’s a social button say who is George Washington or who is thing is they have to do their book reports and research project you’ve got that personal assistant and as you talk more and more to her she’s gonna customize for you now another thing I want to show you for a moment and I hate to interrupt you but because there are only four minutes remaining I want to remind everybody place your orders this is what we’re calling a this hour only special the only hour were you gonna get the six flexible payments and on this over six months interest-free payments of less than one hundred and seventeen dollars with free shipping and handling with the over five hundred dollars in software and then of course with that portable DVD CD player that comes with it it’s an amazing value $100 off the top of the price and free shipping and handling so as Joe kind of explains more the features I want you to be in the ordering process if you want to use your HSN card it’s $58.

32 with the VIP plan for 12 months which is the the other option that you have well I love how HSN makes it so affordable especially when we were thinking about for our kids my kids do their homework on an all-in-one because if I gave them a 15-inch screen that would literally cover up all the different applications and this is one of them to think free office it’s right here so I could do my word processing it’s everything I want but do this on your laptop and you do this on your cell phone you kind of do this toggle back and forth because it doesn’t fit on the screen so you’re trying to write the report over here let me go back over here and do a little bit of more research what you can do with this is actually the Snap feature I can snap it over to one side snap it over the other so now while I’m researching online my Lebanon sheet right there so no more back and forth the only reason why that’s possible is that you have a 23 inch high-definition screen this is the most common size in America right now a 15 inch it’s literally like three 15s Creed side-by-side so if you are looking for the ultimate when it comes for your kids homework this is gonna get it done it’s got the software and the hardware to make it that perfect experience one turn on the side once again so that you can just see how super super skinny and slim this is I think it’s it’s got to be the thinnest monitor that we all bring since I’ve ever had in any brand and any brand whatsoever it’s beautiful well they have over 58,000 employees worldwide and lenovo has customers in over 160 countries so you are shopping top-of-the-line perfect for back-to-school great computer for an entire home we always say that the computer is the hub of the home these all in ones have increasingly become more and more popular because people are going back to the larger screens because we’re streaming more content than ever before so enjoy the special value a minute and a half remaining on the clock easy to place an order with us reminding you this is the this our only special get your orders your calls in free shipping flex pay 116 66 just use a credit card debit card or PayPal account and this is very limited you know we only have a few hundred of them vailable pour it before it’s completely sold out I’d love to have it and I think you’ll love it as well especially when you’re able to do so many cool things like with it if you want to write directly on the screen you can edit right here and edit on the screen you can highlight the different times that are on there that’s you can even cut and paste so for your kids doing book reports you can easily send that you know it’s in that to an email or send that to your word document oh it’s just a touch of the finger and when you’re watching your movies you know when you turn this becomes the next generation TV where it’s edge to edge high-definition and this isn’t a Hollywood movie this is just a friend of mine shot this video it looks phenomenal because I’m good yeah the quality is just gorgeous on this coin so enjoy it it’s all available for you don’t miss it your item number is four nine two one four or five right down to your item number and call but a hurry because remember this as an offer that you can only buy during this hour so we’re gonna be wrapping things up and encouraging you to shop go onto our website at hsn.

com check out all of the software that comes with it that’s valued at over $500 the DVD CD burner that comes with it really now gives you that expansive features so that you can pop in your DVD movies your CD your CDs as well I mean it’s it’s everything great for a student but wonderful for anyone who wants to upgrade especially if you’re an entire family the hard drive is so big that you can store all your photos that you take of the kids the kids can download all the games that they want if they love it you’ve got every and it’s everything even all the games oh and by the way if you’re wondering where did I get all these apps there’s a Windows Store that has a half a million apps and games and books and everything right here at your fingertips it’s the stuff that you love like candy crush and Facebook and Netflix and by the way this entire presentation I didn’t stop a single thing all my programs are up and running because I’ve got that powerful Intel processor no delays whatsoever mad no we’re saying goodnight thank you so much thank you as well get your calls and I’ll see you tomorrow at 1:00 but stay with us because Amy and Adam are here with first Friday which starts right now


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