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Lenovo 23″ HD Intel 8GB, 1TB AllinOne Windows 10 PC

Lenovo 23″ HD Intel 8GB, 1TB AllinOne Windows 10 PC

I love electronics I love getting brand-new electronics there’s something so exciting about well I can’t think of anything that I don’t love in this hour but because I’m a beauty junkie I’m Electronics junkie this is from Lenovo this is the 23 inch Wow is this sleek 23 inch touch Intel eight gig ram one terabyte hard drive Windows 10 all-in-one PC this is $100 off today at $6.

99 and you can get this home on six flexible payments interest-free for 116 dollars right now and we are sending it to you for free you’re not paying $20 shipping and handling look at that beautiful screen that you’re getting it comes in a beautiful a gorgeous silver we’re calling it white but it really is this really beautiful silver color and it’s easy to set up you get your all-in-one it’s this is vit what you see here is it there’s no tower there’s nothing else it is wireless wireless keyboard wireless mouse one little plug to set it up and here’s what you’ve got you get an Intel Pentium processor top-of-the-line Intel processor a touchscreen which is amazing to have on a desktop you also get eight gigs of RAM that’s a really hard working computer a terabyte of hard drive storage an external cd/dvd drive which is found only in about 20% of computers but you get the exterior one so you can use it as you wish it has integrated Bluetooth so it’ll hook up wirelessly to your Bluetooth devices and it has the newest Wi-Fi connectivity so you are getting the latest and greatest this is an incredible deal at $6.

99 it comes with everything that you need to just get started it’s item number for 92145 in fact what does your computer look like right now do you have one of those big bulky towers you try to hide it away gathers dust when you turn it around it’s got the cables coming out of it all over the place heaven forbid it gets sick and you have to take it into one of those stores you’d never be able to hook it back up again because who knows where all the cables go this is all you need it is a sleek all-in-one design and it’s a touchscreen so it’s one of the things we love of course about our about our tablets all the touchscreen but this is your newest sleek space-saving design it has a wireless keyboard and mouse which means to me nothing to set up but also it looks so sleek and everything Wireless it has a pedestal stand so it is kind of this new-age look a built-in webcam at the bottom of the monitor and which gives you a great look and so you are looking at a beautiful screen but it also makes you look good because when you are video conferencing or talking with friends and you want a video chat you want to look really good the Lenovo makes you look great look at how beautiful that is and you get to touch so if you’ve got a desktop right now that’s not a touchscreen you find yourself because we’re so used to our tablets all the time being able to touch them and our phones of course and you find yourself touching your screen and you’re like I can’t pinch zoom what am I gonna do I have to get my glasses on to read the paper on my computer now you can pinch and zoom you can make it as wide as you want it’s got the intel pentium processor which is so fast you’re never gonna get the little spinny mark you’re never gonna get the little like wait wait wait it’s gonna be so fast it’s gonna be able to do things all at one time so impressive speed it’s reliable power so your apps run smooth you’ve got great gaming and multitasking you’ve got Intel HD graphics which are stunning and crisp HD video that beautiful enhanced screen and an Intel actually optimizes their battery life so you get even more long life battery although of course is your desktop so you’re going to plug it in but Intel Pentium processor is a top of the line basically it’s the brain of your computer so you can’t it’s amazing how strong the brain is in this sleek design in fact I gotta move my tea over let me show you the back of it because and the side of it how sleek this design is it’s lightweight this that is your entire computer look at that it even has a speaker bar back here so the sound of your great HD video movie is gonna come right through the speakers and surround you and that sleek design is what like not even a pinkies with it’s so beautiful and sleek and then this looks like so new age and great that design right there that keeps it nice and stable so you know it’s not going anywhere it’s staying right on your desk or in your kitchen or wherever you want to have your desktop but this becomes your home hub this is strong enough to be able to do any of your word processing and it’s loaded with Windows 10 so if you maybe have a computer and it’s an old windows or isn’t compatible with other things you try to do some word processing and nobody can open up your documents it’s time to upgrade it’s time to upgrade to Lenovo and when we’ve got it on this great price break this is definitely the time to get it so a terabyte of hard drive storage I don’t know if we have a screen to be able to show you that the VM okay what we do not but I’m just gonna tell you it’s a lot of storage is something like three hundred and sixty thousand photos and 16,000 hours of music it’s a lot of storage so when you’ve got a terabyte of hard drive storage that means that you can store all your photos all your music all your videos and you don’t have to go to the cloud wherever that is you’ve got it all here all in one it’ll be back at 9:00 p.

m. with a full presentation but you can get yours right now coming to you for only a hundred and sixteen dollars you will absolutely


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