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Lenovo 23″ HD Intel 8GB, 1TB AllinOne Windows 10 PC

Lenovo 23″ HD Intel 8GB, 1TB AllinOne Windows 10 PC

and then from Lenovo this is the slim 23 touch all-in-one showstopper computer slim and sleek almost 2 feet of screen and let me tell you something fully fully loaded 8 gigs of ram terabyte of the hard drive we don’t do anything more than that it’s $100 off today we have this back in August sold out we just got them back for September this is full HD LED touchscreen totally borderless this entire thing look at it it’s all screen you’ve got 2.

1 gigahertz intel pentium processor built inside this it’s your perfect family computer here’s the best part do you know this thing weighs less than 10 pounds so you can do this in any room of the house and Joe I got at a fancy fancy computer most of my Lenovo people haven’t heard that you know you know Lenovo is right well you know though is the number one PC manufacturer on the planet right now they sell more computers than any any other company that’s out there and they also they employ 58,000 people so it’s one of the largest companies I’ve had and they’re trying to create a lot of their engineers creating a better environment better experience for you whether it’s the sleek design that you’ll you’ll think this is just a monitor but everything is built right behind your unit it’s called an all-in-one because that’s all there is to it there’s one cable there’s not a series of cables 12 13 14 cables yet they have two that you have to attach to it this has one single cable that comes out of the backside and makes it so easy to be able to operate all your different devices whether you’re plugging printers whether you’re when it’s surf online whether you want to play games when you turn this to the side that’s all there is to your brand-new all-in-one is a nice you plug one seems like it is a tablet it is when you look really look inside I mean it really disappears in my shirt that’s how razor thin it is and the reason why they wanted to create something like this is because so many of us we put our desktop in the back room you put it down in the basement it becomes an eyesore and you don’t want to have this out and about well lenovo designed this to sit it on the kitchen countertop design this to be out in the living room design this to be amongst all of us so now we know have to be that person who is back there on the backs of way for everyone else now I can easily have access to all my different content and it is all right there for me and I love the fact this is the biggest screen that we have had from Lenovo because the most popular screen size in America right now is a 15-inch and when you stack it up next to the Lenovo do you know that this is almost three times as big it’s really like stacking 315 inch screens side-by-side which means I get more things done at the same time I can multitask unlike I’ve ever done before and when you have that eight gigabytes with the memory I can run all these programs with no hourglass no hesitation so when you look at the brands that are delivering your experience yes its Lenovo number one in the world for PCs it’s also Microsoft Windows 10 experience which is going to make it super easy for you to operate but then it’s also Intel the number one processor on the planet and this is the Intel Pentium series which means it’s that step up with a dual-core processor and has two engines two brains to handle that multitasking so if you’re looking for the ultimate is far sleek and just the perfect design but then you want that power too this is definitely the one for you all right listen I got a thousand of these to go around already a hundred people have selected it it truly is a great deal and it’s very impressive when you look at this like if you were if you have a space where you want to do like some family computing maybe you’ve got kids or grandkids to come over the house and they want to use your computer all the time this is ideal for that because we’ve got almost two feet of screen not only that I don’t think I mentioned it also comes with an external drive a DVD player so now you can also pop your DVDs into this and you can watch your movies what does that mean that means if you put this in a den or that spare bedroom now when people come over they’ll have the ability to be able to watch a movie they just pop it in here here’s the lenovo DVD tray they give you this this plugs right into your computer so now you’ve got a DVD player built into that I love that Intel Inside so you got the great names to go along with Lenovo number one PC manufacturer in the world right now and then of course eight gigs of ram and a terabyte on the hard drive it’s truly an all-in-one as joe said so it does it all but look at this I’m going to show you something this is it it weighs less 10:10 hold on Jake I’ve got it in there is that showing you that it does not weigh a lot it is amazing and then look at how thin this is this is like a tablet so if you want to put this on the kitchen table by the way it has a tilt feature to look it even tilts like this oh and keep us keep your on that because I didn’t start showing with the frame you have us down below yeah yes your webcam so it actually has oh my gosh coming through you pop it out whenever you need to so that way some people concern with the webcam being on when you’re using a PC here you can lock it in its place and also when you turn it to the side they’re gonna additional ports that are right there on the side of your um right down the side of your webcam tray so you’re getting multiple USB ports HDMI inputs as well it’s the fastest wireless that we’ve ever offered to so if the Internet is a concern for you if it’s always slow when you’re getting online this is the brand-new wireless AC that just came out this year that’s 50% faster than last year’s top-of-the-line version so it’s truly screaming when it comes to the Internet but the other thing you’ll notice is that because it’s got that huge footprint everything has been designed to be more ergonomically correct for you and easier to access so when you turn to the side it truly is all there is to it and you have that great touchscreen experience but you also have a wireless keyboard that comes with it so if you need to use the keyboard you’ve got that too if you want to have the wireless mouse you’ve got that too and the way they designed this it’s designed to actually hug your hand and it’s really easy there’s no moving parts so I can easily access all the great content even the mouse has been designed to be a better overall experience for you but the other thing I love about this guy is that because it has Windows 10 it has the Start menu the sermon is back it makes it so easy to navigate through all my different applications and different programs that I have so over here I have the largest hard drive by the way that we’ve ever offered on a lenovo on the left side these are all my programs f stored on my lenovo and i can store hundreds of hundreds of programs because it’s the largest hard drive we’ve ever offered over here on the right side these are my favorites these are my go to whether it is checking email whether it is hopping on twitter whether it is playing Angry Birds weather playing candy crush where they want to bring out the drum I can have all my favorite my go-to Zetas right here now the other thing I love about it is I’m going to go fullscreen on my drums for a second let me turn up the volume because typically when you end up having a speaker and you end up having a touchscreen experience most touchscreens there are only two touch points now why is that bad for our you have on your tablet and there’s a little bit of a delay when you were dragging something across the screen this isn’t to five it’s actually touch point oh I got caught fast because this is such a great whenever I see the whole thing about all-in-one I think when I first saw this I thought it is just the screen like and just for just for that monitor it is a great deal for $6.

99 but your this is your tower this is your all-in-one that big bulky dusty nasty Tower one cord coming out of it to me that’s huge so it looks sleek and it really becomes your home hub and also I like don’t carry any any form of computer that that has less of a border right than this one as well it is all screen so you know a lot of times you’ll see teeth you know big screen and you’ll realize it’s got a half inch or an inch border on it this is all look at that’s a good shot Joe this is all screen it is truly amazing and Lenovo as we said is it is a huge huge company responsible for most of the pcs anywhere and they know what they’re doing what we did is we took the specs the best specs that we have with the eight gigs of ram the terabyte on the hard drive the Intel processor you’ve got all the all the best names working for you at once here and by the way we are offering this today on our VIP plan so if you don’t know what that is and if you get an interesting credit card you should get one anyway because it’s so worthwhile to have one because it opens up the door to a lot of great deals for you first of all it allows you to finance what we call VIP financing sometimes it’s six months sometimes it’s nine 12 we’ve even done 18 before this is a 12 month finance which means that this this computer is less than $60 a month to get home you pay for it over a year there’s no finance charge you can get ten bucks off so it would be 689 if it’s your first credit card with HSN click that little blue icon and grab it we would love it if you would and we’d also love to hear from you so please call us going to put our testimonial line up there we love it if you’d call us if you’ve owned one of these computers before and you can share your story we would appreciate that there’s only a thousand I know exactly we got a thousand and 68 of these hundred people have already picked it up so if you’re looking what I would say Joe for maybe the last computer you need to buy maybe it’s a computer that you’re buying for you and your husband so you can both work on it together right what’s nice about these wonderful desktops now is that they’re lightweight used to be 1520 pounds they’re huge this is less than 10 pounds so you can move it from place to place there’s only one plug there’s none a whole bunch of plugs there’s no tower we got one of those old-fashioned towers there’s no tower you plug it in and you’re ready to go not only that we have desktops this is also a touchscreen not which is a big deal because when you are doing say you’re planning a vacation isn’t it nice to be able to put your hands up there and touch what you know the pictures and move things around Joe showing you how much you can do I mean it’s like a three-ring circus with Joe’s got down there now but look at all the control look at what he’s got going on there and look at how quickly this performs to every task that he asks of it even when you’re surfing online guys it’s so quaint look at Nancy now Joe you also do get the wireless mouse you get the wireless man you get the keyboard – absolutely love the keyboard it’s kind of sleek and cool – isn’t it the keyboard is sleek just like your brand-new all in wine and it’s barely profile there but it’s got a great tilt makes it really easy for you to access it also has that wireless keyboard wireless mouse on there so you have keyboard you have mouse and you can also touch the screen – but it also has a really cool feature where you can actually edit live webpages if you want to because you can create notes on there so are you sick and tired of your husband getting you the wrong thing for Christmas now you know exactly he can tell exactly what he wants it by the way we have a special offer on VIPRE antivirus that’s what I have up on the screen if you’re buying this Lenovo you need to pick up VIPRE antivirus today it gives you a lifetime of support as soon as you install it it’s going to be there forever you never have to worry about viruses and getting those bad things on your computer now once I’ve gone highlighted this if I want all I do is I just drag this over like that I can copy those highlighted images that I want and now I can share it I can share it by email I can share it to Twitter I can share it to Facebook I can send it out as a message it makes it so easy to be able to communicate with one another with our quick little edits all by just a touch of a button now also a lot of us love to read articles online I do I love reading the news I love seeing what’s going on but you know a lot of these websites I just can’t barter with ads I’ve got pop-up ads they’re pop-up ads all over the place I just want to read the article when Microsoft has this cool little button it’s called the reading mode I tap that one button and now it gets rid of everything so I’m just reading the article it just makes sense and it makes it more convenient because this is why you came to that website if you’re wondering well how did you do all this stuff when you go to the Start menu there’s an option I’m going to tap it real quick and then go go back to the Start menu again as soon as you tap it it’s something called get started it’s right there it never expires it never goes anywhere it’s 40 hours worth of training and as soon as you insert that it pops up on the screen and here’s your 40 hours of classes and it teaches you about the brand new start menu teaches you about Microsoft edge which I just showed you it’s going to show you about onedrive which I’ll show in a little bit but notice that while I was doing that I have everything else running that’s in the background when you’re buying a brand-new computer do you want it to be powerful enough to handle your everyday tasks well this has an Intel Pentium processor and there’s a lot of technology in here that is exclusive to Intel which is really going to make a difference for you so what does Intel done they’ve upped their processors to be able to handle more information especially handling the new high-definition content that’s out there so that it is a high-definition video card from Intel so now the gamer is video editing watching a movie that is going to be a breeze for this computer and we’re also able to get in a small footprint because they’ve optimized the power it doesn’t need a big bulky Tower processors used to have to have this type of power because they generated so much heat and when you look at this big bulky Tower this thing weighs 33 pounds this is all right here in this only weighs 9 pounds and that’s including the monitor that’s why Lenovo is the number one PC manufacturer on the planet they come out cutting edge design that I don’t need 12 cables to connect and remember this they all used to be color-coded because there are 12 cables now there’s one cable and that’s hey you plug this one cable in you’re good to go keyboards wireless mouse is Wireless even the internet is wireless and this is the only all-in-one that my wife is the only computer my wife will actually let me put out in the kitchen because it is not a big bowl kiai sore it’s a beautiful like a beautiful piece of furniture so when I tip this down put this back on the tip the computer like that looks when you just see it it’s borderless its edge to edge when you look at the profile like even the most expensive televisions don’t have an edge to edge border that’s as thin as this one it truly is all content so I don’t have to worry about I’m not being cluttered by anything else it looks like the most beautiful screen I’ve ever had yeah and I will tell you they’re going fast there $6.

99 on price break today I want to remind you to you also get the peace deal a PC lifestyle software a package to go with this and inside here you’ve got Clare Bella credit I think free office cooking school easy photo meal easy loops – Rhapsody music service better photography 101 which is $100 that better photography classes $100 class I’ve done it online it’s not just for photos it’s for for video recording as well right it’s a really great class that you can enjoy these are all going to be thrown in as bonuses that make it exclusive here and we’re doing that at $100 off that recipe school is great photo maker that’s a great one there really a lot of fun but there’s the course I took and I would tell you you’re going to love it really helps you to learn how to use your cameras and to take better pictures all that is included in addition to the actual value itself this is about a thousand dollars at retail we’re doing it at 6 99.

95 remember you don’t have to pay for this all at once you don’t even have to pay for it at 6 pay if you have an HSN credit card if not we’ll get you one if you get an approval we’ll take the six payments and we’ll stretch them into 12 so that one 16 will be half that price okay 58 and change that’s what you’ll wind up paying plus you get the ten bucks off for your first purchase upon approval – so it’s a great deal I have six minutes available left in the presentation so if you want something really cool something that as I said weighs less than 10 pounds so you can move it anywhere you want one day it could be in your den you’ve got people coming over and by the way did I mention that it does come with a DVD player Joe is going to talk about that in a sec so you know because I want stickler about these big machines and saying well at least I want to be able to use it as a movie player too right because it’s going to sit in it’s going to be in an extra room sometimes so this is like having a movie player so if you have folks come over they can utilize it you can use it as your office and this is definitely your office computer this is not this is not your portable computer you’re going to take with you although a lot of people are buying these to replace their work computer because it’s so nice to look at two feet of screen versus show media let me say versus that’s the most popular size this is in crazy there it is and as Joe has said to you literally you’re like one two three probably using advanced English and I go it’s okay this is my mine’s 11 so look at what I look at this like this is this is like being at a freaking movies like a drive-in movie theater well the reason why it’s so important is that there’s there’s a lot of reason to have multitasking especially if your kids are doing work trying to get a homework done my kids do all their work on an all-in-one specifically because it’s a bigger screen but then when you look at the 15 edge when you look at what’s on the screen like I’m trying to surf online and then type in my word document at the same time if you try this on a smaller 15-inch screen you end up didn’t doing this little game where you’re coming over here typing your letter then you’re researching and you come back in type a letter again this has this really cool feature called snap it’s what I do is I snap it over to one side I snap it over the other and now guy I’m no longer trying to fight for 15 inch worth of space I’ve got the website the full website on one side and I’ve got a full a map by 11 each sheet of paper on the other side look it up makes it easy it’s so easy you know what you’re the most I doesn’t but that’s one of the things this can really do this gives you the ability to do so much that you would never normally do and yet listen this is not you know like like your average everyday computer this is something that is totally special something that really is going to give you not only the the future-proof sort of qualities that we love because I it’s loaded with memory right you got i 8 gigs of ram you got a terabyte in the hard drive so you’re never going to exhaust that we could go through how much that’s worth but well yeah you want to do it once a terabyte worth to you look at the hours of music it’s two hundred thousand songs or how about 16,000 hours worth of music over a thousand hours of high-definition video if you’re into photos 320,000 pictures and just quantify that for you it looks like a big number but if it take just in terms of time if you take a thousand pictures a month it would take you over 20 years to fill up a hard drive that’s that big that’s why these all-in-ones become the entertainment hub because this is where you plug in your tablet this is we plug in your cell phone this is where you download all that digital content and the thing a lot of – is that you can buy this Lenovo elsewhere at this price and even higher but anywhere else you’re getting it you’re not getting the DVD burner we know that it’s a big deal for you and less than 20% of computers that are sold today don’t even have a DVD burner so you’re getting this as that special bonus so keep it in the drawer when you need it you’ve got it right there you can make your own DVD movies you can make your own audio CDs you can use as a great tool to back up that content back up that information it’s truly going to change the way you use your computer because I’ve got a computer that has a huge hard drive I’ve got a computer it has 8 gigabytes worth of memory so now I can do more things at the same time and when you look at RAM a lot of people say well this one has 4 gigs this one has eight gigs why is it matter why is it a big deal well the more RAM you have the more things you can do at the same time I think of the RAM is like they working desk size to the computer remember when you were in kindergarten you had a really small desk it was fine because you’re just playing with clay and box is pretty simple but as you got older the bigger the desk the easier it is the work same thing with your computer the more RAM the bigger the virtual desk that’s why I can run multiple programs with no delay no hourglass no hesitation because I’ve got that 8 gigs of ram and then then I have that processor also from Intel I keep some great sounds were to let me turn to my speakers in a second all right there’s my speakers so this also has a high-definition video card so if your kids are asking for that gaming experience and you don’t want to go out and buy a five or six hundred dollar gaming console this can be that gaming console for them look how stunning that is guy and this is a video game they were playing right now Iannetta seems like these sports crew follow these guys around you’re playing in 1080p High Definition this is also with a better screen that has that edge to edge where it’s truly edge to edge on the screen but when you look at it from multiple angles do you see how the color and the quality is not degrading this is one of the best screens I’ve ever had for an all-in-one so don’t just stop and think it’s a computer now you can download netflix snake and download hulu now you can watch HSN live right here you can turn this into a television with all that great content that’s available online and that’s really what I love about it too right you think about a computer you think it’s a computer you never think about it as like your your big HD large screen TV and that’s what that’s what this is like it’s like having a big-screen TV but it’s a big screen computer it’s almost 2 feet of screen I know most of you out there have an 11 or a 15 inch maybe a 17 but when you got 23 inches of touchscreen computer it’s special you know


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