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LEMFO LEM4 PRO Smartwatch Phone Review & Hawkeye Firefly 8SE Action Cam Demo

LEMFO LEM4 PRO Smartwatch Phone Review & Hawkeye Firefly 8SE Action Cam Demo

Hey everyone! In some of my videos you’ve seen my special wrist mount that I made for my phone. Because most of my outfits don’t have pockets this lets me keep my hands free and my phone accessible. It is a little large though.

What I was looking for is something smaller I can wear on my wrist that still runs a full version of Android I can use to control my various cameras and electronics with their native apps. Gearbest sent me this- the Lemfo Lem4 Pro Smartwatch.

Lets take a look and see if it will do the job. There is a cloth on the top. I think I will peel off the film first. And clean it a little bit. And inside the box there is user manual. There is a charging cable, a protective film.

Let’s take a look at the menu. So the manual is in English. Looks very detailed. They also have Chinese on the other side. Now let’s power it on. Wait a minute Let me take a look at the menu again. Looks like there is a QR code in here for you to scan and download their app.

So I am going to do that first. Oh my god the recorder crashed. Dumbass. Okay, I’ve download the app. Let’s take at the watch. So this is the watch, I haven’t turn it on yet. So let’s see what’s on the back.

Looks like there is a tiny camera here. (It’s not, it’s the heart rate monitor) And this side is for the magnetic charger. So you can just snap it right on, and then you can charge it. And there is a SIM card slot over here.

These two are probably speakers. And on the other side there are two buttons. Okay, now let’s turn it on and take a look. There is a front camera here. I think it takes a while to boot up. So this is the a wallpaper, it shows the time.

And let’s see what’s inside. You can just swipe it from left to right freely. Lots of wallpaper, okay I don’t care. Well, I don’t want that. Okay, not that one either. I prefer this one, let’s just stick to the one they gave us.

Now if you want to go into their interface, just swipe it. You can see the interface is basically just like your phone. So there are contacts, phone, messaging, settings. Browser, I’d like to install WeChat on it later.

Calendar, I don’t care about the time now. I just want to check out other functions. Camera, okay, let’s see. I am going to take a selfie. So I just took a selfie, let’s see. Not bad. But it looks like there is only front camera, no back camera.

I don’t want to take more pictures, maybe record something. Hey, Hello! Let’s play back the the video I just shot. Not the picture, the video is here, okay. Hey, Hello! It seems okay. Next I just want to try out the browser and see how fast it is.

But first I’ve got to connect it with my Wifi. There is Wifi. Now I am connected to my Wifi. And I want to go to the browser. TaoBao Not bad at all. It’s okay. It didn’t take a long time to load, just two seconds.

So it seems fine. Of course what I want to do next is pair the app with my phone. And check out the other functionality. Start, find my device please connect with my app first. Okay, the app is called WiiWatch.

So I have to connect it on my app first. There is a music player here, but there isn’t any music on it. I think it is for remote control. So let me open my music player on my phone. So if I hit pause, it will pause.

I think the volume is too high. Okay, next. Lower the volume. Great, increase the volume. Good, seems like it is working. Okay. let’s quit out and see what else they’ve got. Switch platform, so there are two option, one is for IOS and one is for Android.

Now I am using Android. If I hit next, it will say you have not change the platform. If you prefer IOS, then you can switch it to IOS. Well, there is a map, let’s check it out. Okay, they are using google map.

I think I am going to download some Chinese maps on it later. So the two buttons on the side, what do they actually do? If I long press the upper one. So it shows all the apps I have been using, if I swipe it, it just quit out all of the programs.

Good, so what about the lower one if I long press it? Ok, you can power off, reboot, and recent task means it will show you all the apps you have been using. And on the top there are full and small for you to adjust the icon size.

Of course I want it to be full. I want to see it clearly. So right now I am going to the settings. Then I’m going to connect it with my Hawkeye camera. Click Wifi, so my Hawkeye is connected. Yo yo, I want to be in the video.

Say Hi to my followers, Hello! Alright, I can still see myself doing this. Right now I am at King’s Bar, my friend’s bar. They can’t see you from this side, because this is only 170 degrees. Oh, some dog treats.

Please hold my camera. Ok Come on, LeLe. LeLe, come here. Does it taste good? I’m feeding a dog and Lily is holding my camera and I can monitor from my watch. I am feeding LeLe at the same time. Pretty cool.

Thanks I can film from my phone and still monitor from my watch, awesome. Good boy. Give me paws. LeLe, give me paws. Good boy. Why is he such a good boy? Yeah he deserves more treats. So now I am doing video chat with my friend Lily.

And I am using WeChat on my watch. Say something Hi, guys! I am Lily. Thank you so much. Okay, that’s pretty good. If you would like to purchase one, I would put the link in the description box. Please subscribe and consider sponsoring me through SubscribeStar in the link below.

Until next time remember if I can do it, anyone can do it!


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