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hello welcome to like us m240 Safari Edition this is the unboxing let’s take a closer look here is the classic gray like a presentation box for the MP 240 Safari we shall see the ten nine three three serial number in the front Safari bit in the corner so I open this box you shall see that there is this black box inside with three layers first layer containing the box contains the camera lens and the strap the box shall take it out as such get rid of this box opens from the front revealing the first box and the registration card it’s a two-year warranty worldwide or against manufacturing defects you can fill this out and send it in and we have the second cart it’s called the manufacturer bearing the serial number of the product and the inspection signature of the employee is always still by hand well this addition is limited to 1,500 units worldwide like many of like us limited editions this is probably going to become a collector’s item now let’s look at it more closely here is the first of three boxes the peg from things the camera at the summit crown f2 35 millimeter and the leather strap as I open it you see that it’s beautifully constructed like this thoughtfulness with the presentation of a box camera is revealed as you can see that in the corner and this is the summit called 35-millimeter left to inaudible most sought after lenses this is the olive green limited edition MP 240 and this is the beautiful leather strap that comes with safari set is cowhide its genome leather as i unroll this leather strap one can see like this commitment to quality shoulder pad it’s fully adjustable the metal ring at the end attaches to your camera helping to carry it all day the shoulder pads can be positioned allowing you to carry your camera all day long and the like a logo stamp here when I turn over the strap you can see the black leather offsetting the tan leather on the other side let’s take a closer look at the super crown 35 millimeter lens on the lines we can see the aperture setting starting from F 2 all the way up to f-16 here we can see the f-stop markings on like this rangefinder cameras the red dot reference on here that allows you to attach this last to the camera on the side because he made in Germany they receive the last cap is made out of metal instead of plastic which is very good this lens takes thirty nine millimeter filter in the back side we have plastic cap as I have screw it we can see the lens elements a constructor with seven elements in five groups eight aperture blades and here we have four markings that transfer the metadata to the camera here we can see how smooth the focus stylus with this classic rangefinder thumb lever and this Lance weighs in behind ounces which is 254 grams on the aperture doll we can see f-22 f-16 off stop increments here we can clearly see the red and black markings all in all this lens is solid compact built well constructed for professionals and amateurs alike let’s put the cap back on here we have the lens cap it’s all made of metal ventilation allowing the light to stream in but not betrayed the image helps to stop the flare and easily attaches here you can see there are two but sincere was requested clicks in looks like this although some Acron 35-millimeter f2 is the standard Safari Edition lens similar to 1.

4 is also available in limited issue and will soon sell outs here we have a lot of really Safari edition of my palace and of course to look at this here we have like us classic rangefinder look without the logo the logo has been placed on top the description like everything and here we have the hot shoe as you can see there is there like a writing classic and the west of Germany you have the bow here the shuttle Bauhaus and it goes up to four thousand shoulders or you can eliminate automatic here we can turn on the camera that’s a single it’s continuous shooting three frames per second and you can have two or twelve second timer here we have the movie mode if you wanna record of course in high-definition 25 frames per second you have crystal glass we have the viewfinder here and we have the thumb dial here it’s very smooth clicks and we have d-pad here either speakers here in the back you have the live button which is very important if I have a play that deletes those I also mini and set here we have two nine hundred twenty thousand dot high-resolution screen that’s made of sapphire crystal here on the side the USB port has been removed for most inline look and on the front we have the frame selector logo on the very top is being removed placed by a screw for a more discreet look we have the button to put on the lens here we have depth of field preview button with the new CMOS sensor and P can capture high-resolution videos low-light capabilities have been improved the dynamic range is much better making it one of the most beautiful cameras in the world this cap and see the proto shutter in the back behind is a 24 megapixel CMOS sensor this new say major improvement from the CCD with more dynamic range and low light capabilities and has like us master processor bottom here there were new slots this rubber and that allows the Wi-Fi seems passed through the SD card those wanted to use their i-5 is Wi-Fi SD cards they have a larger slot for the battery the the base plate attachment that we see here attaches just the way used to previous Leica cameras and the rangefinder series we have the tripod mounts on the side we see that brown button she’s in new improvement for the MPs safer and more easily to secure the bottom plates reminiscent of 1960s like us cameras this happy 240 and olive color is one of the best street photography cameras with the mission of like a logo at silent shutter you can go anywhere and take great pictures and let’s look at this first door here we see the business card holder it comes in this beautiful leather inside we have the SD card holder for the memory just made out of suede this can hold three SD cards it’s very functional the other side is blank we can take this card and be inserting the business card holder that’s how I like to keep my memory card safe we can put this away no we can put this one here we have the battery it’s bigger than the previous pad is especially compared in monochrome it lasts longer and you can see that there are the markings it’s about three times as powerful as the previous battery which is a big plus and it’s 1800 as you can see yeah we run you know for the second patch we have the battery charger you see the charge 80% the front connectors at the very top this is the back of the charger on the side we have the 12 watt DC charger or the charging it in the car and the wall charger socket and here we have the connectors four of them for the batteries connections the like a logo in the corner and the third pouch we have the power cord this is what the Americas and we have a cord for the car that you can charge and use it as you can see this can easily like put it in your lighter socket and the European chart in court you can see of connections in the second drawer are all the manuals this is where I will find the instruction manuals the guarantee cards as you can see here it’s one of the first research as we open it up we’ll see the German and multilingual pages and here is the second one this is the guarantee card along with the numbers in the back that shows serial numbers and the rest registration card manufacturing numbers and thank you note from the factory that shows the journal of like the owner and we congratulate you is another card that’s the certification card again with the serial numbers in the back while registering your products with the life of stores or the lack of website I highly recommended and here is another one that is also the registration numbers and that’s the test set it now this is the catalog years this manner for lack of stomach Brown 35-millimeter and here’s the diagram where you can see construction interior drawings and here is another registration card test certificate and finally we have the MP instruction manual which contains many pages in multilingual formats this unboxing now I present you amply 240 Safari Edition you


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