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LaView R3 Home Security Camera Review

LaView R3 Home Security Camera Review

hey, i have with me, wifi home security camera from company called LaView. Lets go check this out! The camera that i am going to review is R3 Wifi home security camera by LaView LaView is US based company that specialize in security camera for your home or business This is very exciting new camera by LaView.

It is very affordable and camera can turn 360 degrees. So why R3? I don’t know. Perhaps, it looks like R3 Droid from Star Wars? But first, let do quick unboxing. Setting up the camera is very easy to do.

First, plugin in the power. Then insert your SD card. 128G is Max. Ok, now you have to go the App store. And download LaVie App. There are other LaView apps out there, so make sure you download the right one.

It just say LaView When you first open your App, you need to register. When you are done with registration, go ahead and click on add device. Go to video surveillance camera. Then choose smart camera.

From here, you just follow the direction. Here you set the wifi information for your home. Next, you need to scan the bar code from your app to your camera. But first, take off the sticker that covering the camera lens.

All done. Now you can see the camera working right away. Main display page is pretty straight forward. You have screenshot where it saves screenshot of the camera image and put it in your photo album.

You have “talk”. You can talk through your camera. Record is, you can capture the video from your camera and save it to your phone. Playback – you can watch the recorded video. when you do play back, you’ll noticed that it will record continuously.

and when you max out the SD card, it will record over it. Alarm will give you different option for motion detection settings. And the best part of the feature is direction where you can control the camera up and down and side to side on your phone.

unfortunately, the camera isn’t smart enough to follow the motion in front of the camera. The camera doesn’t completely turn 360 degrees. But it does turn pretty close to 360 degrees. Basic setting menu – you’ll see that it supports Alexa and Google Home You have basic option to turn the status light on and off.

and You have setting for IR (infrared) setting. You can turn on and off. and there is AUTO section. On alarm setting, there is also human filtering setting. and more.. There is two ways to mount the camera.

but first, make sure you put the base plate on. You can either put sticky on the bottom of the base plate, and stick it on the wall or the table. Or you can mount it on the wall using the screws. The camera comes with all the screws you need to mount it on the wall.

If you going to mount it on drywall, make sure you use drywall screw mount. If you going to use screw, make sure you to put the screw on the base plate, and mount the base plate first. and then you can mount the camera.

When the camera detects motion, it will give you alerts. You can click on alert, it will put you straight into alarm section where you can take a look at the screenshot or you can go to the recorded video and take a look at the alert.

If you missed your alert, You can always check out the alert by going to “ME” section and and go to message center. there you”ll see all the alarm that triggered from here. So if you are looking for home security camera, that’s very affordable, check out this camera.

It’s got every thing that you need and you can control the camera remotely. I’ll put all the information you need on the description below, so you can check it out.


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