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Lava Iris 501 Smartphone Review

Lava Iris 501 Smartphone Review

hello I’m Brad from tech arena today we are going to review lava is phi0 one smartphone this is yet another good smartphone Elizabeth our which features of Pi inch multi-touch display Android ICS and one Giga well flow processor we will check each and every feature one by one and find out whether this device is better or not the cost of any spy zero one is rupees 10,000 this price is similar to other smartphone which are in the market which also features a PI inch screen like Micromax canvas and zing-zing cloud z5 we’ll compare all the three devices with each other and check out which one is better later on the design of Ares 5:01 is stylish with black and white finish it will be not like to say that it is a very comfortable phone in green because of the plastic body this can be slippery sometime if we ignore these two design is very nice there are no keys provided on the front side as usual the major part is covered with fine touchscreen on the top with three capacitive buttons here you can see this is the Settings button this is in home keys and a back key and a 0.

3 megapixel camera which lies on the top side which is enough good for video chatting on the right side you can see a single power key which is also the lock key of this device on the rear side you can find a mile 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and a mic on the left side the Lord speaker live nice at the end with Lauer Lobo personally I think the design would be much better if the front finishing was made with white color while on the left side lies the volume key on the top you can see a 3.

5 mm headphone jack and a micro USB connector which is also a charging port overall it is phi0 one has a great design in the past couple of months we had seen several devices which are launched with 5-inch display and it is phi0 one is one of them which features a multi-touch TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen for video quality this poll teaches HD video output that is every 6 to 9 aspect ratio the screen provide maximum 480 by 800 pixel resolution that would be enough of aiming and for watching our demo video and we’ll check out the quality this is a 1000 pixel audio you consider video quality of this device is quite well compared to other devices now this is the maximum resolution which would be enough for gaming also I will show you that later about the touch sensitivity I cannot say it is very good but it is reasonable touch works fine most of the time but sometime I have to tap two or three templates is an application flower it is five zero one is running on an on a optimized version of Android ICS there are no updates whether it can be upgraded to jellybean or not but it would be great if that is possible this mobile is powered by one gigahertz dual-core processor and 5.

2 and me affair but there is no information provided about the graphic GPU use inside this mobile phone but still we had tested some games and it worked very well we will run our inbuilt game called as absol six in this which is actually a paid game but comes free in power it is 5:01 this will show us the graphic quality of LEDs five zero one and we’ll check out how it works whether it lacks a lot this is the game cinematic you can see the game call it here you can see the output also it is quite better it’s a motion-sensing game and you can see the graphic output is quite a bit as we play the same games on some devices which is not having a proper GPU it will lag or it will freeze but this mobile is not is not facing at all so this is the graphic output of la varies by zero one we had also ranked you benchmarking tests on this poll and the results are pretty good compared to other budget by inch smartphone I show you the scores here you can see this phone has been quite nice for while benchmarking it this is the details core that offer you information on the RAM another 3d and 2d graphics another application that offer you a bit information about the web browsing details you can see the mobile has again a good score for html5 that means this mobile is very good for surfing this is the detail score hey despite 0 1 is very good for multimedia purpose with pious ‘display ‘none rehearsed when her processor it offers maximum power to the device the video output that I had shown you before offers a 1080 pixel of Full HD output and on that the mobile does not lag or prints the speaker that I have shown you before has an optimum or your put I will check out the audio quality of this device the speaker provided on the backside gives you enough someone while watching movies are listening to any audio of your favorite favorite choice so if you are at home you will not require any headphone to listen out this is Rory the smartphone comes with 5 megapixel camera on the rear side with autofocus please check out the camera quality here the camera quality is quite good compared to Micromax canvas 2 which has an 8 megapixel camera we found any spy 0 was much better in photo quality we have click a few images in this camo boleyn in Micromax canvas and we found that the photos captured by the e by this pi 0 one is much better to compare to that 8 mirror that device which has an 8 megapixel camera on the back side you can see the photo quality here the maximum resolution you can get here is 2560 by 1920 pixel in HD there is only one limitation to get better images you need more light and a low light all under condition when you are trying to capture photo in night you can faced a problem with photo quality here when the front 0.

3 megapixel camera is enough good for video title like other phone you can quickly share and capture image that you have clicked just recently you can see that there is a small note a small barrier that offer you different social media platform where you can instantly share the photo captured now you can simply move it into the gallery unless my promise devices switch comes with inbuilt application like and store angel or cooker lava has not provided any such application with Ares 5:01 but they have provided some third-party application such as hike messenger fusion music player sovereign exit or you can see this application apart from this they have also given some good paid built-in games for free searches as per 6 and Montezuma 3 there are many more games which you can get with any such as cricket fever little big city saving private ship etc here is PI 0 1 also has good connectivity option like 3G Wi-Fi Bluetooth GPS data connectivity X etc it features a micro USB port that you can use to transfer file that I have shown you before as for storage this device comes with 2 GB internal memory that would be less but we cannot expect more at the at the price range which it is coming from there are several devices which comes with equal size of storage space but you can expand expanded by adding a micro SD card up to 32gb the best thing that I like about the device that it has a large display and inside you can see the Android version which is installed it is an optimized version of Android that gives a bit performance goes to this area spy 0-1 it has a bright screen and now it’s nice output for gaming sometimes the touch screen is slow and responsive that I had said before but it applies in rupees 10,000 this is an affordable smartphone with rich feature the battery life of this device is much better compared to other devices in the market the last time when I charged the mobile phone was about we need to ask ago we show you still 42% battery left hand side this and still the Wi-Fi you can see one is connected to the Wi-Fi so it has a good performance as well as good battery life the positive point of lava Ares 5 0 1 is that it has a large spider screen it has good processing power and good battery life with the good camera quality the negative point of this mobile phone is that it is not having an aggressive touch and also the grip is uncomfortable that’s all for now for more review tutorial news and updates on latest technology which eat together and orton thank you have a nice day


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