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Laptop de GAMING la bani puțini? | ASUS TUF | Review CEL.ro

Laptop de GAMING la bani puțini? | ASUS TUF | Review CEL.ro

Internet search and well we will find on our YouTube channel today we will not necessarily do the treeview but simply It's a bit of a talk and I would like to share an experience I had in the past when I was a student You know the story you are a student of two ways you are poor or poor stuck Except for the people who do not even have money but most of the students You know how you are in college You don't really do yarn cheap things and they seem expensive and expensive things are just in your dreams and so on Far from that, look, I was put in the situation of needing a laptop for a laptop to design What to take me to run different programs and be decent And look how I got With an i5 The 4,000 Series A Rogue with 8GB of RAM and a Screen Horrible Why was there a PN that if you looked so a little bit ready or finished the colors And let's not talk That you could not even edit a photo at the tape level reminding me of this experience I stayed at I look on the internet I was looking at this offer to look at the producers when I reviewed the fx5 505 With those rtx I found the cheapest rtx on the market ASUS Also from their series you ASUS rear laptop in their portfolio An AMD ryzen 5 How Gigabyte RAM and a GTX 1050 3 GB plus 200 good Windows server 230 GB SSD And that's it Very basic this laptop but Obviously I did synthetic readings and not only said Bath must I'm testing a real scenario So I installed autodesk inventor on it, I installed some video editing software and fine Two games including Metro Exodus And fortnite ASUS laptop shares Some philosophies from that laptop more expensive than 4,200 RON with erte But it is on the market at 2,500 RON And the reason why I chose this laptop Okay, I'll come and say later after I tell you What is happening with this laptop and of course What are the differences At the construction level Kindergarten of all Don't forget to subscribe and activate the notifications and then enter the.

ro Slash Divo Sheep to enter the contest Before but move on to our business Our programming colleagues need help so if you are good at programming or have a friend who He is good at programming And you click and or share the link in the description and Maybe who It's gonna be us Colleagues please You will be with them In that area compared to his more expensive brother ASUS laptop shares many features Among which the building materials This being Plastic plastic Plastic Tics very plastic On the connectivity side We have three OSB's a nerve 51 HDMI without Card Reader Instead On the right side is missing that escape So the air is given Out of the casing just on the back and of course here In the front we A few holes Through which the fans can draw air Otherwise The spinning you have is very, very similar With life 105f clan FXC 5dv I come to the side of the screen we have exactly the same coverage is Rigbi however we have no panel Of One hundred and twenty Harry ASUS It boasts that on this laptop they still put this IPS Nano Edge IPS level nanoedge display It's a display that looks great is where Display you can look at And if you go a little further to the left, go to the display In this price I find it extraordinary And now Let's see how it performed in sim tests What to tell you why I like this one a lot I think this is my favorite laptop Budget for Because at 2,500 RON you can't find it Laptops with With processors h Possibly video cards GTX Which I think Strange that they managed to Get this price And now I have to tell you, don't get the illusion that it's a laptop rocket Yes this is a laptop Which is better than A laptop with processor Ultra Low Voltage type And then Fine processor Undernourished house Let's just say that Or designed to work At a cotton plant you come out very small Obviously they will not have very high processing power Good Cinebench 1595 points On multicore And 358 points per Single Core 2241 overall score with 2151 for For the graphics card In the end we also have firestrike with With 5,000 529 General And 6006 4 for this graphics chipset That philosophy of a Be very cool On a laptop Very cheap Share with fx505 5dv Sparta Front Or please The keyboard deck and all this area is Cold Let's play Metro Exodus for the first time And so we have the full HD quality medium resolution with no motion blur on Heidi Tactics 12 Hero World of advanced bifat physics Tessellation of and Texture filtering 4 Look a little We are here Underground We have 81 degrees of the graphics card again I greet you again no What a pity it doesn't display that way Hardi Moni return Alt tab 92 degrees Maxi And now it's running at 70 By degrees the idea that textures look great including data on the environment And we have Over 50 frames per There are occasional drops But I don't intervene And he won't annoy you Well I have an experience of As much as possible Annoying or I know You won't like it I'm down You may notice 20 And three Even Very nice But I grew up Back to 40 I wanted to get here Even if there are certain drugs You can set the game settings And more You have some frames on Panda bigger momentarily we are running hard Okay here in the air We have quite a few FPS times but let's look at the settings as well ok Full HD has no frame rate per second The settings are given on medium So the set is given on average I made the decision but did not attest And the other games because the purpose of this video is not necessarily Game test Of this laptop And they will not have to judge this laptop From his perspective of Gaming because And you And I We are all aware that a gaming laptop in this price segment You can do a lot of gaming on it But as for a Modern type game Single Player Or a modern game Battle Royale type Look, he's doing pretty well Anyway Let's get to the purpose of this video or why I was impressed by it From this laptop That is, testing in productivity programs Obviously I did not install them all but I installed cars for I want an inventor because it is a program that I used some time ago.

Obviously, it is the 2002 version 20 I don't know anything From needles Program I like it I do not stay even 100 years does not open either Instant but still I must also mention that this program is a pretty one It's hard Plus it's the Pro version It's not necessarily the Lite version And left to install absolutely All What did he want to see just to see how much he carries This is a piece that actually has no You never do anything at all, but uploaded pretty quickly Let's see what What can I do here In the idea where I know you need to We make Block piece does Sketch Shark Here Let's make Big breast Phineas Catch Click on it external Yeah, okay Look that's how it is works Auto.

described level very very very well Why not now I didn't make a piece that had bramfam Functionality ever but Just to certify this laptop in the idea that I will go Does not work What's happening, look, maybe let's open the lightroom Obviously I downloaded a picture of the butter I uploaded to the lightroom And forget that moving can use Putting contrast does not block Obviously if you have a bookstore with Extraordinary photos of many Yes Then there is the possibility to To get stuck But under the conditions in which I can play I do not know One photo two three 710 100 photos Lambru We exported and so on It's good I have nothing to comment on Let's right click pigs But I had to give it to her Quality one hundred to One hundred percent Ok at this point the leptopus is saturated Little bit navigation map Photo On the desktop Select folder This is the barbarously edited photo So if he sees me Someone with mothers Meditating this was wrong He'll hook me up with a shepherd At this level the laptop is doing very well Quiet for a classroom or a library but a library where one still speaks for If you go to a library And these fans will last well for anyone He'll probably swear a little In thought At least road oil started Let's start and Premier Pro has loaded program You will still be able to edit full HD Expected outfit Seini Extraordinary time But when needed You can rely on it And I really appreciate this I also worked on Adobe Photoshop without any problems I will open it while the prime minister is on You have to keep And you realize that the color reproduction accuracy of this laptop is not extraordinary.

We drink from the end of this video And we promise to tell you the reason why I turned my attention To this laptop the reason Towards For which I did this I stayed in exchange I thought many times A laptop that has In to the processor Why Ender goes back Ultra Low Better said It's good at that moment for us to have Who knows what process power What a jump and you might have a dedicated video card from envy You could have a Friend That moment You won't be able to do more advanced things And most Ultra joys Let's say this so I hear about budget cigars Most office laptops Or home and office From this price segment It's good Or not decent audio quality They either have a screen Arguable in terms of color reproduction accuracy It's hard to find IPS Again This is not IP PS according to ASUS IPS grade Panel I will not go into technical details Because it's pointless In this video As a student Looks like a pretty car to me On the productivity side Is not Extraordinary So don't do me The impression that it is a work machine Eight graphical stations Daughter or something But for home and college, it seems to me that the performance is quite good If not really Very good compared to other laptops Home and office in this price segment so you have a complete package if you are willing to give up Premium materials and And you don't mind plastic And of course if you are I can give up doing The fact that he doesn't have one Card reader That would be for today until next time Do you know what to do Remember to check the description for useful links prices Updated Get your opinion about this laptop in the comments section below And When you needed it From a laptop to a desktop And you didn't have anything to download, I'm really curious


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