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Kodak SP1 Action Camera Review

Kodak SP1 Action Camera Review

I’m going to be reviewing the Kodak pixpro sp1 action camera it’s waterproof up to 32 feet its shockproof up to 6 feet dust proof freeze proof and it comes in 1080p HD quality which comes out really nice for all of your adventures so here’s the camera it comes with a vented helmet strap comes with a bike mount which you just unscrew these on snap them on your handlebars tighten them up and you’re ready to go it comes with these flat mounts which you just screw these on to the bottom and it comes with two of these extender arms which you just kind of snap them on screw them into place which gives you a better range for you want to shoot something like that for some reason you can they just swivel around screw it down tighten it up it’s not going anywhere it comes with a flat adhesive mount which you just peel it off stick it to something it also comes with a curved mount which is currently mounted onto my backpack right now and it also comes with an additional lens right now I have the waterproof lens on it which is fairly simple to switch them you just pull back this lock twist it pops right off now here’s a wide-angle one put it on twist it like in the place let go you’re all set you’re ready to go and it also comes with two tethers so you added security everything should stay in place but just in case this all hang on to it so it’s not going anywhere yeah turn it on for you so you can check it out these are all the controls on the top you get the power recording back and forth your menu there’s settings okay here we have the mode settings which allows you to toggle back and forth between camera and video you have your movie settings you can change the video quality I leave it on 1080p time-lapse loop recording you could adjust a field of view for a wide-angle medium to narrow far even the water ring blue you have your motion detection wind cut adjusts the white balance ya still settings per shoot you could adjust a field of view again same thing white balance and you also have the wireless setting which allows you to control your camera through your cell phone using the pics Pro app you could connect with your camera’s Wi-Fi you could actually use it as a remote viewfinder which I have my camera on right now and just moving it around so you could kind of see and it’s pretty cool you could even switch it to camera mode and take snapshots and switch back to video could also change the quality and pretty much anything you could do on the camera you could do it right here on your phone which comes in handy here I have a couple of short clips using the Kodak sp1 action camera so you could see it in action here’s another little short video of all the fishies swimming around in our pond Kimmo considerably well considering our murky the waters through Zion I was just kind of holding the camera out the window but during that night drive I just purchased suction cup mount separately and I was kind of testing it up works pretty well and held on really tight okay these are a few snapshots that I took with the camera it takes really nice nice pictures I was actually surprised how good the quality came out and for 200 bucks for this camera you really can’t beat it it’s a great deal I highly recommend it


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