Home Camera Reviews kitvision splash action camera review Unboxing demo talk about features and show

kitvision splash action camera review Unboxing demo talk about features and show

kitvision splash action camera review Unboxing demo talk about features and show

hi this is gadget man 404 and today I’m going to do a review on the kV Splash action camera or short for kit vision splash now basically as you can see it is full HD 1080p also record in 720p it’s got 12 megapixel photo mode and it has a case which is waterproof up to 15 meters now the case at the moment is on my motorbike I’m using it as a dashcam but all these pictures you see here or what you actually get with this camera the waterproof case you get a 90 degree adapter a hook mount a flat adhesive mount ventilated helmet mount and a bicycle mount I’m using that mount with that mount with that shell so I’m using like a dash cam effect on my motorbike it has I think it’s a 5 and let me have a look triangulating focus for you there you go takes up to 32 gigabyte SD or micro sd card it’s got a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor 120 degree angle lens 2.

5 inch screen or 1.77 TFT LCD got micro HDMI out built-in microphone built in rechargeable battery battery life is up to 90 minutes and it weighs approximately I think it’s 61 grams when I weighed it tonight P at 25 frames per second 720p at 30 frames per second it is avi format a peg for the photos it does have single shot time continuous and screen modes so that is the box this is the camera now it is your marker HD amount reset mode switched on by just holding that second so to go through the modes what you do is basically as a mode button on the side so you press that and that changes into photo mode that’s tell me how many photos at 12 megapixels 2482 battery indicator at the bottom that you use in a micro SD card it does support anti-shake as I say you can take one photo burst of photos like a time-lapse when you set the camera to take photos for X amount of time the maximum time it can take a photo for is 10 seconds which was a bit disappointing to me as I fly quad copters and my purpose for this camera is to mount it underneath like so and then basically when I’m flying around I would just set the photo mode and let it do bursts of photos while it’s up in the air which I thought was really good I didn’t realize until I got it home that the maximum time is 10 seconds which isn’t really long enough I have another camera which was a lot less but not as good a quality take a photos or video and basically in certain mode you press the button and it basically records until either runs out of battery runs out of memory or you actually turn the camera off which this was what I was hoping with this camera that basically when I got to you know I don’t know I’ll find something and I think oil investigate take some random photos and then come back you have to find the thing you looking for first you’ve got ten seconds to take the photos and then land and then change the mode and so on so that goes from photo mode then you press it again and any photos and videos that you have it will play them back on the screen so if you want free playback this video you press the power button hold it in and it will say play or delete to scroll down you press the side button or if you want to play you just press the menu button and it will play now obviously I’m recording a video through a phone you’re not going to really get the detail of what they can racine but you can see the video quite clearly on the back of the camera which I thought normally why I had to do with my old camera was I’d have to just take it for granted that I’ve got the shots wait until I got home then take the memory card out put it into a card reader in the laptop or micro SD card reader plug it into my phone do it that way whereas now I can play the video back straight away while it’s still connected to the quadcopter which I thought is quite cool so if you want to stop that video you just press the power button again come out of that mode press the there’s some more videos that’s it photo so you want to change it to camera Sidebottom just a sharp bursts now I want to have a look at that so press the side key they have it I mean you know all the colors are there is the camera it’s my phone that’s all what they focus in but you know I don’t think that is really nice it’s not that job and that’s a it 12 megapixel so when you play back through a computer I think you’ll get real good quality now it’s not massive you’ve got your microSD slot on the side I think your charger port is that little port at the bottom so you got your card there USB there lens there which is like a Baldy camera where the you know the obviously the camera itself is thicker than a board camera but the principle the shape how the lens sticks forward so when I’m mounting this camera I take into account that that is sticking forward by a good half an inch so then I still move it further back to give me the correct CGI and I’ve had some little flights with this camera with my 6 inch props and it’s been great I’ve used 5 inch 4.

5 inch pitch it flies around no problem but there’s no power there so if you wanted to you know do punch out and want to go really high you won’t with 5 inch props carried camera because it’s quite weighty at 60 grams but if you use 6 inch props 4.

5 inch pitch you will have no issues at all so your mode key is there your micro or your mini HDMI there and you reset let’s go through some settings to say you want to change some settings on the camera so it’s not that they’re so these are like that exposures and all that so you want to change the mode so you’re in that setting that’s for the video settings because that’s highlighted if you press the Menu key or the power button again then you can change date auto power off beep sounds language frequency TV mode format the card default settings if you just hold that menu key in again and then you want to go down say one size so then you choose again pull them there you go you can change so we turn to p2 need to P then you choose the table on again expose your rate and you know all that sort of stuff and to shake you know when the anti-shake is on you’ve got loop recording motion detection you can record audio or not and have a date stamp which I do record audio at the moment but if you don’t want to you can change all those settings and they’re just holding the cane that takes you back so there you go and to shake his on you’ve got the date a time a year you’ve got how much video you can take so an hour of hi-def if you change that to some twenty you get by me an hour and a half doesn’t support slow-motion framerate so if you want to light with a GoPro and things like that and you want to get the snow flaring out as you’re skiing and all that type thing um don’t think this camera supports it but to be honest the price of this camera was 50-pound and I purchased this from the gadget show live at the NEC in Birmingham on the 10th of April which was two weeks Friday and it should have been 70 but it was like a trade price they do different cameras they do like helmet cameras for snowboarders and skateboarders in mind they are Wi-Fi enabled this would be a real good idea if this was Wi-Fi enabled so you can pair it up with your smartphone and what this is connected to him a quad motorbike or radio-controlled car and then basically you can see on your phone screen sort of like a cheap man’s fpv it’s only accurate up to 50 art meters but when you’re getting used to fpv I think that’s you know you don’t want to go too crazy and as you can see the angle it’s a wide-angle lens but it doesn’t really distort the picture you can just see a little bit of a bow at the top of the screen but it’s not really prominent you know as some of them it really like horizon line it’s like a circle type thing this isn’t actually too bad so for the money and for the size and everything this is a real real good buy it’s a great little camera highly recommend people giving this a go there’s your audio speakers they’re built-in so the sense of their and at the top that should charge a light it goes red while it’s charging and goes out when it’s charged as I say it’s very minimalist minimalistic you’ve got tripod mount underneath if you want to screw it to a tripod and set it a certain height so an angle it’s also got I would set an auto shutoff but I think if it’s been left on for a few seconds and no buttons or a minute or whatever and no bottoms have been pressed then it turned itself off which is great because that’s another way of saving your battery but yeah this is a kit vision splash action cam 1080p you know you get the case or your mounts downside it only goes to 15 meters which is fine for missing back swim pool and it doesn’t have Wi-Fi which you can get cameras similar to there’s I think there’s one called the sj4000 more sort of go pro style in shape this is quite square whereas obviously the GoPro is a little bit longer and a little bit shorter but therefore you know between 250 and 400 pounds and with Wi-Fi you know you’re looking at 300 pounds-plus they do one similar to this like a cigar shape for helmets and skateboarders in mind and that was like a hundred fifty-pound so we still 200 pounds cheaper than a GoPro again the video playback that I’ve seen I’ve got a class 10 Samsung SD card or micro SD card but I’ve got one that transfers it something like forty eight megabits per second so I went for a really high rate not just a class attempt but a high transfer rate so as it’s recording you probably get a little bit better clarity than if you use like a class one so yeah this is the Kip vision splash action camera this is being gadget man for a four out


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