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Is the New Nokia 3310 Worth It?

Is the New Nokia 3310 Worth It?

– Hey guys, this is Austin. This is the legendary Nokia 3310. In addition to being a lot of people’s very first cell phone, it also has a reputation for being basically indestructible. Fast forward to 2018, though, and Nokia has released this, a brand-new version of the 3310.

So, I mean, it wasn’t even like I had a choice. Of course I had to get one. Take a look at the box, and you’re gonna see something that looks very, very similar to the original 3310. Of course, one of the best features of this phone was the games, or, well, the game.

Snake, in fact, was probably the best game on any phone ever. Fight me, I don’t care. (Austin laughing) What was that, fight me? I don’t think anyone’s gonna fight me over Snake. Everyone agrees on that, right? Put the new and the old 3310 side by side, and you see they have a lot of similarities.

Of course, the newer one has a much larger screen, but one of the important things is is that because it’s going to be so thin and light, it actually kind of makes sense as a secondary phone. So maybe you just want a backup phone, or maybe you just want something to go off the grid for a weekend or something and not have to worry about people Facebook messaging you and emails, and, I don’t know.

Can this thing do email, actually? It probably can, right? These are not cheap, by the way. I think the Nokia 3310, this one cost me around $60, so you can get a low-end smartphone for that. However, you definitely don’t get that kind of cool retro Nokia vibes from it.

Continuing on, the first thing we get is the charger, so thankfully, this is now in 2018, and well, 2016, ’cause we’re using a micro USB cable, but it’s a lot better than the stupid barrel plug on the original 3310.

We also surprisingly get a headset. That’s actually kind of impressive. Does this have a… Oh, there you go. Got a headphone jack right there. I don’t know how you actually get music on this. In fact, I actually don’t know that much about this at all.

So it does say on the box that it’s got the Opera App Store, so we actually might have some flexibility on what we’re doing with it. Pop off the back, and the first thing we see is the battery spot, as well as a slot for not only a Micro SIM, but also a Micro SD card.

You know, for when you want to store all your sick ’90s jams. Okay, so, that was the simplest phone set up process ever. So at least we’re getting a full-color display. Unlock, press Star to unlock, okay.

Oh wow, so we actually have Snake, Facebook, camera. We’ve got the mobile store. You even have a Twitter app. This actually might not be that bad. Of course, though, the only game that anyone really cares about is Snake.

No! Oh, oh, wait, wow, that was really generous. Oh, I have a super-wide head. Oh, you don’t even need to hit on the, necessarily, right on the mark. It has Snake, but it’s not the real Snake. I will say, though, this actually, at first glance, doesn’t seem like it’s going to be that far off.

I was expecting something with no apps, something that was gonna be super-basic just for texts and calls, but we do have some apps. We have a Twitter app. We have a couple games that aren’t Snake. So let’s see if I can actually use this for a day.

So it is time to use the Nokia 3310, and there’s actually a lot of weird stuff with this phone. Now, the response from this actually isn’t too bad. So I have a list of apps. Well, apps, they’re mostly just web apps, because there is Opera Mobile on this guy.

Oh wow, we have 30 megabytes of phone memory free, but I guess we could use that micro SD card slot to put more than three MP3s on it. Oh, I’ve got a flashlight. Excellent! Revolutionary technology. There’s so much weird stuff with this.

Here comes my favorite part, typing out my entire Twitter credentials on the little T9 keyboard. Oh, ho, ho! We are on glorious twitter.com for Mobile! That looks exactly like 2012, actually. I mean, this kind of works.

It looks a little broken. It’s definitely slow, but, I mean, it works. Alright, wait, can I reply? Where do you… Oh, I think that’s it. Wait, this button is reply? Uh-oh, wait, did I just retweet? Oh, I didn’t, okay.

That’s reply. So you really have to consider what you’re going to text or tweet from this, because it takes a while to text if you’re lame and you’ve forgotten how to use a T9 keyboard like I have. I think Ken’s getting frustrated with how long it takes for me to type on this thing.

I’ve officially written a 123-character tweet, and I have proof this was, in fact, written on a Nokia 3310. Alright, so it is time to use the Nokia 3310 for real. It’s gonna be a little bit of challenge, but honestly, after playing with it for just a few minutes, it’s actually not that far out of date.

I mean, some stuff seems kind of okay? Of course, what better way to test than with some proper retro-looking headphones? So you do have to use a Micro SD card to actually– Oop. (clearing throat) Wrong phone.

I meant to grab the one in this pocket, which actually does have a headphone jack. It’s a little tinny, but it’s much better than we expected out of a tiny little feature phone like this. I’ll say, it’s actually not that hard to use.

Everything is pretty responsive. I mean, obviously we’re not running Android or anything, but can I actually multitask? Oh, I can, so I can move around while still listening to music. (pop music) it actually doesn’t sound that bad.

(Austin laughing) What I really wanna try is the camera. That’s what we call not a lot of dynamic range. Hang on, wait, how do I do a selfie? Uh, okay. (phone chiming) Five, four, three, two… (phone chiming) Wow, it actually works! That doesn’t look like the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

Okay, okay. So what have we learned? Well, first of all, this is definitely not a replacement for a smartphone. However, if you want something that is going to be small, lightweight, and hopefully should survive a quick little drop, it should be fine, right? Hey, it’s fine.

I had no doubts. I mean, this is carpet, to be fair. But, the nice thing is, because it’s so small and lightweight, it’s easy to be able to carry this around as a secondary device, or if you’re just someone who doesn’t really want to deal with a smartphone and wants something that should be a little bit simpler to, you know, call, text, listen to some sick 2003 jams, the Nokia 3310’s actually not gonna be too bad.

So, as always, I will find a link to this guy and put it in the description. Thing’s like 60 bucks or so. But I’m curious, would you actually ever want to pick up a 3310? Let me know in the comments below and I will catch you in the next one.


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