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Is Acer’s £9,000 Gaming Laptop Any Good? (Predator 21 X Review) | The Tech Chap

Is Acer’s £9,000 Gaming Laptop Any Good? (Predator 21 X Review) | The Tech Chap

So I’m starting this video a little bit differently because what I’ve got in the back here is worth more than this car Maybe just maybe I’ll have to trade in my car so I can actually buy one for myself and this is it taking up pretty much my entire booth and about 2/3 of my back seat as well, and There’s a clue This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever had on my channel.

This Acer Predator 21x is absolutely Insane! First of all before I even open it Just look at the size of this thing. It’s weighs 8.5kg Which is more than four of these Dell XPS 15 laptops and that doesn’t even account for the fact that – as you can see on the back here – there are actually two power ports Because you need not one 330 watt power brick but two, and each weigh about 1.

5 kilos So this kind of stretches the term laptop, and definitely portability, a little bit. So there really aren’t enough words to describe how insane and ridiculous the 21 X is. So let me just show you because while there are other high-end Gaming Notebooks on the market like the ASUS GX800vh.

.. This is the only gaming notebook to come with, as you can see, a curved ultra wide display That’s 21 inches – 21:9 aspect ratio, which looks incredible and as you can see from behind me I do love a good Ultrawide monitor! I think it makes gaming so much more immersive and not only that but it’s a terrific screen as well It’s got g-sync.

It has a 120 hertz refresh rate. It’s also an IPS panel That is surprisingly color accurate as well So that’s the first thing you notice about this beast of a laptop, it’s ultrawide display Which is the only one on the market right now to offer that – so that’s pretty incredible, but we’re just getting started The 21X also has a full mechanical keyboard.

It uses Cherry MX Brown switches – and it’s an absolute joy to type on. It also comes with this handy palm rest So you can just slot that in there and typing becomes much more comfortable This is a genuinely a great keyboard.

Not only that but you’ve got a Microsoft Precision touchpad here Which is really responsive, or if you prefer you can simply take it out Swap it over, and you have a numpad for your keyboard. Which is again.

Just insane and slightly ridiculous It’s got toby eye-tracking built in here I’m not personally that sold on the technology, it basically allows you to control the camera angle in some games, like Assassin’s Creed, with your eyes.

But they also say it’s really useful for getting heat maps of where your eyes are looking on the screen So if you’re into ESports, or you’re a pro gamer you can see basically where you’re looking at in the game.

Inside we have two GTX 1080 graphic cards in SLI. As well as that You’ve got 64GB of DDR4 RAM, a 1TB hard drive and a 1TB SSD. So this really is a very special machine – it even says so on it It says “limited edition 46 of 300” they aren’t making a ton of these Presumably they wouldn’t sell a ton of these either considering the fact that this will set you back.

.. £9,000 / $9,000. As I said at the beginning of this video, this is actually worth more than my car. You and I – we’re not going to go out and buy one of these for nine grand, but then again I like looking at fast cars I’ll never be able to afford This is like the Lamborghini of gaming Notebooks – it’s completely ridiculous.

But super, super powerful only really for the top 0.1% of society. Whether it results in a trickle down of technology and the engineering remains to be seen. I mean this is a really Fundamentally well-built machine – the cooling, the fact that a fan noise isn’t even that loud.

The full mechanical keyboard, its ultrawide screen This is a feat of engineering, and it is genuinely awesome So whether we see… A sort of trickle down to other Acer products will remain to be seen, but this is really just a hero product And I’m sure will be great PR for them.

I mean I’m doing this video on it So while we may not be buying this, some people will, obviously do a limited edition But it’s just a super cool piece of technology. I think we can all agree. “I tell you, they all love me because I’m great” So as you’d expect given the price and the dual 1080s this thing absolutely flies through games.

The fact that this is a 2560×1080 resolution Ultra Widescreen So it’s not a really high res 4k display or anything means that you do get higher FPS in games, which means you can take advantage of that high refresh rate.

So not being 4k like other high-end gaming notebooks, I think is actually an advantage because you want to play games at a higher frame rate That’s really important, but of course being SLI, it does come with some fundamental issues You can have micro stuttering issues sometimes Driver support, especially on a custom rig like this, May be an issue going forward hopefully Acer and Nvidia continue to support it.

When I first got the 21X, I posted a picture on Twitter And someone said it looks like where you can launch a missile attack from it looks like a proper command center, there’s nothing else on the market that offers this kind of performance and this kind of design and just.

..presence. But you know it’s not perfect, you may have issues with the SLI micro-stuttering Battery life, as you would expect, is not great – you get about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Under two hours Just doing usual stuff like browsing the web or doing office work – although I’m not sure who’s going to be opening a Google Doc Or just browsing Facebook on this.

It seems a bit overkill! So battery life as you expect isn’t fantastic. also, for me. The Tobii eye-tracking is a bit pointless I’m not really sure why anyone really needs a numpad and also the fact that this thing is massive by itself It’s really heavy, and you have to carry these two power bricks with you and maybe even in that Pelican case which weighs about 10 kilograms or more by itself.

So while it may be Wildly impractical and ridiculously expensive… I think we can all agree it is super cool. So let me know what you make of the Acer Predator 21 X in the comments below. I’ll leave a Amazon Link.

..hah! Can you imagine if I actually got commission on an Amazon link for this?? Well, that’d be quite cool actually! Let me know what you make of this in a comments below – whether you think it’s a complete waste of time, or.

.. It’s cool that they’re trying something new. let me know your thoughts. Thank you very much for watching guys Thank you to Acer for sending it over to me to have a play. if you liked the video give me a big thumbs up and click That subscribe button.

I’ll see you next time right here on the The Tech Chap 🙂


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