Home Camera Reviews iPhone XS vs iPhone X: CAMERA TEST! (4K)

iPhone XS vs iPhone X: CAMERA TEST! (4K)

iPhone XS vs iPhone X: CAMERA TEST! (4K)

this is the new iPhone 10s versus last year’s iPhone 10 today we’re going to be seeking out the answers to two big questions a if you already have the iPhone 10 is it worth upgrading to the latest 10s or Macs and more specifically in terms of those new camera improvements or B maybe you have an even older device iPhone or Android and you’ve been thinking about upgrading what could it be worth saving around three to five hundred dollars skip the new 10s and then pick up a mint or brand new iPhone 10 on a site like swap basically is the upgrade worth it well I’m Ben from authentech, let’s jump right in and shoot some side-by-sides starting with some daytime photos there’s a few things we notice first the new smart HDR feature is pretty amazing I discussed it a lot in my last iPhone video check it out after this one but in short the improved dynamic range think of it as more details maintained in the bright highlights as well as those darker shadow areas it’s producing a more pleasant looking image overall this is in both photo and video mode as you’ll see shortly and it actually makes a massive improvement here’s a quick little example we zoom way in on the clouds and just see how the iPhone 10 is blowing out some of those bright areas versus the new 10s those bright highlights are not blown out and instead we see more shadows and clarity and the clouds this is a great little example of how HDR is working on the new iPhone it has larger size pixels 1.

4 microns verse 1.1 and this also helps in a lot of areas like details sharpness even in low-light shots which we’ll get to in a second I think images look a tad sharper and nicer on the new 10s colors and white balance are nice on both sometimes the 10s might look a little bit more saturated but that might also be because of that higher dynamic range there’s simply more color details that pop on screen over the old iPhone 10th it also looks like the new 10s time’s has a bit warmer tones versus the ten has slightly cooler tones it’s been confirmed that the new iPhone has a slightly wider angle field of view 26 millimeter verse 28 I personally really like this new improvement and you can notice just how much of a difference that makes out to be there’s more landscapes squeezing in the frame both horizontally and vertically it’s no LGV 30 wide-angle but hey I’ll still take that small improvement switch into portrait mode on the rear facing camera don’t forget we now have a bokeh slider in the app to adjust background blur after the photo is snapped this is nice to have I feel like the edge outlining hasn’t changed much and both shots look pretty similar let’s jump into some 4k video side-by-side you should be able to notice a few of the same similarities from photo mode like the new and improved smart HDR it looks really good clarity and sharpness on the new iPhone definitely looks improved over the old 10 in some shots it’s a clear difference shooting in the exact same settings we still get that wider field of view on the new 10s which I definitely appreciate let’s try a little experiment here we zoom way in at 750 percent and we’re basically nit picking pixels I noticed two things first it seems there’s a bit more details in the wood grain on that pillar on the 10s and secondly check out that little butterfly I feel like we can see a bit more detail on the head and the antenna on that new camera where it’s all mushy on the old 10 again probably not a big difference at the end of the day for example that new smart HDR feature is a bigger improvement to highlight let’s compare the image stabilization both at 4k 30 I’d say they look pretty similar with a simple walking test however when I start to jog a little bit man that old iPhone 10 has this terrible focusing wobble issue that’s going on the new 10s thankfully does not have that it’s a pretty massive difference and that 10 s clearly wins here when I switched a 4k 60 on both again walking tests look a bit similar and then when we start to jog we can half speed slow down the footage and clearly see that same focusing problem again on the iPhone 10 any of you guys have that same issue on your iPhone 10 that you know of it’s pretty jacked up what’s really funny is when we switched to slo-mo test both can shoot 1080p 240fps we see the same focusing issue again it really ruins the shot thankfully the new 10s does not have that huge problem when things are finally and focus on the old iPhone 10 we can see more clearly and make a judgment call on quality interesting in this sample shot the 10 as actually looks a bit rougher around the edges almost more pixelated I don’t really understand in this slo-mo shot both cameras have this horrible jittering effect going on is this the image stabilization or something that’s not good now let’s keep going I shot a couple autofocus tests and check this out the new 10 as clearly smokes to the old 10 in terms of autofocus speed and not only does it look faster but way more accurate as the old 10 sometimes can’t even find or lock focus on to my hand it’s totally missing it over and over what’s up guys this is a front-facing camera and audio test this is the new iPhone at 10s access and this is the older iPhone 10 husband sound compare how’s the sound compare it’s almost looking like the old iPhone 10 has a much wider field of view right now I’m front lit by the Sun but as we rotate around house colors and contrast change men just look at the blown out highlights on the old ten versus the new smart HDR on the 10 as pretty massive difference this is a quick walking stabilization test on the front-facing camera and this is a quick jogging test on the front facing Cannes HUD stabilization stabilization actually looks a lot improved on that front-facing camera nice job Apple I snapped a couple front-facing photos with and without portrait mode turned on I’d say they both look pretty similar however again that new HDR processing really helps and makes the tennis shots look nicer as a connected result the overall exposure and white balance looks better too have you guys heard about that extra skin softening effect that’s going around is it simply HDR noise smoothing or is it actually a beauty mode issue that we can’t turn off even Lou from unbox therapy just made a whole video on it and I want to hear your guys thoughts on the controversy one last item to note on that front facing camera we can now shoot 1080p 60 frames per second while the old one maxed out at 30 I’m honestly not sure when you’d actually want to shoot slow-mo on the front-facing camera but hey it’s now here and I’ll take the extra frame rate capabilities and of course we can’t skip low light shots with those larger pixels on the XS it really shines as the winner in these side-by-sides that HDR is tone mapping the image for a much more balanced exposure and clarity the noise reduction is way smoother and nicer as well that old iPhone tent looks pretty rough with its high noise and grain I’d say it’s night in difference between the two on this test my overall summary and thoughts I’d say the new 10s camera is actually a bigger deal and upgrade than a lot of people are thinking I’m not sure it’s worth the trade in or spending tons of extra cash for an upgrade especially if it’s not in your budget I’d say the old 10 is still a good device with a good camera and to save a few hundred bucks if you were deciding between the two that’s a nice option to have now which phone do you want me compare next up against the iPhone tennis camera maybe the LGV 30 or the new pixel 3 releasing soon let me know down in the comments and if you join this content consider sticking around for more posted every week until next time let’s live authentic


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