Hey guys! What’s up? This time we are going to unbox an Iphone XS Iphone XX? XS Last time, we unboxed a golden play button and an ROG phone After I unbox this Iphone XS I’m going to give my review on the ROG phone from last time Let’s open it This is the 64GB version It costs 67,000 PHP ($1300) The ROG phone last time costs 49,000 PHP ($1000) with 128GB storage *Noooo! *Phew.

.. In terms of packaging, ROG is better Here is the phone Why does it look small? This is the 5.8 inch version It’s so small! To small for me This is the ROG 5.8 version *scratches head in disappointment* We should have bought the Iphone XS Max version Because the Iphone XS Max is 6.

5 inches long But that costs 74,000 PHP($1450) This is the smaller one, the cheaper one Downside is that it’s too small Underneath is the ROG phone It’s so small, smaller than the Pocophone I’m surprised with how small it is We should have went for the Max version I think it’s going to be hard to play Mobile Legends with this size This is the ear pods Is it wireless? No it’s not wireless I guess you have to buy that separately Charger It’s small.

.. I’m going to use for a couple of weeks to play Mobile Legends After that, we will make our review As for the ROG phone I’ve been using it since our last vlog How many weeks was that? More than one week? Definitely more than one week So here is my review on the ROG phone My last phone before ROG is a Pocophone F1 Honestly I didn’t see any difference There is no difference when playing Mobile Legends in the ROG phone and Pocophone The feel, the sensitivity, swiping of skills.

.. There is no difference when playing Mobile Legends But on different games like PUBG there is a big advantage with the ROG phone On the ROG phone it has an advantage because you have buttons here just like L1 and R1 from a Playstation controller And you can set macros here you can macro button combinations You can use that in so many ways Example are the MMORPG games like Ragnarok Mobile, Dragon Nest, MU You can set it to auto pots It has many uses The extra buttons are an advantage Example when playing PUBG You can use the extra button to fire The other button can be used to zoom in It’s very useful You can use to crawl or snipe It has a big advantage when it comes to other games but on Mobile Legends There was almost no difference with Pocophone Pocophone almost has the same specs with ROG phone And Pocophone only costs 19,000PHP($375) Pocophone even has a bigger storage at 256GB This is not sponsored by Pocophone Just sharing my experience If Mobile Legends is the only game you’ll play there is no difference between Pocophone and ROG phone Sometimes, I even prefer Pocophone when playing Mobile Legends It’s just when it comes to other games you can easily see the ROG advantage Also, the recording feature of ROG ROG is great for Youtubers for streaming or recording The recording quality is great with ROG phone So that’s it If we base it on Mobile Legends, there is no difference Pocophone F1 I can’t show you the Pocophone because we are using it as the camera on this video because Pocophone’s camera is better than ROG’s camera On the Iphone that costs more It’s so small! It’s going to be hard to play Mobile Legends here Especially when you got used with the other phones Just a reminder to those planning to buy an Iphone XS Remember the size It’s small 5.

8 inches This is the size of the ROG phone There is a bigger version Iphone XS Max at 6.5 inches I didn’t buy that one because I thought it’s too big I think Max just fits me right It’s so small… But we’ll see.

..we’ll see after a few weeks and then we’ll make a review Again, follow us on Nonolive I always go live there 5 days a week It’s every 5PM and we have a question and answer event at 6:30PM If you notice, we only have a few Monsters left We are trying to finish a big animation before the MSC event We plan to release it before the MSC I don’t know if we can finish it in time We are way behind schedule It seems we won’t meet the deadline which is tomorrow If you remember from our last vlog, we had 40 Monsters Now it’s down to five We only have 5 left but we are still mid way through the project So I’ll test this one first before I give my review That’s it guys! Thank you for watching! Babayu!


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