Home Camera Reviews iPhone 5s Video Camera Review …is it worth it?!

iPhone 5s Video Camera Review …is it worth it?!

iPhone 5s Video Camera Review  …is it worth it?!

Hi James Wedmore here, and you know what I just pick up the brand new iPhone 5s and I was pretty done impress by it’s video capability. So in this video will do a full blown review of the camera and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be convincing you to using the iPhone 5s to your next video.

Stay tune! Alright, so here you have it were lookin’ a split screen were actually filming simultaneously with two cameras. One of this is the iPhone 5s and the other one is the Nikon D7000 with the nice fancy lens.

Can you guess which one is which, the answer is yup there you go.! Can you see much be the difference? not much it’s pretty impressive a big fancy DSLR can cause you a lot of money affords the one and two thousand dollar.

And there’s a set learning curve where you can get an iPhone, first cheapest 200 or 300 dollars and start getting picture like this. So this one reason why were so excited to be using the iPhone. Now in order to properly transform your iPhone into a video camera, obviously your gonna need few little additional accessories, you gonna need a tripod mouth, you need something to connect the audio to a microphone and don’t really recommend using your own board mic, I’m using a wireless propel mic.

You need to make sure to connect that as well. So with film the few videos and discrashed your head thinking what is the biggest down fall of using the iPhone5s to form our video. And the number 1 thing, the only thing we could think of was the battery life.

If you have an iPhone in the past that you know, and if your using your iPhone during the day it probably gonna die it by the end of the day. But that’s the same thingif your filming with any DSLR camera, you need to make sure the plugin or the next battery on screen standby.

So it’s really know different than any other expensive camera, is it. So, if you’re happy with the quality, you’ve now see the draft position of the fancy DSLR vs an expensive camera and easy to use iPhone.

Well, we are really excited to announce that were gonna be doing some really special exciting training all on the topic of the iPhone 5s,how to transform it in do $2000 our video camera to film your videos.

To learn more information about How to get started with your iPhone, how to make the videos of your iPhone and don’t spend a lot of money, what tools to get, how setup for your audio and basically setup a home studio with your iPhone.

Well, we have the linkbelow here, go ahead and click that now and will send you some more details. Thank you so much for whatching this video and If you have any question about the iPhone or what we did with this video.

Just leave me a comment in the box below, and I’ll took you soon. Take care!


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