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Introduction of Infinite A 8th Gen | MSI

Introduction of Infinite A 8th Gen | MSI

The MSI Inifite A Gaming Desktop is ready to play the games you want. Lets check out what you get with this latest version. The Infinite A is an mid tower gaming desktop where you choose how the system looks.

We bundled this system with 2 side panels inside the box. A classic black metal side panel and a tempered glass side panel which you can use to show of your gaming component inside. Besides that you can change the colors of this gaming desktop with our Mystic Light RGB LEDs and we have a built in handle to easy transport this system.

This system is equipped with an MSI GTX 1070Ti graphics card, but different configurations of the Infinite A are possible. We use our MSI graphic cards to give you higher clockspeeds and better cooling.

Because those cards can get big and heavy we placed them vertical in this system, to protect the connectors from damage like bending or breaking. For cooling we use something call Silent Storm Cooling.

We separate the process, graphics card and the power supply in different cooling chambers to get optimized airflow and better cooling. Besides that we have upgraded the process cooler in this edition.

To give you the fastest loading times for your games the Infinite A is equipped with an M.2 SSD. For all your other files, data or videos you can use the big harddisk which is also featured inside the Infinite A.

This system uses the latest Intel Core I7+ technology that means it is equipped with latest Intel 8th Generation processor and an Intel Optane module that speeds up your harddisk so that big slow harddisk can now be used to fill up with games and you still have fast loading times.

We believe in an option system so you can always upgrade this system. You can add and remove storage by only removing one side panel. But changing the processor and graphics card is also possible, so in this way you will always have an up-to-date gaming rig.

The Infinite A has a lot more gaming features so please checkout our product web page to discover them all.


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