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Internet TV – Smart TV – The NowTV Box (3/6)

Internet TV – Smart TV –  The NowTV Box (3/6)

welcome everybody I’m Chris from Holika calm this is a series about internet TV smart TV pop3 it was supposed to be about Google TV the new box from Sony which was announced early June 2013 and became available in the US at the end of August it’s now October and there is still not a release date for the UK while waiting for the Sony box to become available I have added two videos to what is now a six-part series about internet TV Smart TV this is a new part three above the now TV box a media streamer from Sky then now TV box is actually ruku el-tee box built as a private brand for Sky the sole purpose is to learn us into buying movies on demand and sport from Sky the box connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and to the TV via an HDMI cable I have filmed the TV screen so the picture quality is not as good as a screen itself here we go the now clearly box comes with five apps installed for TV catch-up there is BBC iPlayer and demand file of not ITV on channel 4 two apps for news BBC News and Sky News the main feature of this box is of course the now TV it features live sports movies most popular Jack Reacher James Bond born legacy after an introduction period there is a charge of 15 pounds per month for the movies and 10 pounds per 24 hour period for the sports a bit expensive in my opinion on the other hand the box was super cheap only 10 pounds we destroy type is 720p the roku channel store offers some faulty apps notably absent are Netflix and other on-demand media streamers that could compete with guy I have installed these five apps ustv Flixter the net TD and play to play to allow you to stream media from your smartphone or tablet clicks I have downloaded the plex app from internet and side-loaded it.

this plex client works together with the plex media server on the pc you can stream media from your PC like videos movies pictures let’s try this video Sofia and you can also install apps about 120 channel plugins are available or which are have install these YouTube for play iTunes Apple movie trailers CNN SVT play crackle revision3 I’m especially pleased about the YouTube go into my account my subscriptions that was it I don’t really need the now TV box but ten pounds was a bargain and I did like the YouTube app my TV is connected via cable to the PCs video card and the TV screen is a clone of the PCs monitor with this hookup I can stream videos directly from the PC to the TV also YouTube can be viewed directly from the PC and TV ketchup it’s better on the you view box which also has an ITV and channel 4 so I don’t need this box but if you don’t have the BBC iPlayer connected to your TV I would fully recommend this box I hope you enjoyed this part 5 and 6 of the series are awaiting the Google TV box from Sony to become available in the UK soon thereafter pals 5 and 6 will become available on my youtube channel


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