Home Camera Reviews Insta360 ONE X 360º Action Camera | REVIEW (4K)

Insta360 ONE X 360º Action Camera | REVIEW (4K)

Insta360 ONE X 360º Action Camera | REVIEW (4K)

this is the brand new Insta 360 ONE X, a 360 degree action camera that opens up a world of fun and creative possibilities it shoots 5.7 k resolution video 18 megapixel photos bullet time slow-motion flow state stabilization and more I’m Ben from authentech, let’s check it out huge shout out to insta 360 for sending me this early sample unit now I reviewed last year’s insta 360 one camera and it had some great potential but a couple areas fell short I think they made some major improvements this time around I’m excited to share with you guys the new updates in the box includes the 1x camera a 1200 million powers battery bullet time accessory cable which basically you screw on swing around in circles and then it shoots these crazy cool slow-motion shots more on this later also included is this nice protective carrying pouch it’s well padded plus a lanyard I appreciate these little bonuses they include it feels like a lot of other companies nowadays find every possible way to cut corners lastly there’s multiple USB cables included these are for charging and connecting to your phone for app control and transferring files the camera is really nice and comfortable to hold it’s impressive how compact they were able to size this thing down it easily fits into your pocket or anywhere yet capable of shooting 5.

7 K 360 video it has that soft touch plastic like rubber feel which I always like dual lenses one on each side battery compartment quarter-twenty tripod mount directly on the bottom this is fantastic to see no silly cases or adapters needed for simple tripod mounting mmm micro SD slot micro USB for charging and data transfer a newly added LCD screen and lastly a power and function button I really really like this new screen so then I don’t always have to pull out my phone to change the shooting modes or settings it’s all easily accessible by just these two buttons and a screen overall it’s a pretty sweet pack but let’s go out and shoot some 360 footage see what this camera is capable of first up shooting resolution and frame rates this little camera can crank out 5.

7 K 360 degree video at 30fps or 4k video at 50 FPS or 3 K video at 100 FPS now yes the major caveat this high resolution video is sort of being stretched out in all 360 degrees so that’s when we later crop in say a 16 by 9 section we’re sadly not getting a full 4k video export this is a slight bummer in my book but not a deal-breaker I need to remind myself I’m in a small percentage of people who actually consume and produce videos in all 4k most people out there are watching just on their mobile phones and devices where 1080p is just fine so filming in 360 degrees is always fun and unique experience because it’s semi bleeding-edge the concept of capturing just everything around me never needing to worry about which direction the camera is facing and then later in editing I can point the camera anywhere and have super smooth stable cinematic video it’s kind of a game changer they call it shoot first point later and I like how easily that sums it up now on that note of stabilization insta 360 has really stepped it up here I’m not sure how but I was walking jogging and this is a quick jogging stabilization test whipping the camera around in all directions and it now handles that flow state stabilization incredibly well the idea that I can mount this camera just about anywhere and still produce smooth shots opens up a fun range of ideas I can use for future content creation and speaking of content creation I think this has always been one of the major downfalls of 360 video right to just point and shoot everywhere and then later edit and aim it has a double-edged sword with the cell phone you can just aim and shoot and then post right away fast and easy with 360 video will never miss the shot but it takes just one extra step of later framing up the ink or choosing that best shot then exporting and sharing that clip thankfully insta 360 has been doing a lot of development and improvements in that post editing software connecting to their mobile app is actually made very fast and easy which is huge in my book just one tap here hit connect and if you’re going wirelessly that’s it I also appreciate the detail I can hook up the One X camera directly to my mobile phone this is for faster speeds and extending battery life or I can just run and gun wirelessly with freedom and convenience of fast Wi-Fi speeds great attention to detail like this small example the phone cables they included have a 90 degree angle on the camera site for better ergonomics and overall cleaner design there’s just a ton of editing and filters and settings and their app which I appreciate it makes it feel like it’s easy for beginners fun to play with but then also powerful enough for pro users to tinker with and explore limitless creative ideas their smart object tracking and pivot points even a way to point and aim your camera around the scene after the recording has taken place this is a clever and interesting idea they have full fledged desktop software as well one thing to note just remember that if you add lots of edits on top of clip it’s nondamaging meaning we can always go back and edit the original reset the edits and make new fresh changes when you export and save a clip it’s creating a new file so edit that same clip over and over creating fresh new content all based on one recording that’s pretty awesome and this is a quick audio tests on the new insta One X how does the sound sound this is a little walking at stabilization test audio recording sounds good another big headlining feature is bullet time you swing the camera around in a circle and now with a wider field of view and sharper 3k resolution the bullet time effects puts you at the center of an epic slow-mo shot there’s a few tricks I learned one being as they suggest aim for about one rotation per second as I found going too fast can almost lessen the effect also there’s a few optional accessories they offer like the bullet time handle this is kind of like stepping up your swing in game it screws onto the selfie stick and swings freely around without worries of tangles and speaking out that selfie stick is probably worth considering it tells ghosts from small to large tripod mounts on both ends and perfectly sized so when you mount that 1x camera on top the stick basically goes invisible which makes it look like the cameras just floating there midair it’s kind of amazing it’s smooth like a floating camera it’s just pretty crazy both my hands are free switch into still photos I’m impressed with the quality capturing the world and people around you at 18 megapixel it also has this new HDR feature which I shot a couple side-by-sides and the differences are major the tone mapping and dynamic range from the bright sunlights to the dark shadow areas and everything in between looks well exposed again lots of customization and controls in their app allowing you to output and share just about any sort of image or video you can think of when shooting photos there’s different modes to choose from like standard HDR or interval for time-lapse you can set your interval for photos or use time-lapse video mode and it will auto combine the shots into a video for you there’s also manual exposure settings and the ability to shoot in RAW speaking of time-lapse mode they offer a new hyperlapse mode go walking running or scooting around just about anywhere and again you don’t even have to think about where the camera is pointing then later in the app select the clip change the speed turn on blur if you’d like select the timeline section you want hyperlapse and that’s basically it we can even set pivot or object tracking points and these results look amazing massive potential here and as a side note I was impressed with the latest GoPro 7s hyperlapse mode but this one I think is putting up a good fight I’m not sure which one I like better let me be honest I feel like I’m just covering the tip of the iceberg here and this camera and tech has a ton of potential I’ll definitely keep experimenting with this so stay tuned for future videos and maybe even a GoPro Hero 7 video verse this one-acts camera that’d be super interesting let me know if you guys want to see that in the comments pricing on the One X is currently 399 which I found very competitive and interesting since that new GoPro 7 is the exact same price which camera do you think has more capabilities we might have to do that camera comparison shootout all links will be down below and don’t forget to ring the bell so you don’t miss all my future camera videos until next time let’s live authentic


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