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Innjoo i1 smart phone review

Innjoo i1 smart phone review

what’s up guys this is other with you and today I had in June Mobile in July 1 for the review this is quad-core 1.3 cake a processor and 5.5 inch fwg IPS display and this is 3G and this is also dual SIM for kick around 512 Rome and then we have what is 5 megapixel camera and then we have four here the front camera which is 0.

3 let me boot up the device this is angel all right sorry guys okay here we have until I one-shot display you can see and we just see the the body this is here we have the power button here we have the volume rocker and this is a sharp metallic strip kind of strip you can see this is it’s similar to note 3 then we have three capacitive button back home options we have nothing the top we have your project 3.

5 and then we have here port for charging and then data syncing look decent good display although its IPS but still good enough you can see build qualities quite okay and that’s quick okay let me show you the settings I’m sorry guys you can see 4.

2.2 Android version then we have quad-core one my three data processor kernel version is three point four point five and model number is i1 quite impressive and we do same option sim card so this is although it’s good good smartphone budget form you can buy in Saudi Arabia from online okay let me show you camera quality the front camera is not impressive but the back camera is 5 megapixel and you can see I’ll show you the picture you can see the picture quality of the vacuumer is good but the front camera I told you this is only 0.

3 so this is a not good camera the front camera I’ve tried to Skype call quite ok ok so this is it for now if you have any question you can just write below as I really signing off take care and bye bye


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