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iKon Hardware and Software Update Overview

iKon Hardware and Software Update Overview

hey guys the just wanted to show you the latest icon flat bra this unit case design along with some the newest software updates obviously the new case has like a slope front edge and the if you saw the older design I was kind of a right angle also there’s no longer any adhesive used to connect the two there’s four screws in the back and that’s it it’s a lot cleaner looking much nicer I’m also updated in the hardware they now have reverse polarity protection and what this means is when you plug in a servo into any of the slots it’s no longer possible to accidentally plug it in backwards and then damaging it you still plug them in backwards but now it doesn’t actually cause any kind of damage and it’s it’s really robust also there’s protection on this top slot which is the channel four five six bind slot and this is at the top one you see up here and you know if you accidentally plug in your back to there it’s not going to damage the unit what they basically did was add some resistors in series on each of the signals these are the signals that are being driven out by the processor that’s inside the icon and now if you plug something in backwards you’re not going to damage it in any way so it’s a nice updates and next I’ll show you some of the improvements in the software so let’s have a look at the new features in both the icon icon firmware as well as the GUI first we have the flight counter a flight counter counts the number of flights that you’ve done and it also accumulates the total amount of flight time that you’ve had on the model it’s intelligent in that it doesn’t start counting flights until he powered unit on and throttle has gone over ten percent so if you just power on/off the icon it’s not going to start adding numbers of flights that don’t actually exist and flight time doesn’t actually start until throttles over ten percent so it should be really accurate and in terms of measuring of how many flights and a number of flight hours on the model next is the fixed tail gain so some guys don’t really want to dump a channel if you have like a six or seven channel transmitter I don’t want to dump a channel on just setting the tail gain so now you can go ahead and just set it in software and not use one of your receiver channels we’ve added support for lots of new receiver types including s bus to SJ ha s r XL ppm some the GUI now has a new import capability before if you wanted a load a new profile you had to load everything so now if you had a profile that you think the tail was better you could just import just your parts of it and I’ll give you I’ll show you how the new import function works there’s now some cyclic or pitch pumping when the unit initializes before you had to go look at the status LED on the on the unit and sometimes you would mount the unit where you couldn’t see it so now the cyclic or the the swash will pump up and down similar to some other units so you know that the system is ready to fly and one of the big new features is of course the auto rotation bailout and I’ve done some videos on how to make that work if you want to use a castle you see so here’s a quick overview of some of the new GUI features that were just released first we have some options when you load from your configuration file to just do partial loading if I go in here and just pick some old configuration file you’ll see here that now I can do a load common load setup one let’s set up to load set up three so this lets me let’s say I’ve lost a set up all right messed around with it and it’s no longer flying the way my golden setup work I can now just pick that one set up the load in and doesn’t overwrite maybe some of the common things I’ve been tuning the meantime like governor etc it’s kind of thing so this is really handy something you’ll definitely use I’m sure next we have support for a flight counter which is really really cool if I go to view advanced now you’ll notice this new little box here that says flight count and flight time and so what this does is every time you power on the unit there all goes over 10% you’ll see the flight count increment and also when throttle is over 10% flight time is accumulated this is really handy um you know one thing that I will probably use it for is a maintenance schedule so if I think that well you know after a hundred flights all right or the manufacturer says a hundred flights replace the belt so now I can actually go in here and say oh I’ve done a hundred flights I ought to go replace that belt at least have an idea of how many flights you have I know a lot of guys like look at how many marks they have in their lipo or this kind of thing this is way better so really handy feature the next feature that they’ve added is bailout and so if I go into advance common pull up you’ll see that now there’s some new bailout parameters and parameters in here like bail out time out bail out ramp and then also in the set ups there was an option on the governor to use governor but now there’s also governor used bail out so certain setups can have governor gonna have bail out and some setups do not so if you go online for more information on how to use this or you can check out my videos on how I use how I set it up with castle which actually applies to other SES as well other new feature here is the option to basically lock the tail gain in software this is really nice especially if you have a six channel receiver and you still want to be able to select the banks and so you have before you’d have to choose between getting tail gain or actually being able to select the active Bank so now you can basically just set it in software and then be able to change the gain by changing the the bank that you’ve selected so to do that under advanced common receiver gain you say set is a set set and software but then if you go to setup one tail you’ll see that now I can have a slider here that I can go ahead and just set that tail gain and then set up to exact you know etc I can set the tail gain so I can have three different tail gains that are set to each setup bank next let me go back to the basic menu here and if I go to the receiver types you’ll see that some new receivers have been added including s plus 2 s are XL ppm some etc so a lot more support for different brands of receivers now so that’s pretty much it a lot of new features I think this is a great release and a lot more fun really I love the new bailout something that I use a lot and I think you know more people should do Auto so I think this will get people doing some autos when they can certainly bail out of them thanks for listening


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