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Ideapad 330 is it worth buying

Ideapad 330 is it worth buying

hello and welcome to 4RaysTech previously we presented the top five laptops video which you can check right up on this link now out of those five I have the Lenovo IdeaPad 330 that we will be reviewing today so if you haven’t subscribed consider subscribing down here and let’s begin right with the intro the IdeaPad 330 that I have features a Kabylake R i5 8250u with 8 gigabytes of dual channel Ram 4 gigabytes of RAM hard soldered with 4 gigabytes of 10 installed for graphics it has an Intel UHD 620 and a dedicated 530 AMD Radeon card with 2 gigabytes of video RAM 15.

6 inch full HD TN LED DVD rewriter 1 terabyte of conventional hard drive and fingerprint logon as few highlights this unit costs $529 these prices may vary depending on hardware customization out of the box the design is quite decent perhaps minimalist although plastic that the brushed metal look texture just feel premium but it’s highly prone to smudges both inside and out it is less than an inch thin weighing around 2.

2 kg opening it up the hinges reasonable and can lean back up to 180 degrees I don’t really see the point of it though unless you wish to use a touchscreen variant for maybe drawing etc the panel does wobble even on minor movements and getting inside isn’t easy for upgrades with 11 screws around the whole chassis chiclet style full keyboard has a good key depth and key to key spacing with media keys included on the top of the numpad now the synaptic touchpad is big enough and placed at an appropriate location not too close or far from the keyboard scrolling through most web pages and documents is convenient the new multi-finger gestures takes a while to get used to as you can’t expect the precision of a MacBook on this device but it does what it should with gestures to show desktop switch tasks and app carousal it just works fine however the click noise is pretty noticeable so the speakers are right under the front edge the two studio speakers with next to no base so I’d recommend getting a nice pair of headphones if you listen to music a lot or maybe some external Bluetooth speakers the 15.

6 inch full HD non-glossy TN panel isn’t very bright with 230 nits of brightness only if you’re outdoors and this just won’t work well and you should be shifting to an area with slightly low light keeping the brightness maxed even indoors I kept the brightness not less than 50% viewing angles aren’t so brilliant either so if you’re looking for good contrast a bright screen for design some light video editing then this may not be the ideal pic unless you connect an external monitor or max out the brightness on top of the panel is a very average webcam it has a switch to enable or disable which is sensible the IdeaPad mentions the quick charging which in my case isn’t quick enough giving a charge of around 15% in 15 minutes and as a whole 30 watt hour battery on full brightness will not get you anywhere more than 2 hours on light to medium use it however dimming it around 50% with power saver will give 3 to 3 and a half hours of battery well if lenovo is listening I would suggest improving battery in laptops which are intended for light to medium users as the mainly require at least five to seven hours of battery at work thermal management is done well for day-to-day tasks a CPU load around 15% using Photoshop web surfing bit of YouTube and word at the same time with temperatures remain between 50 to 60 degrees Celsius and the fan remains quiet just the right side next to the touchpad where the temperature can really be felt a bit a hundred percent load on Cinebench CPU test the temperature remained at 72 degrees these are the results from the Cinebench rankings the multitasking remains Swift in most cases although that laptop does get considerably hot when playing games or rendering while video editing software on Geekbench IdeaPad scored 4133 on single-core and ten thousand two hundred and sixty-seven on multi-core now open CL scores of the Intel UHD was nineteen thousand eight hundred and twenty-four on Geekbench the Radeon scored twenty three thousand seven hundred and seventy one about the graphics this one has a 2gb AMD Radeon 530 which is fine for casual gamers you can run games like GTA 5 and Far Cry 4 on normal settings with frame rates around 40 frames per second your favorite fortnight on normal settings will give you thirty eight frames per second on average on the day-to-day tasks the laptop uses the until 620 UHD and automatic switchable graphics management works just fine in addition to that he can head over to switchable graphics settings for manual configuration another strong point is the selection of ports on the IdeaPad now on the right side we have the SD card reader the headphone and microphone combo jack a USB 3.

1 port duty rewriter and the Kensington lock on the left we have the USB type-c port with sadly doesn’t charge the laptop one USB 3.0 four HDMI Ethernet the conventional media as well and the DC connection besides ports lenovo has added APS that’s the active protection system to lock the hard drive in case of an accidental fall overall Lenovo ideapad V 330 is a reasonable paid for its price point the only point I would consider before buying it would firstly its conventional 5400 rpm hard drive which is not letting the 8th gen processor and the 8 gigabytes of ddr4 Ram reach their top performance capacity secondly the very average screen and battery now I know that I’ve mentioned battery and storage as key points to vary but lenovo has been thoughtful in a way at the bottom you can slide this switch and take the optical drive out here you can place the 39 watt hour battery to extend battery up to 7 hours or I presume maybe add a compatible storage as well in future unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any relevant add-on to this drive bay neither on lenovo’s official website nor on Amazon so I hope they would update related information for these replacements soon if they really want the customers to feel more confident with the purchase so if you wish to pick the V330 do consider having the SSD built in and the 39 watt of a battery instead of the 30 watt hour so there we have the Lenovo IdeaPad V330 hope you guys enjoyed the video do share what you think of this laptop and should you be buying it or not put it down in comments links to buy the Lenovo 330 will be posted down below if you liked the video hit the like button subscribe right here til again 4RaysTech signing out


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