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iBUYPOWER Gaming Desktop Review! [Hardware]

iBUYPOWER Gaming Desktop Review! [Hardware]

hi folks oh I’ve got let me just show you the my new computer on the inside of it since some of you requested it arm so it does come with fan control up here there’s actually three fans you can turn them all off and you’re not doing anything to that but I just leave him on and it does come with the DVD multi this recorder CF slot there and SSD another USB port there it’s got a USB 3.

0 port headphone jacks there USB port there too and ii SATA and the power button there and then here is the back there’s the mouse stuff to USB 33 point 0 ports two USB for USB 2.0 eater net it actually doesn’t have Wi-Fi actually don’t need it um I like to connect it in gigabit speeds to my router it comes with four DV is outputs to ACM eyes and I think these are for micro HDMI ports so you can actually hook up 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 monitors well I think you can actually hook up to four not sure on that when you put the hardware you can actually look up 10 as you can see that now let’s go inside the case let me open this up this one’s pretty easy these two things come off here almond down here and just zip and it pulls out and let’s go look at the inside the fans are actually still running those are the two case fans and it comes with a two terabyte hard disk um you do have a lot of room for expansion which is great and you put these are sliding the more drives they’re even more USB or disk drive thing there and you can see there’s two XFS radeon radeon HD 680 52 graphic cards I’m so for gaming that’s going to be pretty good I think I think that’s the value of it and it comes with two of them and it’s actually not liquid cool as someone you’ve pointed out it just to the product this title is wrong um but I’ve actually ordered a liquid cooling fans all have the install video of that following shortly and I’ll do some benchmarking it also comes with 4 3 gigabytes memory cards as you can see there and you know that’s pretty much it not a bad value at all um think about especially I think this one is actually 300 bucks each is it something like that um and it comes with the Intel 2600 k quad core 3.

4 gigahertz the good thing about this processor is that there’s a lot of people who overclocked it already to almost 5 gigahertz um so this one I’m gonna try to do with my liquid liquid cooled fan and I’ll have an install video of that coming up anyway I’ll have more stuff review of this computer maybe I’ll play some games next week but in the meanwhile that was an overview of my computer and there’s also a fan on top thats 1 2 3 4 4 case fans toe and you can control it with the fan control which is really cool you’re not really doing graphic intensive games and turn off probably the top one these two bit okay liquid cooling on there it’s going to be a lot of fun All Right see y’all later thanks and if you like this video don’t forget to hit that like button um and also if you have thanks and share this with your friends on twitter facebook or google+ oh yeah see you guys all later and don’t be a hater


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