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iBlast Moki for Windows Phone – Review

iBlast Moki for Windows Phone – Review

hi this is Paul Sorvino for WPCentral calm here with the video review of I blast mokey for windows phone it’s an Xbox Live title from Godzilla games pipe last mochi is a physics-based puzzle game in it each level you have one or more mokey that needs to be knocked into the goal you have a limited number of items use to solve the puzzle at first you only get bombs drag the bomb near the mochi the arrow shows which way the mochi should fly when it goes off then I press the start button and the puzzle activates let’s try again there’s a lot of trial and error if your level clear time is good you get a gold medal there it is eventually levels start using multiple bombs game only provides the guiding arrow for the first bomb that will hit the mochi not the second one mess it up as you can see I can also set timers on the bombs by rotating the circle around them it’s a simple control mechanic though sometimes it’ll move the bomb what I want to set the timer and vice versa I bless Moki has 70 levels which will take a long time to be later levels get much more complicated thanks to new items like balloons and wheels so you have made a bulldozer out of this thing players are likely to get stuck occasionally so I had the hop online and look for a few solutions now and then Michael a smoky is a great puzzle game the cute characters and bright graphics pulled me in the clever puzzles kept me entertained some kind of help feature would have been nice for when a player gets stuck who may we’ll see that in the sequel grab this game for a fun mental challenge read the full review at WP central com


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