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I/O ’18 Guide – Android TV

I/O ’18 Guide – Android TV

hi and welcome to our life I’m flora antonescu your host and I’m here today with Sascha Prost our director of product of Android TV – Rina so tell me Sasha what’s new with Android TV hey yeah we have a bunch of stuff that we’re excited to talk specifically with developers at Google i/o because it is a developer conference after all so we do a lot of talks and sessions here about how TV app developers can actually integrate really well with Android TV so as you can see on the screen if I just stroll around a little bit we want we want app developers to get their top content and like really beautiful pictures all the metadata on-screen but you want to make sure it’s not only YouTube or HBO that can do that stuff you want every app developer can do this right so we talked a lot about new ways how you can do this integration really nice what ways we have to help you with this and basically want to enable developers to have really the best content on the TV and make the content really shine because we want to help them to make the apps popular right and then obviously it’s Google i/o so we’re talking about Android pee as well so we have we have a bunch of new stuff in Android PE for users but also for developers so some examples for users are we ever get a very new like set up flow that gets you all your favorite apps already when you set up a device we have features like autofill where if you have already locked in on some other device you already get your login credentials on Android TV so you don’t have to clumsily enter passwords with the remote control no one likes that right and then but also there are the cool new platform API is in an Android P where for example with external camera supports we could you start to develop camera apps on TV as well yeah that’s some of the stuff with Android pee when where you can use the the new Android pee preview SDK it has a TV emulator and you can get started with that if you want I know last year you launched the assistant in the US but I live in London can I finally use it in London also a very good question actually the international support for the Google assistant is role on Android TVs rolling out as we speak so specifically the UK and some other European countries rolled out in the next few weeks but since you mentioned the assistant one really cool thing we we announced at Google i/o is our new sound power project that we did with JBL it’s the JBL link bar that you can see here and we really like the combination of having a TV device powering a TV screen but with really awesome sounds and a five-hit microphone built in so you don’t really need this remote control anymore you can basically just sit on the sofa and control your TV device or any device connected to the sound bar so you can ask things like hey Google what’s my agenda today today there’s only one thing on your calendar it’s at 6 p.

m. and its title is pick up the dog yeah I really shouldn’t forget that but it’s really nice you don’t you don’t have to get up from the couch look for the remote control anymore you just talk to your TV in a very natural way hey Google go home ok great so I can continue losing my remote control – right still I want Android developer so what can I do practically can I is there some code if I can already right yeah I mean you could download the Android pee preview SDK with your emulator but we know developers want to work with real hardware so one really cool thing we’re announcing here at Google i/o is the ADT to developer device it’s for those of you who have been developing for Android TV for a while might remember we had an ATT one developer device in 2014 launched at Google i/o now for 4 years we thought it’s time to do that again so it’s a neat little Android TV dongle you can connect to your TV you can sign up for this we have a sign up form live and we are selecting it’s a limited edition device but we make sure a lot of developers are getting one of those the real cool small Android TV dongle voice enabled remote control so all the things we’ve been talking about the cons and integration assistant integration for your apps we can try that all out on the device great thank you very much Sasha so we already have a lot of new things for a new TV both for developers and for end-users so now all we need to do is check out the developer documentation and also sign up for the dongle Thank You Sasha thank you and this is marina for i/o live


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