Home Phone Reviews HTC One (M7) Android mobile phone Review & Android mobile tips

HTC One (M7) Android mobile phone Review & Android mobile tips

HTC One (M7) Android mobile phone Review & Android mobile tips

today I’m going to be reviewing the HTC One will talk about the things i don’t like first um okay LTE coverage is not so great here in Canada basically because it’s not so well covered I think I’m under a dress by the way um call quality on this phone doesn’t really give you the best call quality i’m not sure why and i’m thinking like that’s really what I’ve come to include so far is Lt that’s what’s doing it I turned off LT all of a sudden cough all day a lot better everyone says oh I can hear you better now I can hear get enough so before that oh I’m having a hard time hearing you and I’m I do this sometimes you know and this other like I can’t even hear you so again this these are some things that the biggest one that bug me another one that’s starting to really bother me now is 32 gigs only I usually I mean I have like terabytes and terabytes of stuff so 32 games really wasn’t very good option for me but I thought I could do with it my last one was in Xperia S xperia x10 sorry and it only had 16 gigs I made let me do with it you know it was fine um but 32 should have been a lot more and considering this is only for making ultrapixel camera which means 13 still just a file sizes smaller video still takes 1080p but i’m guessing thats was taking a lot of my and actually it is what’s taking a lot of my tia SD card because right now I have about nine gigs left and I’ve installed let’s say to win two gigs worth of games my music is about a kick and a half so that’s three and a half mind you this is like I’ve gotten every picture in every video from my last one on to here so it’s not all pictures that I’ve taken and videos that I’ve taken with fast with this one it’s from like two years three years ago so still pretty good but sooner or later I’m gonna have to you know maybe use the cloud only delete them off the phone I don’t know I’m totally against that but you know I don’t have to upload and download especially with a lot of the data plans that are really not there just totally okay anyway so that’s another thing where the SD card memory is just not enough other than that you know the little notification like you can’t see it now I have no not get notification but that was kind of a thing where you know I can’t really change it it’s not the best thing but you know let me talk about the good stuff that I like about it um Google you guys are just awesome google voice kicks ass like what is siri do that android can’t do that google voice can do and not just can do you do like 10 times better sri gets me the wrong like half the time and i don’t have an iphone i had the 3gs that was way back um but Sri I’ve seen what i could do this is much better whoever tries this it’s much better it’s this I’m not so big on having my gps on all the time I don’t want everybody to know where I’ve been where I am all the time so that’s one thing where I turned on my GPS for two weeks just to see what Google now does for me and I’m actually liking it you know but again it’s one of those things where I don’t know if I will keep it on all the time yeah so battery power the first week or so I did install as much stuff in here and i got about eighty eight percent left from and a regular eight hour day of work and that’s like just somewhat reduce some texting maybe a video or to email usage checking my emails every ten minutes or so and there you go so eighty eight percent was still left after nine hour day almost you know it i was being at work and travel time when it so that was pretty good now it’s after i’ve installed a whole bunch of things i get about seventy seven percent left so it’s not bad it’s still pretty good and it usually lasts me until i get home and sleep and most of the time i still have like twenty to thirty something percent left on the phone okay so battery still good I like it not bad I don’t really care if I can remove it or not if the phone was lagging and I had to take it off all the time and actually me take off the case cuz that shows the beauty the phone more no I’m saying alright so um yeah the I don’t care that the phone doesn’t really have a external battery it’s not a big deal a lot of people complained about this how often do you change your battery all phones suck after one year and especially smart phones you know when you look back at the phones that didn’t have huge screen and too many sensors and all that they lasted yes but now you have all that technology in here can’t expect the battery to last that long and even if it does you know what he gonna do switch the bit if it doesn’t you switch the batteries nobody does that you buy a battery when you need to when your phone dies or form battery dies and I’ve not really had a problem with batteries that much so that’s my own experience you could be different I don’t know if it is just comment to let me know let’s just take a quick break to anyone i’m going to show you the video and get it let you hear the audio on this bad boy really really good I’ve never heard any phone that sounds as good as this phone just have a quick listen and is one of my videos off of my youtube channel so subscribe if you wanna now i’m recording with my zoom h1 mix a reporter so I’m hoping that you get your what I hear and even I mean even pointing that way away from my ears I can still hear really good quality sound better than adding any other phone out there you’re never gonna you know do this a lot of people do this when they want to hear something really good and what if I want to watch and listen this is where the speakers should be so as you see great job and I’m not sure if it’s the Beats Audio thing and there that’s like software only or hardware as well but very very well done and yes it’s 4.

7 less than like the s4 which is five inch but really not a big deal I mean even this kind of bothers me when I have to reach to that screen you know I have to change my hand position to that end the screen and then I have to change it on hand position again to reach these things so I had a four-inch before this was really really good for that bigger is you know not always better yes it’s better than this in a lot of situations but this is kind of one thing that bothers me so 4.

7 plenty I thought wasn’t give me enough 5-inch like the s4 or Xperia Z or Zed oh this is really good so but you know if you want to watch a movie I mean why shouldn’t a big screen would not not this ok big screen is what movies are made for this this right here games games chat email stuff on the go that’s it you don’t want to do anything crazy on this one look watch a movie even on a plane play games all right good I’m glad we got that other way okay so other stuff that we could talk about quickly maybe so like I mean the software that this comes with just alone they don’t have actually that much blow air that they used to with other carriers especially and the good thing is you can disable or I even uninstalled some of these things and you know what people who wrote your phone I don’t know what else you need from this phone that you have to root it for I haven’t done that what i don’t think i will actually because everything i want is already on this phone great apps the the Play Store is really really good from for a lot of things and everything is free I mean maybe like if i buy a you know game like Call of Duty or something by the way I actually I’ve tried that here I’ve gotten the demo for some of these really really intense games graphics not a problem whatsoever okay actually a couple of things I want to talk about so there’s only two buttons there in front and there are actually like screen buttons too aside from this and the top button here which is basically doubles as an infrared thing so it you know you could you use it as a remote control and I have for all my TV’s at home and you know whatever TVs in public too it’s really nice that you can fool people with this you can you know turn that TV off or something so very nice again free app it’s really wonderful again so this is power and doubles as the infrared thing you got your volume keys on the side they’re very nice the two buttons here you know what I can really like that it didn’t have a menu button here but I got you so really quick and you see this more and more now with the three dots being a menu item and you know what I actually kind of like it better than doing this but again it’s one of those things that you either get used to or you don’t I did quite fast it looks beautiful I mean yes the s4 and maybe some other phones have some really good features but I mean look at this it’s aluminum I’ve dropped it a few times haven’t had a problem the screen i’m sure some people have done some really good tests and i’ll probably have legs for those two and it’s just solid really good build beautiful phone all around that’s the reason actually I I got this because it’s a beautiful phone unlike the samsung s4 I think they really didn’t do a good job designing that phone from the outside you know it just looks like the s3 with a whole bunch of other bells and whistles and if you’re like me just get a nice case like this you know it still keeps your phone look it’s it saves it okay I mean you want something like this typically you go to like Best Buy or whatever these things might be like 20 to 30 something bucks I got this for six and a half dollars at a one of those asian stores okay so just go in there bargain with them they might tell you is ten bucks give them five whatever they’ll take it okay ten bucks is still a lot cheaper and overall will save your phone from a whole lot of damage and not saying this one gets damaged but I like to keep it more clean especially around the edges okay that is one thing where I wanted to buy this and again I’m not hiding the phone the phone still is there you can see you can still see the text here um but again that’s just me all right


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