Home Camera Reviews HTC Desire 828 camera review (in 4K)

HTC Desire 828 camera review (in 4K)

HTC Desire 828 camera review (in 4K)

hello folks this is I Tasha from a spider eyes dot-com and today we have the HTC Desire 820 8 smartphone here with us for a full camera review of this device we are going to test the image quality clarity the video quality and clarity and the features quiet so guys without wasting much time let’s begin the HTC Desire 828 looks really nice in hand the camera sensor on the HTC Desire 828 does protrude out a little bit and it looks slightly out of place but it’s one of the best camera senses that we have seen in a little while around here and it features a is autofocus it’s a 13 megapixel primary camera and it features an overall better color reproduction than most of the cameras then we have seen in this range HTC had a long list of making smart phones which had good cameras and this one improves upon that tradition the back camera on the HTC Desire 828 is a 13 megapixel camera as can be seen and the front camera is a four point one megapixel travursel camera and this is an image of this car that we took so the colors are actually somewhat closer to the original colors but still the saturation isn’t as high as the saturation on the picture but overall it does a very fine job at exposing the details also in the interior of the car the details are very good clearly laid out and in real time also you can see the time taken to focus and everything pretty solid exposure effects and everything are good on this camera and that toy over there so let us just see if it can focus on such objects so we took this image right now and this is the toy green toy so the colors are nice vibrant colors a little bit too vibrant on some edges but still overall it’s decent and guys let’s just move forward the front four point one ultrapixel camera also works really nice and is able to take a lot of detail in areas surrounding here and even in just one single fluorescent bulb the overall detail was there in the picture taken over here and this front selfie camera is good for almost all locations and for taking that occasional selfie the back camera on the desired 28 does support slow motion videos which can be seen over here 24 frames per second and the width is set in as at 768 pixels which can be seen over here it’s 16 is 2 line and it is also capable of supporting 60fps 720p videos smooth motion videos which can be seen over here we have obscured these videos so that you can see them at ease so guys the HTC Desire 820 is a nice camera smartphone it has a is autofocus a 13 megapixel primary camera which takes great images with vivid detail and of 0.

1 megapixel ultrapixel camera which is nice for selfies not a speed as you might want it to be still okay now it’s decent and in low-light conditions it does give out really nice with just as compared to many other cameras out there the back camera is capable of shooting slow-motion videos and will a smooth motion video which we showed you but the resolution is limited in both of those through your formats and overall it’s so ok camera’s not full but the pricing is a little bit on the higher side at a price of 1909 it is not that budget-friendly smart school if you just look at the camera the probability that everything is there are other smartphones in this range which are good cameras Marcus but overall the comments on the t28 is okay camera quality is decent if we could get a 4k video shooter in this price range and few more other features that it would have been really great first cell phone what the price point is HTC manages to deliver at 4k camera smartphone so guys this was all for HTC Desire imaging camera you know in case you like this video then don’t you between the thumbs up and to subscribe to our Channel psychological describe where I start from signing off folks staying sponsor you


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