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HP’s unique Omen X gaming PC rocks | Hardcore Hardware

HP’s unique Omen X gaming PC rocks | Hardcore Hardware

you want a unique PC extreme performance and a big brand name on your gaming rigs oh and you’ll want it for a bargain to will stand by because this gaming rig is going to blow your cheap-ass mind meet HP’s new omen X it’s a unique as held gaming rig that marks the return of that famous voodoo PC panache in a desktop PC at lab gaming PCs are all about parts so HP outfits the omen F with Intel’s later quad-core KB rake CPU 16 gigs of ram and a 256 gig nvme m dot to drive there is also a 2 terabyte hard drive liquid cooling 1300 watt power supply and a pair of g-force GTX and 80 cards in SLI or core but the real magic here is the unique case at HP crafted for the omen M it’s built entirely out of metal and HP proudly says just about every single surface has been painted black part of the omen X design features a PSU chamber so it can’t heat up your CPU or GPU and through our for easily accessible quick disconnect broad base at your fingertips getting inside is as easy as pushing a button well other big-name PC makers pay little attention to the wiring HP says it wanted to make the inside of the oume net as pretty as possible so there are no ugly multicolored cable and even the motherboard matches the red and black style need a tool to rent on your machine or maybe a lot a screw HP is even hidden an emergency toolkit behind the omen logo that’ll get you out of your bind hard for even more crazy 8 piece edit design the omen X with an eye toward future upgrade there’s nothing proprietary at all and off-the-shelf motherboards GPU cores and power supplies will slot right in yes HP will even tell you just the case that’s unheard of her core with its quad core Core i7 and 1080 sli card performance is just what you expect fast although it’s not quite as fast as other SLI rigs we’ve tested it’s also not that much slower either not all is perfect of course first it’s big and takes up a lot of desktop space second it uses a micro ATX motherboard which limits your future motherboard selection finally this particular build uses the z170 chipset for most people that just won’t matter them I’d also like to see the rated power cable but I’m not going to complain too much that’s because the oume neck is kind of a deal comparable respect pcs from other big-name OEM will set you back 3,800 bucks I even priced out similar bills at smaller shops to the same components and I couldn’t get their prices under 3,200 bucks but the Holman X with this beautiful custom case how about three thousand and seventy nine bucks hot damn


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