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HP TouchSmart 320 Review

HP TouchSmart 320 Review

everybody thank you for tuning in to another episode of monologue accom today I am looking at just fishing right here this is the creativity TouchSmart PC it is doing the exact name and TouchSmart is room 20 now this is actually a touchscreen if you look at keyboard and mouse available to you it’s go for king of ram a 1 terabyte hard drive its multi-touch screen so you can do the whole pinch to zoom by the cool things is running your fingers through the water of a screen saver burner AMD 3200 processor it’s got a little webcam and tops for being with your friends and things like that and it’s got the things audio built-in as well which Ola or try to play later on because the sound which comes out this thing is impressive for something which has got quite a small speaker channel of the sample it is really good so I think you guys are through this thing now alright so this is the device I’ve actually been playing the video on the PC for you I’m sure you’ve noticed the quality was a bit different and just to give you guys a close-up that’s the speaker panel at bottom for some little beats sticker at the on there this year as well as a tray for it which supports the tilting the keyboard very very simple keyboard has got a beats function so you can turn your beats audio on and off but leave it on because it’s good bluetooth mouse as well super simple product when I look on the side though this is where it gets a little cooler SD slot double USB ports microphone headphone input come right all the way at the back power input just a single plug Ethernet adapter for USB ports and an audio port as well that’s really all there is on that side there’s also a carry handle at the top which is great cool little power button and the DVD burner as I mentioned here sooo simple so simple alright so this is Windows as you’ve as you’ve expected to before nothing too special it gets really exciting when you start to go into here so this is the the magic canvas this is where you know the whole touch branch comes to it all so you’ll see that I’ve got got some graffiti here which I’ve written you know we need milk I’ve got a little music magnet here as well so you can actually put a lot of magnets here so even you know the pictures more music you know you can really do a lot of things with notes and stuff like that so you know I think this is where the whole thing comes to life and you can use it almost like a fridge you know just to put things onto and stuff like that super simple way of using things and at the bottom you’ve got your little carousel of icons as well so this is the webcam application you can see I’ve made some pictures already made myself with the University has something I’ll probably never wear put myself on a big building here you know put a little card it’s simple things that you can do with all these tools on the side here as well so and again it’s all done in touch using the cam at the top pretty simple very well done all the mums out there are going to love this this is the cord recipe box now in here you can see recipes for appetizers beverages desserts entrees and when I open up one of them I’ve got all the ingredients on one side here the directions on how to do it some notes which I can add as well if I want to and some details really cool way of you know using this in the kitchen and getting some better use out of your TouchSmart PC opening up the touch browser you can see whether you couldn’t the you can see the bigger buttons you know optimized for touch so that when you actually do go to use it it’s a lot easier to navigate actually you can’t use your fingers you’d always have the option of using their hands as well but you know things like that and you know just pinch to zoom well too far way too far but yeah pinch design works as well which is really cool for swimming you know things obviously you know in the browsers fully featured still your internet explorer browser so you’re not missing anything this is the this is the music app now again it’s very touch optimized as well you can see the the buttons are all quite big you know I can click on a song start listening to things you know I can soar through artists as well and I’m just know that it’s can be very simple you can also create playlists so if I want to put this song in a playlist signed a playlist come over here put this song to play this so you know getting things organized just so simple I think that you know you can make a lot out of this really simple way of using it touch it as well so I mean if I look at the bottom story is the controls and today you can say you know to skip song and stuff like that it’s all very very straightforward also if the music just so I’ll I’ve got something playing I’ll emphasize the thing with the Beats Audio as well so I can turn it off and on and I’ll go to something playing now and it is with these optimizers already I’m going to spin it off I seem to just lose the everything sounds empty again when I turn it back on I feel like I’ve got my bass back the music’s really coming at me if it sounds improved a great deal and these joy really has done a good job with this this is the this is the photo application so you can sort of come through here and flick through your images anything you’ve got in here whether it’s Facebook Flickr and in folders you know if I go back to this one again just cuz it’s my favorite you know you can do a fair bit with it like zooming in basic features on this side are just in colors cropping rotating you know it’s all very touch optimized as well so you don’t feel like you’re you know going to do something silly a wonderful pinch to zoom up interesting works on that too which is great and moving the image around so again another really way of just looking through pictures and obviously doing slideshows all right so that’s really that really is what the touch smart isn’t like that the key apps that you’re probably used this computer can be your day-to-day one once you put on a desk like what I’ve got set up here you put on a desk and you just use it it can be that or it can be the computer that you put in the kitchen or in the living room somewhere where it’s you know people walk by a lot and things like that this can be your notice board it can be your shopping list board it can be it can be whatever you want it to be because it’s got the touch and you can write on things like that this isn’t where I had a set up I don’t live in this room or in this part of the world where I had served at home and we had it in the living room and it was close to where we eat and close to there we cook and things like that so using the recipe book was very good because you you can see it you know watching YouTube clips when you’re sitting at or doing something like that I mean you’ve got the keyboard and mouse wirelessly as well you know just being able to walk past it hit the music and walk away start a photo slideshow and stuff like that I mean that’s really what I said it started to enjoy about it was the luxury of having this computer not just for you know word processing is typical computer things but also just for using it around the house just for day-to-day living it didn’t need a radio didn’t need to you know sit down at a computer to use anything I could just walk past type something I’m real quick and I’m away so that’s a really cool thing about it the beats audio produces some great sound the reason I say it ditch the audio is because of the beats and you’re not gonna throw a CD or DVD in there press play and I could hear throughout the house really well and we’re only talking about a very very small speaker in terms of science but just not in terms of quality really impressive one thing I will say is you know Windows is not built for touch you know windows is not built for it so anything outside of the magic canvas you’re never going to touch the screen so if you don’t think you’re going to get any use out of that maybe you should focus on a PC or something like that you know what with the tower and so on you will pay a bit of a premium just for having this one piece model but you know when I say that not a great deal I like computers with one down considerably and things getting cheaper anyway so without the touch part it’s it’s not the most exciting if you if it’s just as an everyday PC it’s just an everyday PC so one of the things they would suggest is that you know as as things evolve I’d like to see the touch smart change I don’t really want it to be there I think that they should HP should adopt heaven forbid I say it webOS I mean so that when you launch the magic canvas it launches a web Airways so it’s got apps you know it’s got a proper app switcher which are designed for tablets and this is let me just say it’s a large tablet so why wouldn’t you have that even if they if HP moved to a different platform imagine if I could launch Android OS from within Windows then when I got to here I knew that I would have a very rich experience it would be it would be a lot better than the HP magic canvas but it’s bad but I just know that there’s more potential let’s face it we’ve got a touchscreen and a processor behind it all you need to choose is the software otherwise look I really like the device you know the family at home were a little upset when I told them that you know I was I was taking it back I don’t know and this is a review unit and they were all upset that I was leaving leaving with it today so you know I just I think it’s really cool let me know if you’ve got any questions I’m happy to help you however I can and I hope you enjoyed it please subscribe and whatever you also need to do thanks guys sorry guys I was just packing up the TouchSmart PC and I remembered or should’ve told you guys as well in case you didn’t know Windows 8 is coming and that is really being built with such devices in mind and I know that when HP get hold of Windows 8 and apply it to a PC like this it’s going to kick it’s going to do really really well so Windows 8 on a touchscreen perfect I think that’s when the whole game will change having said that buying this one now and then upgrading the software the windows 8 I don’t think that’ll be an issue either so just putting it out there just wanted to say that before we finish up so thanks really


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