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HP Spectre X360 Laptop Review

HP Spectre X360 Laptop Review

hi I’m Brendan with review.com and right here we have HP’s Spectre x-360 laptops this is the 15 inch version and the smaller 13 inch version both sizes offer a really unique premium design and hinges that let you turn them into a tablet by folding them all the way back around like this the base level of the 13 inches I think $8.

99 but for only $100 more there’s a special $9.99 version of this with twice the amount of hard drive space and twice the amount of RAM and we really recommend that you go for that and the 15-inch starts at around $12.

99 what they offer you you know you have a full range of processors it goes from Core i5 to i7 and in the 15-inch version you can get even faster iris graphics if you you know we’re doing some video editing or maybe some light gaming really nice build really well designed all flash storage so they’re fast there’s even an optional 4k display that’s available only on the 15-inch version if you don’t mind a slightly lower res display the 13 inch version also has a qHD display if you’re more interested in using it like a convertible device we recommend the 13-inch spectre x360 it’s a little bit better balanced as a tablet it’s smaller the 15 inch is cool if you want the extra screen real estate but it’s also weighs about 4 pounds if you’ve ever fallen asleep reading a tablet and hit yourself in the face you probably don’t want four pounds hitting you straight in the nose but other than that you know if you want to use it on a desk for watching movies like this it’s a really nice option to have compared to what maybe Apple has to offer their MacBook Air line for Apple they’re keeping their iPads and their laptops separate so you have to buy both to get the functionality that you can get out of one of these and what’s more is that the screens that Apple puts into the MacBook Air are really really old haven’t updated them since 2011 actually and because Apple’s Mac OS isn’t meant to be used on a tablet they’re not touch sensitive either it’s kind of nice to be able to reach up and flick around webpages for scrolling once you’ve gotten used to that it’s kind of hard to go back I find myself trying to touch all kinds of screens now if you want to read the full review of both of these HP Spectre x-360 models head over to reviewed you


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