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HP ProBook 4720s Laptop Review

HP ProBook 4720s Laptop Review

hello everyone take your guy here today today we are looking a HP probook 47 20s this is a one gigantic notebook as soon as some of my people at my office looked at it and they they just said how large is that thing so this is a yes there it’s not quite in their business line of notebooks but it’s not their consumer line of notebooks either so it has some features which we’re going to talk about and I’ll let you judge for yourself so the top surface has brushed aluminum type of feel but there’s quite a bit of a flex tear on the top cage I mean a top lid the front side of it shows your SD card slot and your audio input output there is no latch or anything like that for the front and on the side you got some USB ports modem a DVD burner and power input and on the backside nothing really and then to the some the other side you got your VGA Ethernet HDMI USB and eSATA as well and Express card slot so it’s pretty cleanly laid out notebook once we pop the top open again there is no magnetic latch or switch or anything like that so here’s our laptop as you can see it has a same brushed aluminum type of a palm rest chicklet type of keyboard this part here is recessed it has it’s a sunken down and just one power button there is no other button here for like a utility buttons nothing like that so it’s pretty cleanly laid out notebook but I do want to share with you the piano black part right here where it’s recessed it is a you know trap for dust I mean it’s collecting dust like you cannot believe and as far as the actual laptop is concerned the 17.

3 inch screen is ginormous and it’s a pleasure to look at this particular unit did not come with any kind of that pixel screen looks bright the bezel seems a little thick to me there is a webcam towards the center of the top bezel so let’s kind of go over this real quick what isn’t that what is nice about this notebook it came preloaded with the Windows XP however you do get a full on license for Windows 7 Professional and the Windows 7 DVD that it comes with is not an upgrade it is actually a full version of Windows 7 so you can put off it and do a clean install of Windows 7 which is what I did and as far as Geekbench benchmark numbers concerned this is running Geekbench number of 40 I’m sorry 4060 so that is a tad below over 4200 which we registered with Lenovo ThinkPad T 410 which was reviewed by me a couple months ago but this runs on i-5 core i5 that is a slightly slower I believe it’s M 430 whereas the Lenovo T 410 I used for testing was M 520 comes with the 4 gig of ram so obviously we use the 64-bit windows 7 to take advantage of that and has a 500 gigabyte hard drive running at 7,200 rpm so it is very zip it does not have the usual you know the suspects low hard drive that spins at 5400 rpm so it is a I won’t say it’s a barnburner but it does have pretty decent speed does come with the ATI Radeon HD 4350 onboard graphics so those of you who are looking for gaming laptops you know you couldn’t play in a reasonable amount of gaming with this laptop with the gorgeous screen and you know pretty widely comfortably laid out keyboard you want have a much problem so now let’s talk about what I don’t like about this laptop first of all besides the fact that the whole dust issue on the shiny plastic part it’s the same gripe I had on Lenovo tea for 10 I don’t mind the manufacturers bring the stickers on but why did I have to put the stickers in the dead middle of the palm rest why couldn’t they kind of position up towards the edge and you know a lot of commenters also said if you don’t like them you can take them up yes I get that but you know it one it’s a painting the answer to peel them all off then if they leave any residue now I have to bust out a bottle it’ll go off and I got to clean that off so you know that the position of stickers I mean I think that could be a little bit more strategically positioned by the vendors so that’s one thing now the biggest problem that I have with this particular laptop is the trackpad now this entire track pad right here is just like the MacBook Pro right so the buttons are not separately distinguished all it has is the little line drawings to identify where the button part is off the trackpad so even the buttons side right here it’s a sensitive enough to pick up movement and if you don’t even touch the trackpad with your fingertip and if you’re just in the vicinity if you’re just even close it’ll it’ll pick that up and the button itself is very mushy it travels pretty far down and it’s not a very crispy feel to work with these out trackpad buttons and another issue it’s a minor issue but I got rid of the factory installed Windows XP in favor of the Windows 7 but the windows XP pre-loaded part came with a whole bunch of trialware which I don’t really particularly care about or any iOS IT manager with a brain we don’t need Corel alphas trial version pre-loaded if we want the stupid thing we will put that on our cell we don’t need that pre-installed out of a factory that’s just one of the examples of what came pre-loaded if you’re familiar with the ThinkPad from Lenovo you know there is a think advantage update drivers utility where it goes out to Lenovo server it updates the drivers well this thing came with a driver DVD app as well as application DVD so you can pick which programs in which hardware drivers you want to load well it takes very long time to load all the minimal hardware drivers to get that going so I think that experience can be a little bit more elegant so that is my complaint about this particular laptop but also on I need to bust out the manual and kind of go through but if you look on the bottom of this laptop it is nice and clean what does that mean there is no access panel for RAM hard drive nothing like that so that tells me perhaps we will top the keyboard open well nothing again because it is recessed and there is like no obvious way that I can see right now to get to inside of this thing for either replacing out memories or upgrade the hard drives nothing like that so that may be a potential issue down the rail so that’s the HP probook 47 20s out of five stars I would give this laptop even with all these issues it does have a pretty decent performance at its price range which is hair over $1000 so I’ll give this laptop 4 stars out of 5 until next time this was your tech I take it


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