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HP Pavilion Special Edition Desktop

HP Pavilion Special Edition Desktop

Hey check it out. You’re looking at the HP Pavilion ax6745 with a nice, like, it’s a special edition. It’s a kind of a punk paint job right there. This is very cool. It’s not your typical black box that you find everywhere else.

It’s kind of a, I don’t know how well it comes across from the studio here but this coloring here, this is not black, this is sort of a very deep green color along with all the graphics there in a ligher green.

Which actually gives the case a really distinct look. You don’t usually see that dark green on a computer case and it looks pretty sharp if, you know, if that’s what you want. If you want a punk rock computer it’s finally arrived.

Athlon Dual Core processor, 2.6 gigahertz, 4 gigs of DDR2 RAM, it has Vista Home Premium 64-bit pre-installed. 320 gigabyte hard drive, it has DVD-RW. It does support LightScribe so you’re going to be able to burn all your labels directly on to those DVDs without any problem.

Integrated Radeon 3200 Graphics. You know at least it’s not the Intel integrated graphics. It’s going to be a little bit better. You’re going to be able to play some of your older 3-D games, not any of the really new stuff but it’s fine.

You know if you’re not a heavy hard-core gamer it’s going to do you just fine. And if you are, there’s plenty of room inside this case to upgrade to a better video card if you so desire. It has b and g wireless built in and it has Gigabit ethernet.

So let’s show you the whole deal here, show you what’s going on. Up here you have all of your media card readers. You do have Express, or you have Smart, you have Compact Flash, you have SD, you have memory stick.

Pretty much all the small format and Compact flash are going to work with this. That LightScribe DVD burner located right here. A free expansion bay right here. Underneath this little trap door you’ve got a couple of USB ports, Firewire and microphone and headphone ports located right up front for you as well.

Around the back this is what we’ve got going on here. Check it out. Surround sound all right here as well as a rear microphone port. You’ve got 4 USBs, you’ve got Firewire and your Gigabit ethernet right here.

You have DVI and D-Sub VGA located on the back. You have coaxial digital output right here and a couple of PS2 ports round the back as well. Getting into the case very easy, you simply have a thumb screw right here.

Pop off the side panel and this is what we’ve got going on on the inside. There is your AMD Dual Core processor right there. You’ve got 4 gigs of RAM on board. As you can see all 4 of the DIMM slots are being used so if you want to upgrade this beyond 4 gigabytes you’re going to have to replace a couple of those DIMMs.

Back there you’re going to find that 320 gigabyte hard drive as well. One of the other things you’re going to notice about this computer is that the wireless is not taking up one of the PCI slots. In fact you see that every single PCI slot on this machine is available.

You have 3 PCI x1 slots and one PCI x16 slot available to you. The wireless is actually located right here as you can see on the back, there is an antenna waiting for you right there but the actual wireless card is right up here and that actually attaches to the mother board via USB so you’re not wasting one of your PCI slots for your wireless connectivity which is kind of nice if you’re planning on expanding your machine.

So there you have it, it’s a very basic, very simple computer, but a great starting point for what could be a decent monster or just a great computer to have around because it’s simple and it’s not super-expensive and you know, darn it, it looks pretty good.

So it’s the HP Pavilion ax6745 and it’s available right now. To get more info on the HP Pavilion ax6745 go to any of these retailers you see here and type in H25-10005. For ComputerTV, I’m Bauer. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc.

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