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HP Pavilion a6826f Desktop

HP Pavilion a6826f Desktop

Hey, what’s lookin at here is the HP Pavilion a6826f. It is a perfect starter computer actually, It comes loaded with tons of RAM, big Hard Drive and right out of the box is going to work really well, but then beyond that, very easily expandable, very easily upgradable, but generally, right out of the box it’s really really nice computer.

So, you got a Core 2 Duo E7400 chip on board and that is a 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo chip. It has six gigs of of DDR2 RAM preconfigured, it has Vista Home Premium 64-bit edition, which means it’s going to be able to use all six gigs of that RAM without any problem.

It has a 750GB Hard Drive, it’s got a DVD RW LightScribe. LightScribe of course is the ability for you to flip DVDs over and burn images directly on to them and it also has integrated graphics, but of course if you decide you need more beefy graphics, you’re going to be able to install a graphics card just like any type without any problem in this machine.

So, it does come with a nice multi-media keyboard from HP with tons of quick launch buttons located all over it. Over here you’ve got buttons for sleep, for quickly getting to your e-mail and internet and search programs.

Now over on the other side, is where you’re going to find all of your media play back controls, right over here. So you got all of your media play back including eject buttons for your DVD drive. It also come with a nice optical remote, a nice optical mouse right here and lets go take a look at the inside of this thing.

Actually, we’ll look at the inside after I show you the front cuz, that’s what I usually do. Up at the top we’ve got all of your card readers, you’ve got SD cards, you’ve got Memory Stick Compact Flash SmartMedia, it’s all there.

This is your LightScribe enabled DVD burner right here and it will take plus/minus R and RW disks. As you move down, you find that we do have a hidden port there with your USB and microphone and headphones on the front as well.

Around the back, is where you’re going to find your power supply right up here. Moving down we have your modem actually located right here. Down below the modem is where you’re going to find all of you’re ports.

You’ve got hookups for your 7.1 Surround Sound, you’ve got Ethernet, you’ve got USB, you’ve got Firewire, you have your D-Sub VGA port and below that is where you’re going to find your audio ports right here.

You’ve got your digital audio coax in and out as well as your PF2 for your mouse and keyboard. Now, getting in to this machine is quite simple, it’s a simple thumb screw on the back, simply pull off the side and you are in and of course this is what we’re looking at inside this particular computer.

You do have free and multiple expansion slots in here. You have standard PCI, PCI x1 and PCI x16 in there. You see that your RAM slots over here are full with 6GB of DDR2 RAM. So if you’re going to expand, you are going to have to toss a couple of those DIMS.

Plenty of space for more Hard Drives, for more DVD drives all in here, so you’ve got a lot of room to work with in this machine should you decide that you want to upgrade it. And of course it is very upgradeable.

But right out of the box, it’s also a really really great performer. So this is a solid PC for you. If you’re looking for a good Intel based machine, it’s going to be very expandable, you’re going to be able to work with over a long period of time, so go in and have a look at it, it’s the HP Pavilion a6826f.

To get more info on the HP Pavilion a6826f, with a Core 2 Duo Processor, go to any of the retailers you see listed up on the screen right now and type in H25-10019. For computertv, I’m Bauer.


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