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HP Pavilion 15.6″ Inch Touchscreen Laptop Review 15-ab243cl

HP Pavilion 15.6″ Inch Touchscreen Laptop Review 15-ab243cl

hi welcome to Oh cram stir today I’ll be unboxing this HP laptop the motto is 15 – a b24 3 CL it’s up affiliate notebook I got from about 500 RS at Costco and I just need one fast which picked it up there today it’s i5 processor 6 gen and it’s one terabyte hard drive 8 gigs of ddr3 a DVD read/write it’s Windows 10 pre-loaded touchscreen capable multi-touch 15.

6 inch HD LED display when land and it says B&O play I’m not sure what that is but I guess find out soon some other specs here alright let’s open this up is the battery this ki0 one rechargeable 4 point 6 volts 41 meters here we have the AC adapter it’s pretty low profile and the fine print over here is very difficult to read so actually said it is universal input is 1 to 240 volts output is 19 point 5 volt 2.

31 amps other items button box were set up guy from HP d costco concierge service HP questions and also the worldwide warranty information here the berry doesn’t really slide in and just basically it’s push it down and locks it and I can lock it additional over here on this side here now let’s take a look at the port’s here we have like please the Kensington lock fan HDMI out we have a high speed USB a audio jack for microphone or headphone and LED indicators right here no much else on the front on the side we have that DVD RW Drive we have another high speed USB port and I believe this one just a USB 2.

0 port there’s no label on it we have a network port the SD card reader and the power port on bar we have an on slips in contact material here’s a closer look at keys we have power leave as a speaker this is D and O I’m not sure what do you know Audio is haven’t heard of that brand Core i5 and s4 the trackpad extends a little more to the right of the spacebar on the top we have webcam and microphone and it’s power this unit on here the fan kicking in the unit it’s not that heavy feels like it’s about maybe five six pounds or so for low screens I’ll just skip past it here’s an initial low screen choose my time zone here the trackpad it’s not that smooth I get it’s a little bit coarser than I hoped not sure what’s going on inside spinning more and you expressed hanging tornado too well but fine reach desktop I just want to show the resolution because Stefan out crisp this type of this display so the maximum resolution is 1366 by 768 there’s nothing higher than that it is touchscreen but I tend not to use the touch screen on my other computers because see how that it just wobbles so I’ve got a CyberLink quite a few cyber links pre-installed Microsoft Office Evernote HP support assistance more Microsoft products Dropbox put your groove music those Dobby shockwave well tangent games McAfee safe live safe alright so there aren’t that much bloatware but I’m perhaps the most popular one that’s thing I’m a quite law room is the the CyberLink but this does have a one terabyte hard drive so this unboxing first look of the HP Pavilion 15 because any questions comments suggestions feel free contact me hamster bye


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