Home PC Reviews HP Omni 100-5050 All in one PC Overview

HP Omni 100-5050 All in one PC Overview

HP Omni 100-5050 All in one PC Overview

hello jube this video you’re gonna take a look at my mother’s new computer so this is actually an HP Omni all-in-one computer with a 20 inch display it’s the HP mu 100 which features AMD CPU AMD graphics bunch of RAM and like I said this pretty okay 20 inch display so let’s just go over to specifications list real quickly this thing features an Athlon to 260 u processor which is a dual core running into 1.

8 gigahertz with the TDP of just 25 watts that is the highest wattage CPU that this machine will take at least from HP it features six gigabytes of RAM which is ddr3 running at 1066 megahertz the graphics are powered by our mobility radeon HD 4270 which is more than adequate for a machine like this and display is 1600 by 900 resolution and I transferred over the SSD from my mother’s old computer which is a 64 gig SanDisk so all in all it’s a pretty nice machine these for the use that my mother gets out of this kind of machines which is basically just you know browsing the web doing email and Facebook that’s pretty much all that she does on it and some very occasional stuff in Word and printing and stuff you know the basic home user type of things so let’s take a look at the outside of the machine the thing that immediately stands out about the HP Omni 100 is of course this torian’s display it also features on the front of the machine a microphone here a webcam here another microphone so I’ve got a stereo microphone and like I said display the bezels are relatively thin for a machine of this class at least of this vintage I should say this is a machine it was made around 2011 and I’m now the things that you can see on a front of course the power button over there and the HP Omni PC logo in the bottom right corner here on the base of the machine are a couple of stickers let’s see if we can get those into pictures slightly better yeah not really but there’s a Windows 7 sticker there in left long – sticker you know a standard type of deal all right yep so let’s turn the machine to the side it’ll the paper cut it away here there you go let me get to the light on here there we go here on the side you can see the multimedia card reader 2 USB 2.

0 ports microphone and headphone jacks and that’s all for the left hand side the rest of the interesting stuff is in fact on the back which is connected up to a lot of things at the moment well not really but here is the power jack there’s the Ethernet jack there’s a line in output I think or a line up but I think you can use different speakers on this machine but using that output here are of course a plethora of USB ports we’ve got 4 USB 2.

0 ports there ok let’s turn it over to the right-hand side to finish up the outside tour of the HP Omni 100 here is a DVD burner eject button brightness controls and hard drive indicator LED so overall this machine is actually pretty compact and I actually quite like this mill machine I think in terms of design HP really got something right here for their consumer line for once which is very nice and yeah let’s just turn the machine on and she hunt it and see how she runs all right the magic is about to happen what I particularly like about is HP Omni PC is how quiet it is it is extremely quiet during normal operation you will never hear the fan unless you’re actually browsing the web quite intensively watching YouTube video is doing some some more demanding work then it really starts to show this is just a 1.

8 gigahertz dual-core machine and there you go Windows 10 is booted up it is that quick so let’s open up the system there we go system boom done like that let’s zoom in here for a little bit there we go as you can see and the Athlon 2x to 260 you did I say 270 intro to 60 well it’s a 260 anyway one point on gigahertz five point seven five gigs of RAM 250 six megabytes are of course dedicated to the video card so there is that let’s zoom out again there you go so that is that part done so now I just give an overall idea of how fast this SSD is there we go there’s office pretty quick of course we’ve got Wi-Fi in here as well just very basic mediatek a wireless end open up Excel no sound done cut malwarebytes of course for fighting dem viruses and of course a variety virus free because paying for antivirus is the most useless thing and the most waste of your money you could ever do so that’s pretty much a quick overview on the HP Omni 100 all-in-one computer with a 20-inch 1600 by 900 to display I think this is one of the best HP only one computers that I’ve ever used at least in terms of design and terms performance it’s pretty ok for especially for my mom from where she came from she came from a pretty crappy Core 2 Duo with a core terrible quite terrible video card and you know an old thing was just extremely cheaply built and it was pretty loud and this is just an overall way nicer machine for home use at least in my opinion so I hope you’ll enjoy this video and I thank you all for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next video


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