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HP Intel Pentium 4GB RAM/1TB HDD Wireless Desktop PC Bun…

HP Intel Pentium 4GB RAM/1TB HDD Wireless Desktop PC Bun…

so in honor of that we have something that actually debuted during our innovations event and you’re saying well I didn’t see it that’s because it’s sold out in one airing and in one show so with probably the most limited quantities that I’ve ever seen is due on any electronic today’s special we have literally only a couple thousand for the entire day we took something that is small but mighty are giving you the biggest screen that we’ve ever offered in a desktop today’s special when this sold out in one airing didn’t have this much memory didn’t have this much stuff didn’t have your free shipping and less than $100 comes with free free technical support for ever an upgraded hard drive upgraded RAM upgraded screen and not only that we are doing it for less than $100 the really wonderful thing about this is we love our laptops but we love the idea of a desktop if you want real power if you want real performance if you want the real go-to computer in your home in your household this is the one that everyone will use your kids will use it your hubby will use it but you’ll only be able to get it with limited quantities and one other thing I should mention we’re taking you into the wireless world now you’ve got your wireless speaker your wireless mouse you are getting software and services that are more than the price of the computer between the software the services you’re looking at almost $700 for the free stuff and of course we couldn’t bring it to life without my friend Joe Harrison and it’s so funny because I know Joe you were taking a trip down memory lane long ago and before the show we you were even looking at videotape of us selling a desktop so this is what over at probably a decade ago a decade ago we were selling it for $1,700 it was like 1699 the 20 gig hard drive we’re talking about a thousand gigs worth of hard drive space and it’s all in this brand-new design brand-new monitor brain who keep our brand new Mouse brand new tower we’re getting rid of all the clutter and delivering everything in a sleek you know can really super convenient tower right here and this is all there is to it and like Shannon mentioned everything is Wireless the wireless speakers included with it you get your wireless keyboard mouse and there are only two plugs to plug this in there’s a power cable and then a cable to the monitor and that is it and when you look at the side and that’s the great thing about this when you have this new design now you can put this in new places because that’s all there is to your entire computer no more bulky Tower cuz Shannon let me bring bring the big bald guitar out and this is what we were selling and that video you know from 10 years ago this big huge bulky tower that used to have 12 different cables to connect right everything was color-coded it was so confusing she and I can get rid of all that yep and now I replace it when I bring to HP mini my brand new HP Mini that’s so much more positive it’s so much more than such a larger hard drive that has all the ports all the connectivity that this big guy has so now you can completely get rid of this big bulky Tower and you can truly put this in okay so you could have this or you could have this and it’s really a shame because since we don’t really use this anymore actually I asked Jill if we could even find some of the cables cuz that’s what really scared my mom I mean you know very well it was kind of like a rat’s nest this maze of cords and cables we are taking you into a whole brand-new digital world with the power and let’s be honest the price that you have demanded this is it for the year and you know very well normally when we talk about electronic today’s specials whenever Joe is here you’re to see Aaron Berger a little bit later bill Duggan normally we’re talking about 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 thousand of something when we say literally quantities that could be gone by mid afternoon that’s based on what we typically see in terms of this kind of performance and not for nothing listen I know it’s not about how this looks but now we’re taking your desktop out of the dark ages I love the power of my desktop but I want my desktop in my kitchen I just hop in my den I don’t want my desktop you know holding me hostage in the basement because there’s no room for it no you get all that power without the tower so not only is it going to give you more stuff you actually did a comparison in terms of performance and speed so yes great things come in streamlined packages but this is all about how it performs well that’s the thing we took one of the top-selling desktops from just three years ago and did a quick comparison and just the speed alone your overall speed it was actually up to 83% faster in your overall performance now most of us are on Facebook social networking you’re editing your photos it’s actually up to 275 timer percent faster when you’re doing all your photo editing and your movie editing this even though it is a beautiful sleek little package this is so powerful it is truly the power without the tower because what’s on the inside first off you’re getting HP you’re getting the number one PC brand in America right now so you know you’re getting quality and that’s why they’re number one on the inside you’ve got that amazing intel processor dual core technology designed to get you through the years to be able to be a gaming machine there be a you know that brand new computer that your kids need for researching to be able to be that scrapbooking machine you can easily do it and then you look at all the other specs one terabyte with a hard drive space and a tower this big you still get one terabyte that is the largest hard drive we’ve ever offered on any desktops so wait a minute when this sold out in one show we didn’t have a terabyte of memory didn’t have a half the space so it had half the space and it’s sold out pretty much at this price so Joe I promise it’s gonna take you in a tour of all the details couple of things I need to reiterate you are getting software and services that pay for your purchase you’re getting well over $200 worth of software free you’re getting a lifetime of toll-free technical support free that’s valued at pretty close to $300 frankly I think that’s pretty conservative because I take the phone calls from my mom when she doesn’t know how to figure something out I would charge my mom more than $300 a year if I do and the other great thing about it is there are no silly or stupid questions plus we pay to send it to you Keith I’m just gonna rotate out here for a second I want to thank Julie and our visual team she really came to the plate today I mean we pay to send it to you and not only are you getting Intel Inside you’re getting an experience that your whole family will use your whole family will share and your whole family relies on because if you’re like me I love my tablet I love my laptop however the desktop is really the hub of the home it’s the heart of the home it’s kind of like we’ve got that beautiful visual showing off the IPS screen that Joe is going to describe it’s not only more memory it’s not only more stuff it’s a better screen it’s a bigger screen than we’ve really done in any desktop today’s special that’s right it’s the biggest screen that we’ve had here from HP at 23 inches this is a massive screen and this is the reason why I would go to our desktops you want that bigger better bolder experience and this is all brand new we’ve never had this monitor from HP before the technology goes in this truly makes it amazing and there’s so many things that I’ve up on my screen so whether you’re looking your photos over here whether you’re watching a movie I’m watching frozen down below maybe you’re just surfing on hsn.

comm just notice how everything pops off the screen but it’s great that I’ve got plenty of room for everything because Shannon I’m not using a tiny 15 inch display we all love our laptops but nobody has a screen like a desktop it’s literally like taking 315 of screens and mounting them right next to each other that’s how big and bold this display is but the great thing about having this is that whether you’re watching movies whether they’re checking out your photos whether you’re accessing hsn.

com whether do all this great things it is truly the best quality screen that we’ve ever offered I’m gonna pop in and show you a quick little photo that I’ve got because the amazing thing about this is when you see the visuals when you see the actual color that’s on here because this is IPS doesn’t it seem it’s like you’re right there like looking out the window it’s that amazing gun an image that the High Definition just pops off the screen and notice that even when I’m turning at different angles yeah it’s still beautiful that’s what IPS does it allows you look from multiple angles and you don’t lose quality of the screen so imagine watching movies you know we have exactly watching Netflix on here catching up all in all your TV shows we have we have a slim a desktop in our guest room for this reason because now it’s a beautiful monitors like this this can become a second TV you know guys maybe later in the presentation will even lower the lights a little bit which I know is a little unorthodox for a computer presentation but this rivals any of your high-definition television screens so it’s interesting because even when we did the walkthrough our buyers like oh you don’t need to know the lights because it’s an IPS screen it looks it looks better but we broadcast as I lovingly say on the surface of the Sun so you know at some point we might lower the lights a little bit just so you can appreciate how the colors pop oh one other thing you know we love our VIP shoppers here at HSN I know that flex pay is already outrageous but if you have one of our HSN cards or if you would apply and buy tonight you’re looking at 12 months of VIP financing that actually makes it a little less than $50 with free shipping so basically it’s 12 different flexpays still an extended holiday return policy so you can use it you can love it you can shop with it you can surf the internet until January 31st of next year but here’s the big thing to me we all love our laptops we all love our tablets but don’t you want what I call you know the mega performer this is the hub of the household this is the one that’s the go-to computer problem just playing some games and that’s the great thing about having a device like this maybe the kids are playing it you know maybe you’re having fun with them because you’ve got this Windows 10 experience I want to tap this one button this has rid the Start menu is back this is why so many of us love having a desktop because when you have a Start menu one with Windows 10 you’re able to see everything and Windows 10 is so familiar for you it’s going to be faster it’s going to be easy it’s a more secure operating system the Start menu is back so I’m going to show up that next in a second but even surfing online a lot of us just want to get on check our email get on the facebook shot do a little shopping you’ve got that plus you also have Cortana which is your own little so assistant yes I wanna jump back into my menu here you can see that the great thing have about having this is that it’s truly everything that you need and when PC then it’s all done with that powerful Intel processor it is you don’t want show just a couple of things you’re like to mention to everyone who’s watching at home first and foremost I’m almost a little nervous because of number one question we get whenever you’re buying or upgrading your your desktop or your laptop here at HSN is


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