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HP Intel Pentium 4GB RAM/1TB HDD Wireless Desktop PC Bun…

HP Intel Pentium 4GB RAM/1TB HDD Wireless Desktop PC Bun…

for I don’t even know where to stand by this over 1600 of these great computers sold now this is HP the name in home computing and this is exclusive here at HSN designed just for HSN customers this is the wireless desktop bundle this has Intel Inside the name for computer brains if you will it has a terabyte of storage and the lifetime tech support for no extra money just $5.

99 to get this home shipping and handling is free you can get it home for just $99 now this is a gorgeous desktop PC you get that 23 inch full HD IPS monitor I’ll explain what that is to you you’re getting a wireless keyboard and mouse you also get the wireless speaker by HP and lifetime tech support that’s a $300 value just for the tech support on its own and we’re shipping it to you for free so this is look at that gorgeous giant screen and what you’re getting is just this let me show you oh here it is this is the brain of the computer this may be your computer right now has a big tall tower this is probably stronger more powerful than your big tall tower this has everything you need all in one spot because look it’s got places for all of your different cables any of your different memory cards anything you need to plug in including look at that oh the phone cable and then it’s got even places where you can plug in your phone look at this you know what that means for those that you have who have maybe a really high-end luxury car you might be familiar with that that’s the Bang & Olufsen sound design that means that HP has partnered with Bang & Olufsen typically sound that you would just get in very very high and speakers radios and of course luxury cars well you get that sound right here through your own HP computer and to get to take advantage of that sound you don’t have to just listen to it through your computer speakers because you are getting this guy a little powerhouse of a Bluetooth speaker now we’ve got great Bluetooth speakers all the time but bluetooth speakers can be upwards of $100 but HP with that Bang & Olufsen sound and a Bluetooth speaker that is such a sleek design this is going to replace your Bluetooth speaker this is gonna replace your tower and look at this that’s it but you’re not just getting all of these you’re getting that big beautiful 23 inch screen so here we say it’s time to redefine the computer this pavilion mini it’s not it’s not smaller in power it’s only smaller in size that means you can put that anyplace you want to get that sleek design but all of the power of an amazing home hub where you’re going to be able to get all of your home computing done in one spot it really becomes your families you know kind of central location where all of your work happens it’s $100 to get at home if it’s time to upgrade this is the latest and the greatest this is that home computer that you aren’t gonna have to replace anytime soon because this is one terabyte of storage what’s one terabyte that’s an awful lot of storage that’s hundreds of thousands of hours of music there you can see it goes anyplace you want because it’s all wireless it’s such a sleek design and you’re also getting the lowest price we’ve ever offered on a desktop today’s special you’re getting Intel which for over 40 years that technology developed by Intel has enabled computer and Internet evolution that’s changing the world and you’re also getting lifetime VTech support so that means you’re having a hard time downloading a file ring call them up 800 number and you get they’ll tell you how to download that file you’re setting up a new email maybe you’re just me you just got this out of the box in your home you want to know how to set it up just to give them a call they’re always there at their ready to help you you’ll get a full presentation on our today’s special at 5 a.

m. but you see the leg you can get right now because this is 10 faves


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