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HP ENVY Phoenix 860se Review – Tyler Tech

HP ENVY Phoenix 860se Review – Tyler Tech

hi I’m Tyler from Tyler Tech and in this video I’ll be taking a look at my new editing computer the HP Envy Phoenix 8 16s this computer is amazing and I did a little bit of customization on HP’s website to get this amazing combination the computer has a 3.

3 gigahertz hexa core Intel i7 5820k processor 12 gigabytes of RAM a 256 gigabytes and disk SSD a 2 terabyte Seagate hard drive a nvidia gtx 745 graphics cards and 802 11 AC Wi-Fi processor is great for video editing and gaming with all those cores plus the ram helps out a lot affect you might be wondering why do you have two hard drives in your computer well the SSD or solid-state drive doesn’t have any moving parts which makes it fast I have Windows installed on it because it decreases boot time and the Seagate hard drive is what I use to store most of my software documents photos and video the graphics part is amazing for powering mighty monitors and helps with video editing and gaming Wi-Fi is great but I usually just use a wired internet connection to help cool that down HP used liquid cooling on the instant I really loved the case that HP chose it has a customizable LED light on it that you can change with CPU temperature CPU you see have it show one color or have it do a light show of colors I also really like the placement of vio the front IO is moved to the top in a really convenient spot it can keep your computer under your desk that has a 71 media card reader headphone / microphone jack two USB 2.

0 ports and two USB 3.0 place on the back you have four more USB 3.0 ports two more USB 2.0 ports sound ports and it means now on some benchmarks the CPUs got a score of 1005 on the first run in cinnamon and scored 820 feet on the second track on the graphics the gtx 745 scored a 73 points in 58 point 44 grams overall this was the best computer I’ve ever used and recommend it to anyone who reviews it to video editing go to it in gaming and any other test that uses a lot of computers this computer also came with the newer version of my video editing software so let me know if you notice the difference in the comments I also feed through the HP Envy peanuts in my desk setup video which subscribe to high-tech because I became or


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