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HP DV6t Quad ED Laptop Review – 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge

HP DV6t Quad ED Laptop Review – 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge

I the son de from Bordeaux were calm and today we’ll be doing a review of the HP dv6t quad-core 15 inch laptop now this is an Ivy Bridge laptop decision you have your bridge Lang line from HP so let’s go ahead and take a look first of all we do have our course charger or say AC adapter slow lighter than previous models but square brick anyway of course and the cord now let’s take a look at our TV 6 new design you see how flesh started it’s got the curve back at the end here on the sides the left-hand side what you do have is your VGA port HDMI out your Ethernet port which is actually closed now so you can actually open that and close it up interesting you have two USB ports here one of course does a charge with your laptop closed off you also have your headphone and mic jacks on the front you do have your port for your SD card here now on the right hand side this model comes with a blu-ray player they also have two other USB ports and of course you’re charging port here and one of course you do have two ports basically on each side that can charge your device has a six cell battery and it comes with Beats Audio you can see the beats just come to the beats triple bass reflex of offices this is a subwoofer built into this very nice design I do like it it’s got this flush black finish if you open this up let’s take a look at the keyboard so take this out you see our keyboard here some nice wall space stock keyboard it’s a 15 inch laptop you do have an extra number okie here it’s got this nice your your touchpad is is shifted towards the left of your device you do have of course a fingerprint reader also comes with a 1 gigabyte geforce GT 630m graphics card this calpol chip and you can see the speakers are in front and says the Beats Audio here it’s got out if you probably move up here you can see the true vision HD and has Beats Audio against sdv6 and let’s turn this on just to see whether indicators are so there’s a Wi-Fi indicator here this is the first step set up so y’all might actually not going to show you the screen them is going to set this all up and all that stuff and then we’ll work with this and see how well it is but well spaced out weight-wise it’s about five pounds but doesn’t feel that heavy it’s just you know it’s a wide laptop but you can see the screen here as windows starts and then we’ll do boot times to see how well it starts up but it’s got eight gigabytes of RAM it’s got the believe the chipset in there is the ivy bridge it’s an i7 3610 qm processor two point three gigahertz 6 megabytes of l3 cache again as I mentioned a key bytes of RAM it’s got one terabyte storage and there there’s no SSD acceleration in this model but you can get that backlit keyboard all that fun stuff so we’ll take a look at that will work with this and we’ll finalize some use this ravine see how well it works ok so I’m spent time with the dv6 here and I can tell you this is a very solid laptop the ivy bridge processor in here to an i7 language processor allow something fun for some very smooth operating it’s easy to open up applications run applications especially video editing so I use a veteran editing software here I’ve got eight gigs of RAM on the system and it worked very well system we know it’s pretty well it is hefty it’s not too heavy it’s just seen us a little weights about five pounds we play about the sound system is got the bonus ounces I’m not bhosari the beats by dre sound system i keep saying goes and you can get hear the audio here so it’s pretty good it can actually open up the settings for beats on you to select different type of audio settings references you can change it to cinema movie you can actually manage the eq’s yourself which is pretty nicely after you could go into that it’s got the also needs got the numerical key part here on the on the right and if you also got your fingerprint sensor here so you can actually use your finger bridgeable unlock and lock the system the touchpad you know it’s okay it’s not that yeah it’s not bad as just I thought would be much smoother in operations but overall I did like the performance from here battery life you guys are probably wondering how gets the battery life on this here battery life is probably about four to five hours I was expecting worse so I’m actually impressed with that and does a very good job if he finally went with the in-depth I’d receive it says it would probably be attached on an extra 30 to 45 minutes but I at least I go to up to four to five hours of battery life on this which you know it’s pretty good actually is respectable you’ve got the USB ports which you can charge from you also go to sleep USB ports which are pretty good hdmi out works fairly well and I design-wise I do like it you can see yourself just rotating it here for you so you see how well the laptop looks overall solid laptops solid build good jump from HP not too much in terms of blood boil which is good because that’s not what you want to use system but overall it’s very good laptops in the dv6 pavillion dv6 which is available now you can customize that belief starts at about 8 99 or mistaken you have different customization settings you can also add the msata in there 32 megabytes so actually give you a better performance out of startup times and also loading times applications which I didn’t add to this build but without that stila still performed very well because I have it gives the memory on here as well as the you ivy bridge processor I I called seven so that’s pretty much it if you guys have any questions or any comments about the pavillion dv6 let us know if we can subscribe to all pages on Twitter Facebook and YouTube so this is Thunder ye say thank you and always enjoying entertainment


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