Home PC Reviews HP All in One PC – 20 – e025iL initial impressions

HP All in One PC – 20 – e025iL initial impressions

HP All in One PC – 20 – e025iL initial impressions

hello folks this is I attention from inspired wise dot-com and today we have the HP all-in-one PC 2002 five high end so guys without wasting much time let’s begin so guys this is the box for the HP all-in-one PC as can be seen over here and it comes in a nice packaging 20 inch is the monitor size for this one it’s an all-in-one PC so what you get is the CPU the speaker and every other unit is on the inside the pricing is twenty four thousand nine hundred six and it would soon be launched in India it’s not it out and it comes pre-installed with Ubuntu latest version the version of the one to one on this one is sixteen point zero point one which is latest LTS release 16.

04 which is the latest LTS release and it comes with two gigabytes of RAM Intel Celeron CPU and three zero five zero you can see the speaker grill over here 500 gigabyte hard disk and a decent 20 inch display and 0.

0 is nice to use and this is something which does have a little bit of learning curve for those people who are just coming over to bun two but people know many people professionals know that it’s the best operating system out there in terms of security in terms of features this is the keyboard for this device which can be seen over here the mouse is also very small nice package and it is thick but not that much thick the ports on the back as can be seen over here you have three ports USB ports on the back the power but power socket the HDMI port also and you get few more input ports and this is the mouse for this device it’s a decent optical mouse nothing much fancy ok gets the job done so guys in case you liked this video don’t forget to hit the thumbs up and to our Channel this is iPhone Asha from a spot Raj comm signing off folks stay inspired you


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