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HP 23.8″ Touch Intel 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD AllinOne PC

HP 23.8″ Touch Intel 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD AllinOne PC

we need to tell you about this amazing a little piece the HP all-in-one I love all in ones because there’s no big old clunky tower that I still have scars on my chins from back in the 90s everything is built into this beautiful mother so I’m sure you’re all aware what an all-in-one means but I just wanted to make sure but it the other part is 2 terabytes the most of the largest hard drive we’ve ever done on any computer terabytes is beyond like enough space to you know house whatever you do but in addition that we have very limited numbers of these and this special price of $6.

99 it’s $100 less for our birthday yet we include I think it’s over $800 in software and services and extra goodies so please know and we’re gonna break it down and get through the details but we Kansas you can see we have this left less than 300 available the item is 5 4 4 6 3 2 so if you’re in the market you need an upgrade your computer is running slow you’re just tired of it if it’s vintage like mine go ahead and give yourself the upgrade where would you like to start vintage is cool in your jewelry maybe in your shoes but in your computer not so much vintage is not what we’re going for in general and our electronic so you’re gonna I hate that this is my last airing on it because it’s so much fun okay so first thing let’s just start with the size of the screen well it’s touchscreen first of all I guess I should say I by the way I’m doing a little bit of 3d graphic rendering so if you’re wondering is this a powerhouse well can you do this on your computer just have to ask can you put your finger on your computer and move the doughnut around here in three dimensions I can and you’re gonna be able to when you get to Psalm I’m doing that while I have gosh a ton of other stuff going on at the same time let’s see if I can if I can get count all of these programs at the same time one two three just close the camera for now but I’ll open it later I love that this has touch it has top you know obviously yes the beautiful touch full high-definition screen this by the way this 15 inch screen I’m just going to show you it’s a 1 2 3 x 15 inch screen is the number one screen size in America this is like having one two three monitors all next to each other and to Callie’s point that she made very early the largest hard drive we’ve ever done so it’s a full 2 terabyte hard and that’s extraordinary the most Ram we’ve ever done 8 gigs of ram it’s good look this is everything your set up experience involves we just go away this black cord involves plugging it into the wall that’s it there’s there’s no there’s not 8 or 10 or 12 plugs the processor the tower the power that’s all built into one and it is by the way 2 feet of beautiful full 1080p High Definition so when you’re watching videos when you’re streaming Netflix when you’re watching Hulu and you’re the video experience is absolutely out of this way I’m so excited so we kind of flew through some of the big specs the 8 gigs around I want to make sure you because it’s not often that we get to do the touchscreen at a price like this that’s huge and that terabyte is huge as well optical drive on the side that’s something that a lot of manufacturers are removing because it gets expensive for them to make we insist on that because you insist on it I love having a disk drive because you can burn music university videos you can share songs you can do so much by having one versus having to buy something that you know is a backup or an extra external plus you get the wireless keyboard and the wireless mouse and we haven’t broken it down yet but I do want to like to throw it out there out there you’re getting eight hundred dollars I think plus in software and other goodies which we’ll get into in a moment but I just want to make sure everybody saw this specs because tv9 HP and all of the extras that we’ve already covered that’s incredible Intel that’s the other really really so HP is the number one computer manufacturer in the country and the top-selling brand at HSN so they do things for us they don’t do for anyone else in the world then the next number one of course is this is you can see you see right here this is those guys Intel Inside Intel is the number one processor brand in the entire world so you’re getting not only Intel you’re getting Intel Pentium quad core this is true core quad core not imagine quad core almost quad core Intel Pentium quad core and then the third number-one that you’re getting of course is a Microsoft Windows 10 Windows 10 is the number one operating system of course anywhere in the world Windows is the number one operating system in the world and you know what you can now do the free upgrade Windows 10 comes on this you can upgrade to Windows 10 creator Edition which is free doesn’t cost you anything to do so we’ve upgraded this computer and actually the truth is when you plug the computer in it will just say do you want to do all the upgrades and you just say yes and you know give it a minute to do it I mean what that means is you’re gonna be able to do things like I’m doing here which I’ve never you know I’ve been selling computers for dozen years at HSN I’ve never had a computer that could do 3d rendering for example I mean have you ever seen this kind of power a couple of years ago professional you were into thousands and thousands of dollars movie makers views and they use this kind of screen they use this kind of full high-definition lot you know big expanded touchscreen probably what they did the luxury that they don’t have that you’re gonna have is this is their whole computer yeah they probably have a tower and they probably have servers and they probably have all that you know mess that goes into professional studio this is your studio this is the whole deal you plug it into the wall I’m high definition video full of course wireless this is wireless AC the latest wireless Internet Protocol optical drive built in all of your ports I’ll get into all your USB ports and all that kind of stuff in a minute the one other thing I’d like to do sort of at the beginning is go over just how much you can store because two terabytes it’s the largest hard drive we’ve ever done on any computer at HSN any computer my advice go big oh yeah you’ll know we live in an age of high-definition video high-definition audio you go into any website and it’s totally interactive right with multimedia well take a look at these numbers what do you think about how much can I or a lot of us are computers at home were slow because we don’t have enough memory we don’t have enough rain we don’t have the hard drive and we don’t have the the RAM this hard drive can store 500 hours that’s thousands and thousands of movies of high-definition video not standard definition about 2,000 hours of standard definition video 33,000 hours of music which is about 400,000 songs approximately photos 640 thousand photos 2/3 of a million photos this is in every way your multimedia experience and when you experience that again on a larger screen no one ever bought a computer I feel really confident I don’t have the scientific data but pretty sure no one has ever bought a computer one time and said I wish the screen was smaller which it was harder to see and slower or more difficult to use right you just you don’t hear those things and we’ve got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 we’ve got 9 things running at the same time high-definition video 3d rendering over here Facebook up a game up Netflix up the store up Oh even maybe just spend a moment to remind you guys about this even a webpage with right now we have our vipre antivirus web page up and I’ll spend just a minute just showing you guys one of the really cool things that you can do now on with the web browser that’s built in as you can highlight let me just go over here and grab the right highlighter this is really cool you can highlight your web pages so I’m going to highlight this is called in fact I’ll even write it out for you this is called Viper advanced that’s right here this is called Viper advanced five five two one two eight if you’d like it cool Viper advanced protects grabbing the wrong pin here protects three computers and three Android devices for the life of those devices it’s called Viper advanced and the really important thing about this to know is it has changed from previous versions ad van and the dvan this Viper has it’s called computer learning or artificial intelligence built-in so it protects your computers in a different way than any have in the past against not only known threats but unknown threats it can detect if something’s a little funny on your computer so now you’re protected against ransomware zero day and zero hour threats again the this VIPRE protects three computers and three Android devices for the life of those devices already a customer pick on hsn.

com keep your computer running great with it sorry guys we are super super limited I know we’ve got about 14 minutes left in the presentation we have two hundred of these left we have over a hundred people on the phone ordering we’re just really like at a point where if you are in the market for a new computer it’s tough to get better than this I mean seriously there are minor brands there’s no bigger brand it’s Intel it’s my its HP is my I mean it’s Microsoft it’s everything and we’ve even gotten into the software the software is all stuff that you’ve won and quite frankly you go into a store and you buy one computer you’re gonna spend more than this for just the computer and you’re gonna have to buy every single software title separately and these are software titles that you want some of which are around $100 they’re really good let me do this I’ll give you guys a quick peek at the back of the computer and then we’re gonna go through all of those software titles so on the back of your computer you know if you’re thinking about where do my accessories go like VIPRE advanced that we were talking about a minute ago there are three USB ports on the back so it’s really really actually there’s four excuse me this one we’ve used to plug into the wireless keyboard and wireless mouse there’s an Ethernet port this is your power port I mean that’s really the only the only thing you really have to know about you plug this into the wall that that is your entire setup scenario another thing that I’ll show you though that you might not have known automatically is power and your SD card slot or right there on the bottom I just want you to know right under your right hand on the bottom you’ll find the power and you’ll find your SD card slot before these are gone let me show you guys all the software ok sounds the additional software that’s sound good really good stuff here like a loop sir that lets you edit video online video and photos online a full year of the meal easy to plan your meals out I love programming yeah like Kelly said these are expensive entertainment calm there are thousands and thousands of dollars worth of coupons buy one get one fries and that kind of stuff in that digital service that we’re sending you print artists premiere great for um obviously cards and that kind of stuff calendars six months curious online courses two years two password boss online just like VIPRE advanced protects your computer you need to have better password that’ll help you there learn to use Windows 10 we’re including Windows 10 this version of Microsoft’s operating system you spend a few minutes with that programming your pro at it exactly and so as you’re ordering and I realize that it is kind of a race to the finish right now there’s free shipping to your door it’s a hundred and $16.

66 if you use any major credit card any major credit card debit card paypal is included if you have an HSN card you can even use nine months to pay for this I mean it’s it’s VIP financing that’s no interest we don’t charge a dime we just pay those we allow you to pay this off slowly over the course of nine months versus even the six months in flex so it’s a really affordable way and by the way then you still have a 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee to get this home and try it and again if you’re still dealing with something that’s big and clunky and you know it’s time to upgrade or if you’re frustrated because it’s just running so slow and it’s just you maybe you’ve run out of space a lot of us had gosh I remember the days where a terabyte was a lot well a terribly and maybe you had to tera two gigs of memory or four gigs of memory of ram memory now you’ve got eight the most we’ve ever offered I want to just ask you ferment think about your computer what’s your computer situation like is it kind of a mess are there a ton of cords and cables and there’s a monitor and there’s a tower or you’re working on a laptop all the time you really need a bigger screen this is all the space you need yeah so compare this one of the nice things about that Callie is it so portable so you’re old you know when you think desktop computer this was probably what most of us still think of this had a couple dozen cables of course coming out the back of it that was enough of a pain all by itself you couldn’t move this because once you plugged it in you didn’t differ small to dusty to get into those cables right and dare unplug it so I can move it somewhere else one of the really nice things about an all-in-one is that while I’m sure you’ll have a spot for your house I keep mine on my kitchen counter and I’m kind of a neat freak but it’s so sweet looking it’s so beautiful so nice looking stays on my kitchen counter you’ll have a spot in your house but I’ll bet you a couple of times a year maybe when you have guests in the fall or over the holidays or what have you you know this can go right into their bedroom just go into the guest room for their email and for being online and for the webcam that’s built-in for your guests to watch movies my parents use it when they’re down I just move it up to their room they use it as a television keep a TV in the guest room anymore exactly so but I’m always the one that brings the worst news it’s part of the job what I’m seeing on our phone our monitors is that we’ve 150 people on the phones ordering and I’m showing 243 units available in our warehouse to ship to you today this will be selling out it’s a matter of how many more minutes we’re gonna be able to continue telling you about it it’s an outstanding opportunity I mean there’s nothing bad that is gonna come through having a better computer you know it’s when you think about how often you go to it and all the information we retrieve every single day’s every single day the things that we learn in the ways of it communicates I mean it’s that go-to hub of every single day it’s such a little price to pay when you think gosh I’d be willing to spend so much more knowing how valuable it is in our lives every day and then HP Intel Microsoft HSN I mean it’s all good from there you know a new computer is really a life hack it’s really a life upgrade I feel that way about it because you go to it so many times in the course of the day how many times you go you know check your email and check Facebook and a lot of us make our living working on our computer and studying on our computer it’s it’s something that really you deserve if you don’t love your computer experience now when’s the last time you upgraded your computer to that point I want to talk to the processor that’s in here because that’s that’s part of the upgrade that you feel you don’t see the processor obviously but you feel it in the computer power when you go to use your 3d rendering or the multitask or what have you so take a look at these videos they really help discuss well why this sixth generation is so good and what you have going on it’s the Intel Pentium sixth generation for smooth running apps for gaming for multitasking for all of those things this computer it just it has the number and it’s ready to go stunning visuals crisp high definition video particularly when you pair that with the 24 inch 1080p high-definition screen it’s awesome look at these numbers 12 times better 3d gaming from a computer from just five years ago any times faster high-definition video conversion a lot of us have computers there’s seven or eight to ten years old lots of us do you’re not alone it’s okay I do it’s just a great time to upgrade that’s all Intel iris graphics we’ve already upgraded the graphics for you as well whether you love to play games whether you love to be on Facebook whether you love to watch videos like I do you know about eight shows at a time I’m always just inundated with them but it’s such a pleasure when you can stream and not wait on your stream not wait on your feed not have buffering not have slowing be able to do multiple things at one time so while you’re watching a video if you’re if you’re downloading maybe in the next video in the season or if you actually have you know things you have to get done if you’re doing work at the same time you have video if you’re running antivirus in the background and you should be this is VIPRE advanced which protects three computers and three Android devices will just continue to recommend it it has intelligence built-in it has computer learning built-in and AI artificial intelligence built-in as well so so so very very important to keep your computer running well I think you’re gonna love it Callie so many of us yes m’dear I was just gonna remind everybody the computer or the VIPRE is now on the left of your screen five to one to eight also another customer pick as is this all-in-one we haven’t really talked about that but the rave reviews on hsn.

com people love it they do they love it and you will to get a little more than 100 left not to push I’m just letting you know this is an amazing opportunity it’s what it’s it’s the one and only this is the last chance to take advantage of this computer with a touchscreen wireless keyboard wireless mouse you can see the specs on your screen it’s a big it’s like two feet of visual in front of you that high def screen is glorious the drive the optical drive is there two gigs a two terabyte hard drive eight gigs in the RAM and all the rest is just complete glory it’s just like frosting on the cake do you remember and this is unscripted do you remember the first time you ever used a touchscreen oh my gosh I remember really vividly the first time I ever quit it was it was at the mouse world you know is that the theme parks when I was a kid so we’re talking we’re talking touchscreen from 30 or 40 years ago but I just remember how in entrace my twin brother and I were because you could like press a button and see you know what when in areas attractions were or whatever right so I just I was thinking about that now in that we’re all so used to having our tablets and our phones and we love them the right they’ve changed our lives my question for you is have you brought the magic of touchscreen to your computer yet to the the most important electronic in your house you plug your tablet into this you plug your smartphone into this this is the hub of learning it’s the hub of education it’s the hub of communication for most of our homes so is your computer touchscreen and do you love going to it is it quick is it fun is it something that you look forward to or is your computer kind of a drag because I hear that a lot you know and my computers slow but I guess that’s just how it is well the truth is that’s not just how it is that might be how your computer is and if so it probably doesn’t have enough RAM this has the most room we’ve ever offered a gigabytes of RAM great for multitasking great for loading web pages more quickly gigabytes I have a friend who just recently was looking for a laptop and she’s like I think I should get this one but it’s only got four gigs of RAM would you recommend an eight and I’m like yes always go bigger yeah eight gigs of RAM it’s gonna perform so much faster you’re gonna be so happy I mean if you have to sacrifice and get four gigs you’re gonna be like I should have spent a little more well you don’t even have to spend a little more to get the a gigs around here and then twice the amount of hard drive space 2 terabytes we blow through these fabulous really like so normal it’s so not normal it’s all right in fact you know what could we show everyone again how much you can store on a two terabyte hard drive that’s that’s the largest hard drive we can or 40 years of electronic retailing it’s the single largest hard drive we’ve ever had and what that means for you is you can have more movies on your computer you can have more music on your computer you can have more games on your computer you can have more documents on your computer you know in terms of documents literally millions and millions and millions in terms of movies you can store 500 hours of video high-definition video standard definition you could store about 2,000 hours of standard definition video photos but the truth is we all want high-definition now I mean it changes everything especially on a screen like this where you can really enjoy it your photos 2/3 of a million photos 640 thousand photos that’s a lot of photos about 33,000 hours of music so that’s about 400,000 songs whether you’re a professional creative whether he make video and you make music for a living and you record those things this would be a great computer for you or if you’re like most of us and you just consume them you love to watch movies you love to listen to music you go to your computer for entertainment you want to be able to watch a movie on a shiny disk that’s I think it’s still very important only a third of computers in the u.

s. today have an optical drive a third of new computers your new computer does so for listening to music for watching movies or for burning data it’s all there ready to go and that’s an incredible thing because I mean there’s there’s certain laptops that I know don’t come with lots of them lots of them don’t come with a hard drive and the second you realize it after you made the purchase I love that this and this is the all-in-one it weighs less than 14 pounds so again move it from room to room I love what Aaron does keeps in the kitchen until his parents come down to visit and he moves it to the bedroom so they can enjoy watching movies or you know do their own whatever they need to do while they’re here booking your travel or you know just poking around on your social website through the grandkids on the webcam exactly all the things that make life worthwhile and that’s why I think computer is just such an important purchase and that’s why I love being able to offer values like this again you’re receiving over $800 in software and extra services with this purchase it’ll all come in the box for you and when it arrives here’s what you have to do that plug it into the wall there’s no like remember those brochures that you’d have to like open up there like life-size setting up your computer used to be like a 6-pack job now like a half like you’re stretching it if you get through half a beer set up your computer now I mean who are you fooling he’s just plugging it into the law I mean really it used to be kind of a pain right it was an afternoon and now you plug your computer into the wall and then you plug it in and that power is all it needs it will wirelessly connect to you know whatever internet service you have wireless AC built-in and that wireless AC you know and that’s really important that’s something I don’t mean to gloss over that 802 dot 11 b802 dot 11g you might remember these things those were previous internet protocols I the latest is wireless AC and that’s built into this so what it means is whether you’re scrolling through web pages whether you’re streaming a movie whether your your fingers with you know we also kind of almost ignore we include this wireless mouse and keyboard which is awesome we use our fingers so much though it means that your wireless connection is better and faster I like having both options I do to me the typing award-winner Neath great it’s like really you know like I’m used to using my phone with my finger or any of your tablets or you know your kid knows you’re fired having a touchscreen is really much more comfortable for some it’s just nice having the option and so we can include them and in our clock is almost expired here’s the thing I’m showing as many people on the phones as what we have available we’ve been kind of splashing that how many we have left but we have to back out literally there’s a hundred and fifty people on the phones and I’m showing we have one hundred and fifty seven computers available so before long you will not have the option if you jump on the phone right now you can either dial that number on your on your screen you can use your remote control in some cases to just click an order right now in your home on your couch or if you have a computer or your phone you can shop right there if you haven’t downloaded the HSN app yet this is always how I shop lately I go to the hsn.

com app boom click boom in my basket checkout and it’s mine I don’t have to worry about Aaron we have such a beautiful app we really are app developers are great whether you have Android or whether you have Apple or with any kind of phone Windows Phone we have a fantastic app its how I shop all the time on my phone in fact I’m tempted to go grab it so I don’t come today thank you so much I know this is the only electronic show of the day done so no more no and this will not be available for the rest of the month at all five four four six three two


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