Home PC Reviews HP 19.5″ Intel 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD AllinOne Desktop PC

HP 19.5″ Intel 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD AllinOne Desktop PC

HP 19.5″ Intel 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD AllinOne Desktop PC

it’s not always right there when we need it matter of fact I walked out of the house this evening and left my cell phone making my goodness you know so anyway we move on now we are up to fave number seven and so we’re going to shift gears again because you know if our 10 faves show is a variety show fave number seven is this amazing HP computer that maybe you have seen offered in the past and in the past and when I say in the past I mean just over the last few weeks because we are literally down to our last in quantity we’ve got about a thousand of them remaining and then that’s it when we’ve offered them over the last few weeks we did have other colors we are only now down to either black or teal which is what you see right here customer pick on hsn.

com and these are from folks who have gotten this home use this started to do all the things that they love to do on their computer and realize wait a minute this computer is fantastic and I didn’t even pay four hundred dollars for it this is the price you would expect to see on a laptop unlike a good laptop not even a great laptop but a good laptop you’re getting it for an all-in-one desk top computer that you’re getting the computer you’re also going to get that wireless keyboard that comes right along with it and the wireless mouse you get software included which I’ll tell you about you also get lifetime tech support which I’ll tell you about on that as well but when I say an all-in-one computer this is the whole computer and I love to turn it to the side to show you this is how this is all you need it’s nice and defend do you see that one cable this is how you hook it up you push you plug this one cable which comes along one into the back and one into the wall that’s it that’s all you have to do to hook this up and then this little toggle right here is reading your your mouse and your keyboard so that you can easily use that but you still have more space for other USB ports you even have a 3.

0 USB port built-in and what that means is that if you ever want to download anything whether it’s pictures or movies or what have you it works 10 times faster than traditional USB port so it allows you to be able to download things a lot faster than you normally would which is going to be great you’ve got again black or teal which is going to be your choice this all-in-one is fantastic because it’s got everything that you could possibly want in it already included let me share the features with you you have it’s powered by Intel and of course you’ve got the number you got number once HP a number one name in computer manufacturing Intel a number one name in terms of chip manufacturing and that’s included here you’ve got a terabyte of hard drive and we’ll talk about the space and capacity this can hold you’ve got Intel high-definition graphics built in as well a CD and DVD Drive and a lot of computers you’d be shocked at how many computers today do not come with a CD CD DVD Drive already built in you usually have to have that externally you got a course your wireless keyboard and mouse you’ve got lifetime tech support and let me tell you that is invaluable it’s one hundred percent us-based 24-7 live tech agents if you have a question about your computer you can call them and no question is too small or too big they can help you out they can even live remote into your computer if you if you allow them to do that there’s they can help you with computer setting it up troubleshooting virus and malware removal that like I say is invaluable because you can spend hundreds of dollars on questions and helping with your computer this is when I talk about that one terabyte of hard drive space think about your hard drive like the garage where you store everything you can store up to 250 hours of high-definition video here 320,000 photos over 16,000 hours of music and if this is going to be maybe you’re saying I don’t really use that much but this is going to be the family’s computer so it’s not just you it’s you and your spouse and the kids and everybody is using the same desktop and the kids are storing you know movies and pictures because you know kids take a million pictures all the time they’re storing you know things on this one you’re storing things what’s great is that you have enough hard drive space that you don’t have to delete things in order to store more things and that’s what happens when you don’t have enough space even when it comes down to putting on different applications and different you know pieces of software here a lot of times if you don’t have enough space for that software you have to delete something if you want to put the software here you’ve got a lot of space that comes along with this one you also have a Windows 10 the operating system and Windows 10 is the most current operating system that we’ve been using on our devices like this on our pcs and if you’re familiar with that then you already know how to use that one so you’ve got your Cortana which is your personal assistant so if you are you know looking for something if you’re storing something you need help you know researching Cortana can definitely help you out that’s built in because you have Windows 10 here as well you also have of course your built-in speakers you’ve got your your camera that’s there all of the things you would expect to have great high-end computer that you’re not spending high in price for


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