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How to enable PS4 Pro 2160p RGB HDR support on Sony UHD TVs?

How to enable PS4 Pro 2160p RGB HDR support on Sony UHD TVs?

Hello guys and welcome to my new tutorial in which I will show you how to quickly and easily get UHD HDR picture from PS4 Pro on Sony UHD TVs. For this demo I will use Sony 55XD9305 UHD HDR TV from 2016 TV lineup.

This procedure is also applicable to other UHD TVs from Sony, although you will see the actual benefit of HDR picture only on models that support X-tended Dynamic Range Pro. I already did similar tutorials for LG and Samsung UHD TVs that support HDR, so if you want to learn how to do the same on those TVs, check links in the description.

If you connect your Sony UHD HDR TV to PS4 Pro and do not alter any setting in the menus, you will get maximum resolution of 3840×2160 in 60 frames per second with 4:2:0 color resolution and support for HDR only in Full HD.

This is different to Samsung and LG TVs that by default do not support HDR at all unless you change settings in the TV’s menus. If you now try to run a game that supports UHD HDR, like the Last of Us: Remastered for example, you will see notification on the screen stating that it will be displayed in HDR but in Full HD only.

You will still be able to play the game and experience HDR effects, but in lower resolution than possible. To make it possible, all you need is one visit to TVs settings menu. Hit the Home menu button on the remote, go down to Settings, then in TV section select External inputs and in the menu go down to HDMI signal format.

Here select HDMI input you are using to connect to PS4 Pro and change from Standard to Enhanced format. Once you do this TV will restart to apply these changes, same as with LG UHD TVs. Samsung TVs are the only ones that I know of that do not require TV to restart for this change to apply.

Once picture is back, check again Resolution and Video Output information. 2160p – RGB option should be available now and info menu should display 2K/4K supported. Under Resolution menu you can either select 2160p RGB or Automatic, in both cases PS4 Pro will automatically adjust color resolution depending on what type of content is being outputted.

Many options are disabled in picture options menu for HDR but still there are a few corrections here and there you can do to optimise the picture. According to Rtings website input lag in UHD HDR is just below 60 ms even after software update that improved the result.

This is not a great result for gaming, especially for first person shooters and action packed games. On the other side, Sony XD93 can show benefits of HDR picture with bright highlights and good contrast.

Just make sure to sit in front of the TV as it has limited viewing angles which lead to washed out colors and loss of contrast. So this concludes this tutorial, hope you will find it useful. If you like this video, please like and subscribe.

Till next video – bye!


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