Home Camera Reviews Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone with 1080P HD Camera (REVIEW)

Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone with 1080P HD Camera (REVIEW)

Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone with 1080P HD Camera (REVIEW)

all right guys today we’re going to talk about another drone so stay tuned to the intro what’s up my name is doug the bearded outdoorsman welcome to another video if you enjoy beard product reviews gear reviews outdoor gear then you have come to the right place please consider hitting that subscribe button if you haven’t already and don’t forget to hit the thumbs up on this video also get over and check out my website thebeardedoutdoorsman.

com over there i have discount codes updates on some videos that kind of thing so you can get over and check that out so today we’re going to be talking about a new drone that i picked up from holy stone so we have picked this this drone up to try out and if you have been following my channel for a while you know i did a review of another holy stone drone i will put that card up top and you can go check that video out there’s actually a three part video for that drone there was one that was the review one that was video footage from that drone without an sd card and one with an sd card quality is a little different so you can go check those videos out so this one is the hs110d all right so i picked this bad boy up off of amazon and wanted to test it out number one the price and number two some of the features uh we’re not going to go over every feature it has today because uh i haven’t had it long and but i’ve played around with it i’m going to give you my recommendation whether you should pick one of these up or not based on the price and some of these features that i’ve tried out we’ll we will do a follow-up review similar to that other holy stone drone so some of the features that this drone has let me get to my cheat sheet it’s got a 1080 hd camera 120 degree wide angle lens a gravity sensor voice control gesture control altitude hold headless mode does flips it does come with two batteries each of them have about a 10 minute run time we’ll talk about that in a few minutes it does have a slot for a micro sd card however it does not come with one you will have to buy one of those separate and it weighs in at 145 grams so let’s look at it this is what comes in the box all right so i’m going to tell you a couple pros and cons things that i like and things that i maybe dislike so let’s start with the remote control one of the things that i really like about this remote is it comes with this card on it now this cart it gives you you can take it off you can leave it on but it’s just a little cardboard card i took it off so i could add the phone mount so the it gives you everything tells you what every button control does and then it tells you null and stuff the ones that do not do anything so really good i like the quality of this controller it’s not it doesn’t feel super super cheap now before you put batteries in it you’re gonna go this is a really cheap controller but it does take four double a batteries they are not included but it does feel like a quality controller all right the the antenna does not move it does not lay down or anything like that it is there and your phone holder you actually have to unscrew this and put it on and it adjusts like so uh it did fit my iphone 11 with an otterbox case on there so it may or may not fit your phone according to what size it is see everything just basic okay i do like this versus the controller for my other holy stone drone it gives a lot of different options here that light up and you can adjust the speed on this you’ve got four different speed options so next these are the batteries they come in like this and they just slide into the back of the drone you do get prop guards you get extra feet you get extra propellers and you get a charging cable so this is the drone not real big i mean it is sitting in the palm of my hand all right it is very very lightweight and your batteries go in if i can do it the right way go in right here and just click in so similar to my other holy stone drone uh it does have lights on all four and it’s very built very similar to my other holy stone drone except the feet do not just come off without a screwdriver the propellers do not come off without a screwdriver so it makes it packable uh not as packable as the bigger drone your camera is mounted on here so you see the camera there and ease of flying this drone is totally worth the money i forgot to mention one more thing my only well i guess another con that i have about this is in order to charge the batteries you have to put it in the drone and plug the drone in all right there is a charging port right here that you plug into to charge it but other than that this is really fun to fly now the only thing mine will not do it says it does flips but every time i tried to do a flip it crashed it got upside down and it went straight to the ground it did not complete the flip that’s why there’s a little bit of dirt still on the propellers but it flies super easy straight out of the box let me tell you batteries came with a little bit of a charge straight out the box and it was very very simple to get it off the ground the day it came in the mail so you click a battery in like so you take your remote we turn the drone on first i’ll show you how simple this is so you press your power button there and you’ve got your lights flashing then you take your remote turn your remote on we are flashing lights and then you take your joystick and go up down then our lights have changed colors now there is a button down here on the very bottom that says re-sync and you hold that button down for like two seconds and it’ll beep and when it does your status light stays solid and your lights you are ready to fly great great little drone it doesn’t have gps however it does have altitude hold because it’s so light it doesn’t do very well in strong wind maybe a light breeze it will be fine and but overall this is a really fun drone to fly i can promise you i’ve had it for a couple days and i have i’ve recharged these batteries a few times because it is just so fun to fly and one key take off speed control so if if you’re a new person flying drones you can pull that speed down to the very lowest speed and you can see here you’ve got our speed control so it’s on the very lowest one and you can crank it up to four and it will it will scat at uh speed number four but it is just really cool a really good drone 60 bucks you can’t go wrong for it if you know somebody who wants to try out flying a drone i highly highly recommend the holy stone 110d it is just an absolute amazing little bird and we will be doing a follow-up video because i want to talk about this little camera i got to test it out and try it out i’ve got a new app i have to download for this that doesn’t work with my other holy stone drone but i’m gonna download that app and test out the the camera test out the quality of that camera both still shots and videos and come back and let you guys know so be watching for that video alright guys well that is it until next time stay bearded get outdoors and god bless you


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