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Hisense 65XT910 4K TV Best Picture Settings

Hisense 65XT910 4K TV Best Picture Settings

hello and welcome to another video here in AP forums this time we’re taking a look at our recommended picture settings for the Hisense 65 xt 9 10 Ultra HD 4k LED TV so the first thing we’ll need to do is go into the menu system what you do by pressing the menu button on the remote control then just go across it takes you into the full menu system and we want the picture submenu go across again now you want to select the correct picture mode now would know you would probably recommend selecting theater mode because that has the closest out of the box settings for the industry standards however it also introduced unwanted noise and bounding into the image so natural that we’re going to recommend using the natural picture mode you can leave the brightness control as default setting of 50 and then bring the contrast control down from 50 to about 44 we found that default setting it was clipping white and you were losing detail and the bright parts of the image bring that down to about 44 the natural picture mode is also or the oversaturated so bring that the color control down to about 40 that should bring the color closer to the interests standard of rec 709 terms of the backlight you can leave the local dimming on we find that worked very well and then bring the backlight itself down to about 35 this is a very bright TV no need to set too I would just be too bright so we found a combination of a MATLAB setting of 35 and a contrast setting of 44 was a good combination and the advanced picture settings leaked into zero bring sharpness down to zero I thought as introduces unwanted ringing around images and then I’m set I’ll just be motion to off noise reduction to off adaptive contrast of table you can select a card temperature warm but even by selecting more we still thought there was too much blue in the grayscale in the natural picture modes so you go into the white balance of control we need to do just bring blue down a little bit so bring the blue offset down a bit and bring blue gain down a bit not take that blue out of the grayscale now there is also a cheaper color to your color management system but we found that using this to calibrate the actual colors particularly in natural picture mode just end up making the lower saturation points really under saturate so it’s just leaving it alone however the recommendations we’ve given you here we think will give you an excellent picture on the on the high since these are our recommendations for the high since 65 xt 9 10 Ultra HD 4k LED TV don’t forget you can ruin the actual review lady forums comm forward slash reviews and you can also see more videos maybe forums comm forward slash videos and why not follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook


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