and how about friends welcome to a new video this time as you can see them I bring a boxing and well it is nothing more and nothing less than a webcam and you could say a headset, some not a headband, because with a hearing aid to bring a little better quality to what had been the channel the camera well Obviously it is to record my channel the 2.

0 videos and lola what would be the headband then to record my voice so nothing we are going to start Let’s start with the camera to see if I can make it focus a little moment please focus there it is and well nothing we are going to start sorry for the movement we are going to open it and the truth is that it is a good let’s read it before opening proceed to open it says digital pc camera the gate is high definition hd is usb and well it has a microphone integrated also and the truth is that it is quite practical I liked the design and everything now we are going to open it now if we are going to take it out of the box by so to speak you do not serve me and well here is this beauty I love it well at least I liked it a lot and it offers a lot and the truth is that it is not so expensive is cheap so good in the description I will leave the link to what this article would be, so good then yes You are from Mexico City or Jalisco I will leave both products and well, if you are from Some other place you can buy the free market they send it to you through DHL and well, there is all the information in the links that I am going to leave has three LEDs as they are supposed to record at night it lights up quite well and well because it supposedly has rotation which then does not I know, I will check the ones later and well, it is simply usb input and There is a model of the microphone there so that you can connect it in the microphone area on the adapter s in that input and then record your voice is quite beautiful later in this video I guess I go here to be leaving some letters that will tell you the exact minute in which We are going to review the test of this camera so nothing if you want go ahead because you can do it we will continue with and also with a microphone to the logitech is also has a good price for So to say I am going to look for him in the free market and I am going to put them on look in fact I was going with the idea of u200bu200bgetting a professional microphone is from capacitor the m of 5000 and the truth is that it is quite beautiful but well well I did not find it they were good it does not come in stock it is not there existence so well I bought this basic headset really well it is basic but it was quite beautiful it offers good things and well now we will proceed to open it before that we will read a bit is usb connection Delivers crystal-clear digital sound with simplifying stereo plug and play Crisp digital for superior acoustic clarity laser-optimized drivers minimize distortion so you can turn up what you want noise-canceling microphone reduces annoying background noise and adjustable headband allows optimal placement there the pc has been suspended so to speak go but going son of the boys thank you all and well then let’s proceed Now to open it, I suppose that we are going to occupy these friends, hello kids, me they missed and well, only because we can say that it is in case we can not open the one that we already know that we are a bit gross for this and really I am of those who do not like to break the boxes I like to keep them because of the guarantees and all that so well let’s proceed to open it I suppose that one day we will be able to do not know I guess we have to open around here it shouldn’t be like that really and well, it is already open so let’s proceed to open them and remove them of what would come being its packaging they are beautiful I loved them ok here bring these bullshit this does not work and here is what we really It is interesting that we are also going to do the review together with the webcam so Well, nothing here is what really interested us Let’s see if one day I can get it right out of there, go and well The truth is that they are beautiful, they are quite comfortable, see this baby around January it does not bite and well here is the microphone supposedly background noise suppressor and all that Ok they go to the right they go like this, put on your arms, I know you want your fucking head put it way and well here we see what this mother has that I do not know to be perfect is to increase the volume and lower the volume is quite good and good then well it also has its usb input which is not bad at all I thought really it was with entry 2.

0 and well it was not like that, it has its entry usb which is wonderful perfect guy so nothing this has been the ombú sing and now we are going to move on to what It would be the review but hey before we go I want to show you this small package that I have also bought from seat origin has three packages of letters and a special letter of good so to speak go from salamanca is full art and well, the truth is that it’s cool, it’s pretty cool so to speak and well Well, we are also going to do this in a boxing but this is going to be in another video so well, don’t miss out on a video after this one, I guess it goes to appear so do not miss it and well guys we are here in the review what good what would come being the review the proof of what It would be this headset and what would be the webcam, the truth is that the webcam has disappointed me a little, how can you be seeing it looks a little bad it says there that it is hd and well it really only comes up to 480 pixels and the truth is that well, it doesn’t disappoint me so much because Well the truth is that I preferred to buy that thing for 100 110 pesos really so good obviously and another was going to bring something something that well no really fits and well as for what the one who was saying access the truth I liked how it sounds how it sounds it sounds good I really feel satisfied with this with what would come to be the microphone headset sounds pretty good at least like the latest videos that they have been uploading the truth is that it sounds pretty good I think and well we’re going to do nothing, let’s see what we can do with what would become the webcam not for what while I suppose I will continue recording with what would come being the cell phone what it is open so the 2.

0 and then nothing until getting something something good concerned to the camera so to speak I went to see some cameras I was watching and good in airs of blasco daga and good There are brands and prices, I really buy what was pro lake the 3 costs 3500 that I liked and I’m going to save to buy myself the truth is that I like something pro and lago pro 4 was at 6 thousand pesos, I can’t do it Believe it or not, those cameras are the best for me.

say it but it is that holy god they cost they cost an egg really or two chance 3 and the truth is that it is one who is poor, well, not the truth, I do not I had so much money and that happens to me really good as they I comment on what would be the headset I was not disappointed I love how it is listen at least in my opinion because it sounds quite well and well I regret maybe I could have gotten better if I had left until there is that the truth is that it was very very far to where I had to go for what would be the professional microphone that I was commenting that maybe they will be seeing it here on the screen and in the description I also leave the link for you to check it and the truth is that is very cheap is an offer for the quality of this microphone It really is a 5000 mb with condenser this microphone and well The truth is that it is quite pretty chingón but hey I really don’t I regret buying this headset I like how it sounds and Well, that’s the joke, not little by little they told me I remember when we were seeing what would come being god that meda when he recorded with qantas already in what I will be doing the screen and well as I mentioned now that we raised the questions and answers you told me little by little and it went up and the truth is that you have a lot reason in that aspect little by little because I will bring what would become better quality to the channel in this aspect because the sound is solved we have better sound so to speak and both in 2.

0 because not so much we will continue with the cell phone but I’ll bring you something better so nothing guys this has been the boxing this time, so to speak, don’t forget to like this video share it with your friends on your social networks subscribe if not you are here and do not forget to go to the channel and check what would be unboxing of the letters that I’m going to do that the truth is going to be amazing I love it that are not being origins the truth is that I hope something very very good comes out so nothing thank you very much for having seen this video do not forget rate it with a like subscribe if you are not follow me on twitter give in one give a like to the facebook page and follow me on google + for me part is all I send you a big hug a big greeting and until next time goodbye


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