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HawkEye Firefly 8SE Action Camera REVIEW

HawkEye Firefly 8SE Action Camera REVIEW

hello guys they’ll review a new action camera from hokey company Firefly 8se so let’s get started what I like is that there is a journal mindfulness protective kept in the kid the camera is made from plastic built quality is excellent on the front panel there is a little mirror for selfies on the bottom there is one for cinches mount the camera has ruined his IPS screen which is truly amazing it is sensitive and pleasant to work with the brightest of the screen can be adjusted there is another version of this camera was 90 degree lens however there is an option of programmatic change of the field of view on this camera field review function is not available in Full HD resolution the right distortion correction and gyro stabilization functions darah stabilization function is available only in Full HD resolution and distortion correction function is available in up to two point seven key resolution it’s possible to use gyro stabilization and distortion correction at the same time in full HD resolution maximum video resolution is 40 30 frames per second maximum real for the resolution is 12 megapixels it’s possible to reach back as well as in draw the camera can be controlled by a Bluetooth remote controller which can be purchased separately you can also control the camera via Wi-Fi in Firefly application so here you may see some video and photo samples if you need originals just let me know in the comments and I’ll send them to you so now my voice is being recorded on an internal microphone of the camera so I’m going to connect external microphone so that you hear the difference and now my voice is being recorded on external microphone which was in the kit and I hope you’re hearing me well and I hope this microphone will be good for those who do some vlogging or need to record some interview or so on here you can see the difference between the photos taken with the certian correction function often the camera is supplied with 1200 millimeter arse battery which is enough to record videos in Full HD 60 frames per second with screen off and all diets off for 1 hour and 50 minutes it takes 2 hours and 50 minutes to get the bets recharged so among the main advantages of the camera I can enumerate the availability of external microphone and protective cap in the heat gorgeous IPS screen availability of 1/4 inches loud and good hold on the video world what I don’t like is the gyro stabilization function is available only in Full HD resolution so if you have any other questions feel free to ask them in comments see you next time


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