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Grandstream WP820 WiFi Phone Review | VoIP Supply

Grandstream WP820 WiFi Phone Review | VoIP Supply

hi this is mark in the labid wave supply and if you watch our YouTube channel you’ll remember this phone in beta well it’s not invade anymore it’s for purchase it’s the grand stream WP 820 Wi-Fi phone let’s zoom in and take a closer look the granstream WP 820 is a host of features you would expect on a phone from grain stream it has dual band Wi-Fi Bluetooth capability for any kind of wireless headset HD audio rechargeable battery 7.

5 hours of talktime you have a micro USB port and 3.5 millimeter headset jack for a corded headset you have to sip registrations sports openvpn and of course you have a 2.4 inch color LCD screen let’s take a quick look at a side-by-side comparison with the beta WP 820 in the current production WP 820 that’s available right now you’ll notice that externally it’s virtually identical and basically that tells us that testing went fine and this is a really great product one more thing before I forget there’s this little button on the side of the phone it’s actually configurable it can be used for push-to-talk or I panic button so we just wanted to get this phone in front of you grab your attention with grin streams new WP 820 Wi-Fi phone available now at blip supply.

com once again I’m mark here in Glavin VoIP supply what do we say to the god of analog not today


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