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Gigaset C570A Cordless Phone Review | liGo.co.uk

Gigaset C570A Cordless Phone Review | liGo.co.uk

Hi, I’m Daniel from liGo.co.uk and this is the Gigaset Premium C570A cordless phone. The C570 is the latest home phone from Gigaset and it’s also our current liGo best buy as well. There are so many reasons why we love this cordless phone, so let’s run through some of them.

The C570 is undoubtedly one most stylish home phones on the market, with a slim design and elegant curves. It has a full color display screen and backlit buttons which are well spaced out and easy to use.

One advantage of the C570 over other cordless phones is its standalone base station, with integrated answering machine, message counter, and playback controls. Since the charging cradle is separate from this base station, that means you can plug in your handset wherever you like in your home, rather than having to keep it next to your phone point.

The C570 has a nice solid build, and as with all Gigaset phones, it comes with a two-year warranty for added peace of mind. Getting the phones working couldn’t be easier. Simply plug it in and you’ll be ready to start making and receiving calls straight away.

If you have any additional handsets then you need to pair these up with your base station. This is a very straightforward process, and the handsets themselves guide you through how to do it. The menu system is intuitive and straightforward, and the larger screen makes it even easier to use.

The real talking point here though is the sound quality. Gigaset phones have always been known for their excellent sound, and the C570 is no exception, delivering the same kind of performance you’d get from their most expensive, top-range models.

We test a huge number of cordless phones here at liGo, and we can say with all certainty that the C570 is one of the best. It also boasts a full duplex loudspeaker which cancels out that annoying echo that you tend to get when talking on speakerphone.

Volume-wise, it’s more than loud enough for anyone without a hearing impairment. If you need something a little bit louder than this, then there’s an adapted version of this model, the E370, that you might like to check out as well.

As for range, the C570 performed extremely well in our tests, delivering close to the maximum that you can get from a DECT phone: 50 meters indoors and 300 meters outdoors. A lot of cheaper DECT phones won’t provide anywhere near this kind of range.

What’s more, the C570 is also repeater compatible so you can extend that range if you need to. Gigaset have packed plenty features into the C570A. The phonebook could store up to 200 entries and you can create VIP lists to assign specific ringtones to different callers.

It also includes all the standard features you’d expect from a modern cordless phone, like answering machine, intercom, conference calls, and more. The C570 even doubles up as a baby monitor, so it’s a great choice for families.

The C570A also includes a number of nuisance call blocking features. From anonymous call protection, which should cut down massively on a number of nuisance calls that you receive, to call screening and an advanced do not disturb mode, it gives you more control over who can call you when.

So there we have it, the Gigaset C570A, a premium cordless phone that strikes the perfect balance between price and quality. It looks great, provides superior sound, and includes a whole host of useful features.

To find out more, or to get your hands on one for yourself, go to liGo.co.uk!


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